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Betrayed by Love [MultiFormat]
eBook by Marilyn Lee

eBook Category: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Linea Hills is an attractive, confident, full-figured woman in full control of her heart and her life--until she falls into lust with her best friend's husband. Then her life is turned upside down as she feels betrayed by love that hits her at the wrong time and with the wrong man. Her precarious situation worsens when her friend tries to draw her into the martial games she and her husband play. Grant West is an eligible bachelor with a job that keeps him on the road and a charm that ensures he has his choice of companionship from a succession of women--none of whom can expect a commitment from him. Then he meets Linea and falls for a woman who is determined not to surrender what he wants most from her--her heart.

eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2011

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

* "I'd recommend this novella to readers who enjoy lusty storeis which examine aspects of interracial dateing." ~ Reena Jacobs, Got Erotic Romance * "...an exciting book that took me on a roller coaster of emotions as Linea and Grant work out their attraction. I didn't want to get off the ride when I got to the end. Readers looking for hot romance and mind-blowing sex will definitely get a fun kick out of this book. It's well-worth the read!" ~ Lorien, Happily Ever After Reviews

He rose and stood over me with his hand extended. "Dance with me."

I blinked up at him. "Dance with you? Now?"

"Yes. Now."

"Thanks, but--"

"I wasn't asking you. I was asking them," he said, his gaze lingering on my breasts.

As if they had a mind of their own and liked all the attention they were receiving, I felt my nipples tighten.

I saw a flash of white as he smiled. "We have the perfect music, lighting, and atmosphere. Let's make the most of them."

The song playing wasn't conducive to anything but slow dancing or what my parents would call slow dragging. Did I want to slow dance with him? Hell yeah.

"I don't bite or grind against unwilling partners, Linea."

How like a man to offer unwanted assurances.

"Nor do I have wandering hands."

You are behaving like a silly teenager afraid of being kissed for the first time. Dance with him, already. "I'm glad to hear it," I said lightly and gave him my hand.

I felt a tingle shoot down my back when his fingers closed around mine before he lifted me to my feet.

I flashed a quick smile at him.

He drew me into his arms.

With his hands resting against my back, I felt as if he'd enfolded me in a warm, sensual cocoon. His chest felt hard against my breasts. I could feel his thighs pressed against me. His cologne filled my senses. Damn but he was nice to be close to.

Feeling my heartbeat increase and my pussy tingle, I moistened my lips. Should I admit he was holding me closer than I liked?

Almost as if he'd read my thoughts, he slipped an arm around my waist, stepped back, and took one of my hands in his. His chest no longer pressed against my breasts.

I released a relieved breath.

"Is this better?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Good. I wouldn't want to do anything to make you feel uncomfortable with me, Linea."

He had a very warm, sexy voice. I could imagine how sexy it would be to have him whispering soft, intimate things in my ear as he fucked me. Feeling my cheeks burn, I flashed him a quick smile.

His hand tightened around mine as he drew me a little closer.

It was difficult to resist the urge to grind myself against his groin and my breasts against his chest. Get a grip, Linea. You are not some damned alley cat in heat. You're not going to behave like one.

As we danced in silence, my curiosity about him was aroused. Had he ever been married? If no, why not? What kind of women did he prefer? Was he sleeping with anyone? Did he want to sleep with me? Did I want to sleep with him? Of course I did, but I wouldn't. I already had two casual lovers in my life. I wasn't going to add another one. And I didn't do one night stands.

Despite my resolve, it was hard not to think about sex in such close proximity to his big body. Was he as aware of me physically as I was of him? I couldn't tell. He kept his word. He didn't grind against me or allow his hands to wander over my body.

The only indication he gave of enjoying the dance was the fact that he continued to guide me around several moments after the music ended. He was also slow to release my hand and to drop his arm from my waist. Even then he didn't immediately step back.

That's when I realized my head rested against his shoulder. My cheeks burned. I swallowed and stepped back, not allowing my gaze to rise any farther than the knot in his silk tie.

"Thanks." He managed to infuse an incredible amount of sizzle into the one word.

I had to struggle to keep visions of falling into bed with him at the first opportunity at bay. "Sure," I said, hoping my voice was steadier than it sounded to my sensitive ears.

"Tell the girls I said thanks."

I bit back the urge to suggest he tell them himself--with his hands. I arched a brow. "I will."

"So do you want to make it dinner tomorrow instead of lunch?"

Wasn't he the pushy one? I smiled and shook my head. "And before you ask, they agree with me."

He leaned down to touch his lips against my ear. "Are you sure? I could have sworn they wanted to be alone with me while we danced."

"You're delusional or have had too much to drink," I said, stepping away from him.

He smiled. "Or you and they have gone to my head."

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