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All I Want is You [MultiFormat]
eBook by Mysty McPartland

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: The moment he spied the beautiful little sprite at the fair Torren knew even though his enemy wanted her, she would be the only woman he wanted as his wife. What he never expected was that she didn't want him or that she would stubbornly refuse him his husbandly rights. But he promised her that he would wait until she accepted him and their marriage. And finally after waiting many a torturous night finally he could make love to his wife and it turned out to be the most glorious night of his life. But unbeknown to him within twenty four hours all his happiness and hope for his marriage would be destroyed by his own hand in one moment of drunken rage. It would take a miracle to win his wife back into his arms but traitors within his own clan and outside forces evil interference he now doubts he would ever win his wife's love or respect back. Angry at being forced to choose between two powerful Lairds, Darrien could only pray that she did not make a mistake in the Laird she did choose to marry. As they days pass she slowly looses her antagonism towards her husband and accepts him with an open heart. Only when she sees him with his mistress and over hears their conversation is her world shattered. But when her husband strikes out at her in a blind drunk temper she knows she can never stay with him. Trustingly she accepts the aide of a member of the clan only to be foully betrayed and ends up in the hands of her husband's enemy. Even knowing what will happen to her she refuses to cower to the evil man, she will fight with her last breath to defy him. If some how she manages to survive what torture suffer she vows she will never lay eyes on her husband or his enemy again.

eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2010

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Angus sat and read the second missive he'd received that week, astounded that two very powerful lairds had at the same time requested his daughter's hand in marriage. Neither one of them actually having met her, it seemed they'd been captivated by her from a distance when they'd seen her at the fair in Dundee the previous week.

Dear Lord, this was quite a problem--one a mighty warrior and well respected throughout the land, the other--well, not respected, but feared. The outcome could be disastrous. No matter which man he chose, it would bode no good for his clan or his daughter. No matter what might happen, one of the lairds would be offended and would surely retaliate in some way.

Heavens be, why did his young daughter have to be such a lovely lass? Sighing heavily, he could not help but smile. Darrien looked the image of her mother, but it did not surprise him that his daughter still remained unwed. None of the men who came to court her were able to stand her fiery temper or her sharp tongue for very long.

Well, it looked as though this time his daughter would have a lot more trouble chasing away her would-be suitors. However, before he selected a husband for his beloved daughter, he would think very long and hard on the situation.

It wasn't only his daughter's happiness that mattered, but also the safety of his clan. Either man, if he were offended, could very easily destroy the entire clan. He would send for Father Frances and seek his advice. His brother the priest was the only one he trusted to help him make a wise decision.

* * * *

In his hall Torren relaxed in his chair, raised his mug of ale, and took a long sip. He ignored the unhappy glare from his mistress, Carrel, his mind only on the woman he just requested to be his wife.

The instant he spied her at the fair, he became enamored of her, but what made her even more desirable was overhearing someone say that bastard McDowell wanted her as well. He did not want a wife, however, if he could deny that despicable man something he wanted, he would do all he could to make sure he did.

Carrel pouted, not at all happy. Ever since Torren came back from the fair last week, he coldly ignored her, and she feared that he'd grown tired of her. Sliding over on the bench next to his chair, she pressed her breast against his bicep and placed her hand on his massive thigh.

With an alluring smile, she let him see the desire in her eyes. "Tis been some time, Torren. Let us go up to bed," she whispered seductively close to his ear.

Torren turned his head and looked at the woman from under heavy lowered lids. What did I ever see in her, he thought as his eyes moved over her face and form. Her looks were what first drew him, but now he could only see determined calculation and a cold, brittle beauty, and damn it she held no appeal whatsoever.

Not since he spied the dark-haired sprite at the fair, and caught a glance of the most enticing, soft lavender eyes he had ever seen. Her gentle, beguiling smile captivated him, and he knew that no matter what, she would be his. Although he knew one of his most hated enemies wanted her, he would never let the bastard get his hands on her.

His thoughts fled when Carrel's hand moved up and caressed his chest. He felt nothing but revulsion, and grasping her hand, he removed it. "Tis over lass, pack up yer things. Ye will be leaving in the mornin'."

Stunned, drawing away from Torren, Carrel could not believe what he just said. "Please, Torren my love. Ye canna do this to us. Let us go upstairs and I will have ye soon changin' yer mind."

"No Carrel, 'tis time we both moved on. Now dinna argue, lass. Let us part with no animosity between us."

Heartbroken, she peered into Torren's eyes. She knew by the hard, cold look in his eyes that what they shared for the last few months was now truly over. It would do no good to argue with him, she knew that he was a man who would not put up with any defiance. Once he made up his mind, nothing would change it.

Even begging would do no good and, as she continued to stare at him, she felt the anger inside her grow. She came here and became his mistress in the hope that he would marry her, but now for some reason he had suddenly become bored with her. Oh, she would go quietly, but he hadn't heard the last of her yet. Somehow, some way, she would have this man as her husband.

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