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Margarita Day [MultiFormat]
eBook by Nicole Austin & T, K, Winters

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
eBook Description: Recipe for Margarita Day: Take one shy woman, toss in three determined alphas, mix liberally with sizzling sex, add a dash of intrigue, and watch the steam rise. Stand alone sequel to Mimosa Night. Authors Nicole Austin and T. K. Winters Jodi Matthews is the consummate gamer. One crazy night she let her hair down, stripped off her clothes, and anteed up for a night of poker and wild fantasy sex. Now she has three alpha players hot to win her hand. Conner is a walking wet dream ready to share his vision of the future. Wiz, a high roller looking for a cherished pet to adorn his arm, while John's an average Joe who can turn Jodi inside out with a simple look. No matter what card she chooses, Jodi risks losing something. The life she loves working as a Vegas dealer or some close friends. Maybe both. From champagne and diamonds to mysterious parties and private jets, Jodi must accept herself and what her heart's always known. The Smut Squad is there, ready and willing to fortify her courage and orchestrate a daring hunt for the ultimate stakes. The only thing is--this is no game, and the jackpot will be even better than her wildest dreams. Product Warnings Warning, this book contains wild sex on the beach, along with other steamy encounters, told in contemporary, graphic language!

eBook Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Published: 2007
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2011

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Shall we get ready for the party?" Wiz questioned when they finished the meal. She nodded and he took her hand, escorting Jodi up the grand, winding staircase to her room. She became jittery and nervous as he opened each box, moving tissue paper out of the way to reveal the outfit he'd decided she would wear to the mysterious party.

"You are going to look fabulous in this outfit, Jodi."

Wiz held up a scrap of black leather with swirled silver accents. It was similar to a bustier, only with about half the material missing. She presumed it was some sort of top because of the shoulder straps, but Jodi wasn't certain.

The back of the garment was laced with black ribbon. When he turned it around, Jodi gasped. There were two small silver-ringed holes which would leave her nipples exposed, and the neckline dipped low. At least half of her generous breasts would be hanging out.

"What the hell is that?" And did he really expect her to wear it...in public? Holy shit!

"Bondage wear," he casually responded and lifted another small scrap of leather from the box.

The second item appeared respectable at first. In fact, it appeared to be a pair of boy-cut pants with the same silver accents as the top. At least, until she got a look at the crotch, or more appropriately, the lack of crotch. A big gaping hole was positioned where her privates would fit into the obscene garment. Fine silver chains ran from front to back. Her imagination filled in how those would look covering her newly denuded pussy.

"Um, Wiz..." Jodi began, but he produced the next item and she started laughing. The black vinyl platform boots he held up could have come from a porn star's wardrobe. "You've got to be kidding, Wiz! If I try to walk in those, I'm gonna face plant within the first few steps." His other hand held black fishnet thigh-high stockings, which rounded out the bizarre ensemble. "I like the stockings, though. Cute!"

Jodi flopped onto the bed, too stunned to be graceful. The wicked grin kicking up the corners of Wiz's mouth had her grinning back. "Want to give me a few details about this um...party?"

Wiz sighed in resignation. "As I've already told you, the party is at a friend's house. It is a private gathering for a group of us who share similar tastes in swinging, bondage, dominance and submission, along with a bit of sadomasochism."

Jodi was sure her jaw had to be hanging open all the way to the floor. "Oh. My. God. You mean like in the books?" Even though she'd begun to suspect Wiz's darker side--how could she not with all of John's hints--she still felt shocked. Or maybe she was titillated by the idea?

"We get together in a safe environment to indulge our desires. Trusted staff members monitor the proceedings to ensure everything is safe, sane and consensual. Each member of the group is regularly tested for sexual diseases, and all practice safe sex."

Wow! It was a lot to take in. Wiz and his friends were into bondage and all that stuff? She'd read books about D/s and even had fantasies of being spanked, but had never been brave enough to do more than fantasize about how it would feel. And now Wiz wanted to take her to this party as...

"What is my role in all of this? You want to parade me around half naked in front of your friends, tie me up and perform your wicked sex games with me?" She almost burst out laughing.

Wiz lifted a large velvet box and held it out before Jodi. Her stomach clenched, but she realized it was too big to contain another ring. Taking the box, she peeked inside.

"Um, Wiz..." Jesus, she was beginning to sound like a broken record, but how was she supposed to respond to all this? A wide black leather choker lay inside. The necklace was accented with swirly silver bits to match the rest of the outfit, and interspersed with oval shaped pieces of smoky topaz. At least they weren't diamonds and the topaz would look good with her eyes. She slipped her finger through a large silver ring in the center of the necklace. "What's this for?"

He held up a matching leash. "You'll go as my pet and be introduced to my lifestyle. I don't expect you to participate in the activities. For tonight, you'll observe and learn."

He wanted to take her to an exclusive BDSM sex party on a leash like a dog. She stared up at this man she called friend and studied his face. She hadn't really looked at him closely since he boarded the plane. So much had been happening at once. Jodi noticed there was a slight abrasion on his cheek and his nose was a bit swollen and red. Humph. Things began to click into place.

"Did John know what kind of party it is?" she asked.

Wiz pursed his lips and his forehead creased. "You might say that."

Jodi ignored the little flip-flop her heart did at the thought of John. She sucked her lower lip between her teeth and tried to hold back a smile. "Looks like you conversed with a fist, Wiz."

He hung his head. "You might say that, too. John was very adamant that I tell you upfront about this particular party." He looked back up. "He was right, and I was wrong."

She watched him silently as he turned away and strode to the window. "I want you to come and see my lifestyle, Jodi. I know there isn't any reason for you to, but...I still want you to come."

She stood up and walked over to him, patting him on the shoulder. "I'm not really angry, Wiz, just shocked. I'm not going to say yes or no right now. I need to think about it." Jodi ushered him out of the room. "I promise I'll make decision and let you know in time for the party."

Time to call on the Smut Squad for some friendly support and advice.

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