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Velvet Dragon [MultiFormat]
eBook by Sean Michael

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Serius is an expert in whipping; his beauty is a riding crop, but he's an expert with all manner of whips, floggers and paddles. He's also a man looking for someone special to be his sub; he believes in order, discipline, submission, but he also wants a challenge. When Hercules promises him the perfect sub in exchange for his working at the exclusive Velvet Glove, Serius believes it's possible he just might find the man he's looking for. Dragonne has the appearance of the perfect sub, but the truth is he's never truly submitted. He's never been pushed past his boundaries, never had to use his safeword, never been broken. He has built a wall of control around his core, and wonders if anyone can breach it. Can these two men find what they're looking for in each other?

eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Screwdriver, Published: www.torquerepress.com, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2010

56 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Serius waited in Malachi's office, looking out the window at the people below. Small. Little. Like most people, living half lives.

Hercules had assured him that the members of the Velvet Glove lived life to the fullest, explored all their possibilities. Assured him that if he worked for the club, they would find him someone to play with, someone willing to explore possibilities.

Serius was a smart man, he wouldn't believe anything without seeing it first, but he knew if anyone could deliver him everything he wanted, it was Hercules.

Now, if Hercules' man would arrive...

Malachi walked in, arm wrapped in a thick towel, blood slowly staining it. "Serius, yes? I'm Mal. Forgive me for being late, I just had to let a top go. Please, have a seat."

Mal tapped his communit. "Monk, cancel Mr. Llano's access immediately and escort him out. Trip, I need to see you in thirty minutes. Kestrel, please send Dragonne in. Boss? I need an appointment at your leisure to review security tapes."

Serius sat, eyebrow rising. "If you have business to attend to... I can leave."

"No, not at all. One of the people sent from another club -- undisciplined man -- could have injured Harley and I won't have it." Mal sat, arm resting against his belly. "Now, Hercules says you're one of the best. What's your talent?"

He laid his riding crop on the table, folding his hands together in his lap. "There is my beauty. I am adept with any of her sisters as well. I also believe order and discipline are more than just words."

Mal nodded, gave him a bit of a grin. "Good stance to take with me today, definitely. My notes say you require a sub as a benefit of employment. Do you have any specific requests?"

"I was just thinking about that. Someone with possibilities. Someone willing to explore those possibilities."

"Specific temperament, beyond curious? Body type? Do you like the teaching aspect of topping?" It was rather impressive, how the man was totally focused on him, on the interview, even the man bled.

"I don't suppose you're available?"

"No, but thank you for the compliment." Mal tilted his head. "So, you prefer strength, control, not the amazing servile sub?"

"If I wanted a slave, I'd buy one." He gave Mal a smile. "Your Boss assures me you have what I need here."

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