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Stripped And Snatched - [Abducted For Harvesting] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Robert W. Birch

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Science Fiction
eBook Description: Young men and women are vanishing into thin air, leaving clothing behind, layered just as though their bodies evaporated. Julie, a virginal farm girl, is one of the abductees. She suddenly finds herself naked and surrounded by dozens of other naked young adults. She has been snatched and transported into year of 2510, where she is subjected to propaganda and mental manipulation. She soon discovers that the women are there for their fertile eggs and the men for their sperm.

Physical contact between the abductees is forbidden. As a control, twice daily the abductees are ushered into the Palace of Pleasure, a room in which intense orgasms are computer generated without human touch and affection. Abductees who have been there the longest have had their memories erased, but Julie fights to retain hers. When her boyfriend Fred arrives they join with two other newcomers and plot their escape.

Why do those in the future need to harvest eggs and sperm? How has the appreciation of sensual love and erotic touch been lost? Can the abductees find a way to travel back in time and return to their homes, and will Julie and Fred finally get to make love?

eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Carnal Desires Publishing, Published: Carnal Desires Publishing, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2010


When Julie Holbrooke was a child, her mother meticulously braided her long blond hair every morning before sending her off, lunch pail in hand, to wait at the end of their dirt lane for the yellow school bus to pick her up. When in third grade, Freddie Perkins, the freckle-faced boy who sat behind her, became fascinated with those golden pigtails and seemed compelled to pull them whenever the teacher's back was turned. Julie's Aunt Jane, whose gray hair had once also been blond, passed on stories of how back in the early nineteen-forties, elementary school boys dipped the ends of girl's pigtails into the bottles of black ink set in the inkwells on their wooden desks. Julie loved listening to her aunt reminiscing about her past and was fascinated by the stories of how first graders back then, with pen and ink, were taught to draw tightly-wound circles as the first step in learning cursive writing.

Julie could not remember much of her father, a farmer for all of his relatively short life, for he died only two months after she turned eight. Following the death of her dad, Claire, Julie's widowed mother, sold their small vegetable farm. Still grieving her loss, she moved herself, young Julie and her older sister Betsy about twelve miles to the home of her own parents. It was the farm where Claire had grown up. This was an easy move for Julie, for she loved her Grandma Anna and Grandpa Ed Walters and their ten-year-old English springer spaniel named Nick. In addition, she loved to play in the hayloft of the old barn and the move did not require her to change schools. It was a good transition for a young girl who needed to let go of her father.

When Julie was ten her grandmother, then only sixty-four, died of leukemia. It was another loss, but the many stories Anna had told would not be forgotten. Julie's Granddad died just a little over a year after his wife had passed away, and many claimed his passing was the result of his broken heart. Julie accepted this as the cause, for after Grandma Walters' death she had seen Grandpa Ed rocking quietly in a wooden rocking chair with tears running down his weathered cheeks, the aging spaniel curled up at his feet.

It was shortly after her granddad's death that Aunt Jane, her mother's older divorced sister, moved in with them. There had only been the two girls in the Walters family, living ten miles from town, and from their youth Jane and Claire had been expected to do their share of farm work. Julie's mother and aunt grew up as the best of friends, although her mother remained a country girl and Jane, after high school, went off to the city and fell in with a wild group of hippy friends. There were parallels with Julie, for her only sibling was her older sister Betsy, who, although still living at home, was the more liberal of the two. However, they were emotionally bonded and Julie secretly admired her sister's adventurous spirit. With the death of old Nick and with Aunt Jane moving in, it became four females living in their country home and managing the old Walters farm, where once over a hundred head of cattle roamed the pasture. Jane referred to the family as the Band of Banty Hens. Even their orange barn cat Lucy was female.

Shortly after Julie turned twelve, Freddie was the first to comment on her budding young breasts, but unfortunately what he teasingly noted was that one bump was slightly larger than the other. It was a rude introduction into adolescence. Despite her mother sheepishly telling of her own initial lopsidedness, and her Aunt Jane's graphic reassurance that such discrepancies were quite normal, Julie padded one side of her training bra with Kleenex. By the middle of her thirteenth year, however, her beautifully formed breasts had grown significantly and had evened out in size. Freddie still seemed to notice them when Julie wore tight sweaters, but he now did so sheepishly and in silence. Aunt Jane, who always seemed to enjoy showing off her own ample cleavage, privately presented Julie with her first pushup bra on the occasion of her fourteenth birthday. Along with the gift, Julie was advised not to tell her mother. When Julie told Betsy of the bra, the two girls giggled as they swapped stories about how boys seem more interested in the size of a girl's boobs than the color of her eyes.

When both were fourteen, Fred, who lived in town, was again the first. He was the first boy to ever kiss Julie. The kiss had seemed impulsive and occurred as she walked backstage after her flute solo during the school's annual talent show. Each of the naive teens held their breaths, puckered their closed virginal lips, and then pressed them together. Their bodies formed an A frame and the duration of the superficial lip contact was brief. Although there was nothing at all erotic about this meeting of lips, the word "Wow" had still jumped from Julie's mouth. Even in the dimly-lit backstage, Julie saw the Perkins boy blush. She soon lost her interest in playing the flute, but not in her fascination with Fred.

By fifteen, the maturing young woman's ample breasts had gained exquisite sensitivity and Julie felt her panties dampen when Fred kissed her again. This kiss had occurred on the steps of the high school following a Friday-night dance. Their lips were still closed, but Fred held Julie close, her breasts pressed to his chest. The kiss lasted a full twenty seconds. As she felt the warmth of his body against hers, Julie's heart raced, her young body tingled and she again said Wow, but this time silently to herself.

Before Julie was old enough to acquire her license, her sister would drive her to and from the dances. It was during the drives home along country roads that Betsy tried to explain the mysterious wetness Julie sheepishly reported. Even at fifteen Julie giggled when her sister used the word pussy. Most girls Julie's age were still referring to the area as down there, when talking of their genitals, and it was usually about an itch rather than a tingle.

Julie was growing up on the family Indiana farm that demanded the time and energy of the four women, despite the fact that the cattle had all been sold. With only one car and with chickens and rabbits to feed, Julie had limited opportunity to mix with the more sophisticated group of girls in town. Early in her childhood, Julie, as a farm girl, had learned how animal's reproduce, but her school's sex education classes had skimmed over human coital mechanics and instead focused on venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies. The curriculum emphasized only the don'ts and excluded any positive comments on the joyful aspects of consensual sexual activities. Nothing in her classes explained how pussies got wet and nothing was said about how penises grew and hardened. Other than the mechanical depositing of sperm, there was no mention of what an orgasm felt like for a guy. The details of human intercourse remained quite vague and the idea of actually doing it was still pretty frightening for this naive young woman, even when she reached the ripe old age of seventeen.

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