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A Fatal Flaw [MultiFormat]
eBook by Margaret Blake

eBook Category: Mystery/Crime/Romance
eBook Description: "She needed to find out about the man her mother shot, but dare she let the cop help her?" Kerensa travels from Cornwall to Florida. She needs to discover the truth of the dark secret her mother's death revealed. Ned Rochester wants to help but his interference brings danger to her door. Why can't she find any record of Jason Campbell? A novel of suspense and danger and love!

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2010

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Blue Ribbon Rating 4.5 "A FATAL FLAW reached out and grabbed me from the first page and kept me interested with its twists and turns. Suspense is the name of the game in this mystery and this tale is fraught with unanswered questions and possibilities. Kerensa is a woman with spunk if not a little innocence, her sheltered life and trusting attitude is a definite change. Ned is everything you expect in a hero, strong yet sensitive and of course smoking hot. The mystery is the main focus of the story but there is also the added bonus of the slow growing romance between Kerensa and Ned. I truly enjoyed this story and didn't stop reading until I finished it. Applause goes to Margaret Blake on creating a story with interesting characters and an enthralling plot." ~Angel, Romance Junkies 5 Stars! "What would you do if you learned your mother is dying from cancer and she asks for her diary? This is what happens to Kerensa Mawgan; however, her mother dies before she gets a chance to explain her writings. Kerensa learns some astonishing news from the diary. She's had a quiet, sedate life with her mother in Cornwall, England and a job she has always wanted; she is a reporter and journalist. Her world is turned upside down when she discovers her mother shot and killed her father while she was pregnant. She has no other choice but to go to America and see what she can discover. Her only clue is a name: Jason Campbell. The journey leads toward danger. She is attracted to the librarian's son, Ned Rochester, a police officer. Together they search for answers. It leads them into the midst of a viper's nest. Karensa is in more danger than she thought, and she has dragged Ned right in with her.. There is quite a cast of characters in this book, and they are a little hard to keep up with. The suspense and romance just keeps building up and keeps the reader on the edge of his seat. Will the real Jason Campbell stand up if he is alive, or is there even such a person? Who lied and who's telling the truth? This is not the first book I have read of Margaret Blake's, and she has a way of drawing the reader in and getting them attuned with the characters as she brings them to life. Good romance and suspense for the average reader of this type of genre." ReadersFavorite.com

Chapter 1

Kerensa Mawgan put down the telephone and, standing at the window, stared out at a view of the valley down to the undulating river. On the other side of the river was a tree-covered high bank. Everything glistened in the warm, steaming mist that had come up river after the storm.

Laboriously, she pulled back the sliding window and stepped outside. The Yorkshire stone patio glistened with puddles of water; it gave the stone an intensity of colour, almost as if it were cast with purple dye. Everything dripped wetly in the weak sun that was successfully breaking through the mist. She felt that if she put her ear to any puddle, then it would give out the sound of sizzling.

Tears ran down her cheeks now, and then the sobs came. Sinking onto a stone bench, oblivious to the wetness penetrating the linen of her trousers through to her flesh, she let her body bend double, her head cradled in her lap.

She had just come from the hospital, had kissed her mother, and had gone to do her bidding. Laura had been adamant. Bring me the box from the attic. You will know the one: it has a pink ribbon around it. It was a command and after she had uttered it Laura had fallen back, exhausted.

Kerensa knew she dare not disobey; it seemed to be so important. Just how important she did not know or how catastrophic it would be that she had left her mother. The hospital was a half an hours drive, and that drive had been longer because of the driving rain. She had only just got into the house and brought the box from the attic when the phone rang. The nurses voice was hard and so cold. Certainly not the breed of angel she had been led to believe nurses were.

Your Mother passed away.

How cruel for her mother to die when she had left her bedside. Something she had been reluctant to do at any time, preferring to sleep in the chair in her mothers hospital room rather than go home. Of course she knew her mother was dying; the thing inside her had finally won. After years of remission it had its way. Laura was too young and it was too cruel.

There was no one to telephone, apart from Lauras employers; neighbours would find out as it was a small community. Word would spread soon enough. There had been just the two of them, Kerensa and Laura, living their lives quietly and happily in this Cornish backwater.

Her mother had been born here and then had gone away. When Laura came back it was with Kerensa inside her. There was a lot of gossip but it soon stopped once everyone realized they could speculate as much as they liked. Laura was not going to reveal any secrets.

Grandparents helped out. An only child, Laura had been a late baby and her parents had been dead these past five years. They left the small house to Laura but little else. It did not matter; Laura made a reasonable living as manager of an estate agents.

It was never what I wanted, she told Kerensa. Old Mr Pendle took me on as a typist but I found there was a lot more I could do.

Young Mr Pendle had seen her potential as well and when he opened another office, he gave Laura a free hand.

Kerensa looked at the box that had seemed to be so important to her mother. With reluctance she tugged at the bright pink ribbon. The box was an old chocolate box, the name on the lid now faded with the passing of time. Kerensa lifted the lid and peered inside. There was just a small black diary.

Reluctantly, Kerensa opened the diary. It was more a journal than a record of daily life.

Kerensa, my beautiful daughter, I wonder if you ever truly knew me and I bless the idea that you did not, you see, my beautiful daughter...

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