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Bad Moon Rising [MultiFormat]
eBook by Elle Kennedy

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
eBook Description: Does a full moon really cause naughty behavior? A Midsummer Night's Steam story Hailey Burke has heard that full moons cause people to behave in strange ways, but she never thought it would apply to her until the night she winds up in bed with a man she doesn't even like. So she'd had a temporary loss of sanity when she slept with Zack Creighton, the womanizing photographer. Big deal. Doesn't mean she's going to do it again, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, Zack has something else in store for Hailey. He's liked the sassy redhead from the moment he met her, but he can't get the stubborn woman to let go of the misconceptions she's formed about him. Sure, he's played the field, but Zack is no womanizer, and he has no intention of leaving things at one night. Once he's had a taste of Hailey, he wants another. And he's determined to convince her that he's not the bad boy she's always thought. Product Warnings Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language

eBook Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Published: 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2010

But maybe it was time to unwind. Just a little. It was summer, after all. Summer meant lazy days and hot, endless nights. Not only that, but it was the weekend. No work. No responsibilities.

It really wouldn't kill her to have some fun.

Even if it meant having fun with Zack Creighton.

With a sigh, she polished off the rest of her beer and got to her feet. "You guys want anything from the fridge?"

Both men requested beers, so Hailey made her way across the spacious loft toward the open-concept kitchenette. She bent down in front of the mini fridge and grabbed three longnecks from the top shelf, then headed back to the main living area and tossed each guy a drink.

Popping off the lid, she raised the bottle to her lips and drank in the chilled, bitter liquid. It felt nice as it slid down her throat. Her body cooled, then warmed again as the balmy breeze drifting in from the open window met her bare shoulders. Her tank top clung to her skin a little, not just from the warm air but from the alcohol slithering its way through her veins.

Although she tried not to, she glanced over at Zack again. His black T-shirt stretched across his chest, emphasizing the defined ripples of his stomach, and her mouth grew dry as she imagined walking over there and sliding her hands underneath the cotton material, running her fingers over all that hard muscle.

He caught her staring, and one dark brow lifted. He looked amused. "See anything you like?" he asked in a sandpaper-rough voice.

A flurry of shivers danced up her spine. She banished them away. "I thought we already established that I don't like much about you, Zack."

"And yet you're attracted to me."

Her mouth opened but nothing came out.

"So is this the situation you were describing?" He uncrossed his legs and leaned forward, his rugged features creasing with amusement. "Being attracted to someone you hate?"

"I'm not attracted to you," she lied.

It shocked her that she even had to lie. Twenty minutes ago she would've laughed at the thought of being attracted to Zack. Twenty minutes ago, however, she hadn't had two beers in her system. She wasn't drunk by any means but still...

It was the alcohol. That's why her head felt a little light, and her body was humming with sexual awareness.

One aspirin and two beers. Obviously when you put them together you got a weird, potent reaction that made you want to do stupid things. Like have sex with Zack Creighton.

Might as well throw the full moon in there too. Maybe it really was some phenomena that made people feel a little nuts.

"Come over here and prove it," Zack challenged from his perch on the sofa.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"What exactly do I need to prove?" Her voice came out as a squeak. Damn it, she was not allowed to squeak in front of this jerk of a man.

"That you don't find me attractive." He shrugged, causing a few strands of unruly dark brown hair to fall onto his forehead. "Kiss me. Touch me. Do whatever you want, sweetheart. Just prove that the attraction isn't there."

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