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Paradox III [MultiFormat]
eBook by J. C. Wilder & Rosemary Laurey

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
eBook Description: "After the Rain" by J.C. Wilder Li leaves her village after her family's betrayal and seeks to create a new life for herself. She accepts a job at Graystone House as the keeper of the Evil Ones--hundreds of stone gargoyles that fill a chamber from top to bottom and rumored to be the victims of the infamous Lady of Maragorn. Li only knows that the job fills her with dread, especially when she has to deal with one statue in particular, that of Nikolaz of Riverhaven. "The Shattered Stone" by Rosemary Laurey Tragedy, violence and treachery and a chance encounter that leads to love and the resolution of an ancient dispute. After her parents die of the Gray Plague, Alys flees the only home she's ever known. She sets off to find her mother's kin in the far Western Lands. On the way she meets the Monarch's envoy, Ranald ven Strad. The chance meeting leads to danger and an astounding discovery. This book has been previously published. Product Warnings Warning, this title contains explicit sex.

eBook Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Published: 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2011

"Who are you?" His voice was husky as if he hadn't used it in a while. His accent was curious, reminiscent of some of the old men from her village. "Are you a witch?"

Her tongue felt thick and she didn't trust herself to give a coherent answer. She just shook her head.

His gaze flicked over her face and she had the feeling this man missed very little. "You look like a witch."

She cleared her throat and gave him a nervous smile. "I don't think you can even see me with your hair in your face."

Li brushed his long hair away and her stomach flopped. He was, in a word, stunning. His face was slim, his skin tanned as if he'd spent a lot of time in the sun. His brows were slightly darker than his hair and his eyes were a deep, rich blue, a hallmark of the Northern clans. His cheekbones were sharp and his jaw well-defined. His mouth looked firm with his lower lip slightly fuller than the top. He possessed the mouth of a true sensualist. A mouth to be kissed, a mouth made to suckle a woman's flesh--

Her cheeks heated and she shook herself from her carnal musings. "Who are you?" she squeaked.

He ignored her question. His forehead pleated and if anything, he was even more handsome with his slightly befuddled expression.

"I know you." His gaze locked with hers. "Don't I?"

She shook her head. She'd never seen this man before, as she'd have remembered him. He was definitely an elf and he possessed the unearthly beauty that was unforgettable. Besides, her tiny Southern clan would've had no reason to mingle with a group from the north.

"You're beautiful," he said. "Possibly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." His voice was faint, as if he was talking more to himself than to her. He raised his hand and, light as a feather, he touched her jaw with one finger.

She froze and her gaze dropped to his mouth again. She was struck by the urge to kiss him. He had the kind of mouth that was made for kissing, touching, biting, sucking...

Her breathing deepened and she leaned forward. Her head dropped toward his.

If this was a dream, let her never wake up...

In a flash, his expression changed from slightly befuddled to comprehension. His eyes widened and he shoved her away--hard.

Li landed on her butt with a yelp, and her head connected with the edge of a table. She heard the scrape of steel, then the tip of a sword appeared before her eyes. Stunned, she looked up to see the stranger standing over her. The confused look of a few moments before was replaced by a look of complete disgust.

"Witch," he snarled.

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