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Banpaia [MultiFormat]
eBook by A. J. Llewellyn & D. J. Manly

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: WARNING: this book contains homoerotica and Menage scenes. Chinatown, Los Angeles. Young men are disappearing from their beds, sometimes vanishing as they cross the street with friends. The few witnesses who actually report a strange, mystical creature soon suffer memory lapses and die. Yet, the young men all return, one by one. They seem the same, but they are different. Strange things are happening all over Chinatown, as if an odd mist enshrouds it. None of the men who disappeared can say what happened to them. Late at night, however, this legion of men, in love and lust with the one they call Banpaia, reach out for one another in the frenzy of their need. For Feng Li, a suicidal young man who feels he was saved by the legendary, centuries-old Japanese vampire, yearns for only him. For him, there can be only one to claim his body and his heart.

eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasybooks, Published: 2, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2010

6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

She flapped long eyelashes at him, blowing him a cherry-red kiss. He laughed. It was turning into a great night. Ki tugged him again and they pushed their way out of the club and to the back terrace, where the chilly drop in temperature after the warm crush of bodies inside the club felt great. Through the thick haze of fog, Feng glimpsed Russell, who was leaning against the railing, chatting up a guy Feng knew his friend had been chasing for months now.

"Hey," Feng said, aware of Ki's presence beside him. "Can I crash at your place tonight?"

"Sure," Russell said. He winked at Feng. "You got the key, right?" Feng nodded. As Russell and his friend moved on to a more private patch on the balcony, Russell grabbed Feng's arm.

"Let's hope I'm not there when you arrive. I might get lucky tonight."

Feng grinned. "You'll get lucky, I just know it."

Ki touched Feng's shoulder. "Look at the fucking mist, man, can you believe it?"

From up here, it was a startling sight. It resembled a gigantic gray-black cloak hovering between the earth and sky. Almost like a pair of--

"It kind of looks like wings, doesn't it?" Ki asked, taking a long pull at his beer.

Feng glanced at him. Why were they out here? It wasn't that he hadn't pined for time and attention from this guy, but it was so out of character. Feng could hear the low moans around them. They'd all come out here for the anonymity, the safety of the dark mist.

Ki pulled Feng into a dark corner of the building as another couple vacated it. Feng could still feel the warmth of the last guy's body on the brick wall. He was astonished when Ki pressed into him, kissing him. He returned the man's kisses, tasting the tang of cold beer on his tongue.

Feng gave himself up to the soft lips probing his. The kiss deepened, Ki sighing into Feng's mouth as their tongues met. Ki's free hand slipped behind Feng's head, cupping it lightly. Ki stopped kissing him, as if waiting for Feng to do the work. Feng kept kissing Ki, sucking his tongue. Ki pressed into him, Feng feeling the man's cock hardening against his belly. It was the most erotic moment of Feng's life.

Ki withdrew from him, keeping contact only from the groin. In the deep darkness, Feng could feel the man's hot stare on his face. The swirl of lights from inside the club and shone briefly on Ki's face. He took another swig of his beer and smiled at Feng. He leaned in again, letting the beer seep into Feng's mouth. Feng sucked it all down as Ki rubbed against him.

Feng knew then. Ki wanted Feng to suck his cock. Ki took Feng's beer out of his hand and kissed him again. Feng fumbled at the zipper of Ki's jeans. He slid down the wall and reached into the surprisingly colorful underpants Ki wore for his cock. It was slim, but very, very long and leaped at him like a snake disturbed from slumber. Feng hooked one finger over the base, licked at the head and then, began to suck. He was aware of the voices then, the increasing sounds of sucking and fucking around him.

"Hurry," Ki said, "we gotta sing again."

We. Feng put all his efforts to giving the guy a monster blow job, Ki gently fucking his face. Feng took as much of the cock as he could into his mouth, Ki increasing his thrusts. He was close. Feng could taste the pre-come, felt it coating his throat. He heard Ki moaning.

"Yeah, Feng, yeah, like that. Just like that."

Feng grasped the man's balls for an extra surge of bliss to his now-panting recipient. He was in a zone with Ki's cock. He wished he could prolong the experience for himself, but Ki was completely submerged in Feng's mouth and his body started to shake.


Feng's eyes flew open. Who had said that? Nobody else was close, as far as he could tell, but the voice had whispered right in his ear. Feng kept sucking as Ki gave one last, quick thrust.

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