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Snowballs In Hell [MultiFormat]
eBook by Eve Langlais

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Hi, I'm Muriel, misbegotten daughter of Satan, and once again my life is in turmoil. The cowled one who tortured me left a curse on my mind, one that makes me afraid. Completely unacceptable, but in order to remove it, I have to do something even worse--betray my beloved by bringing another man into our bed. As if having to participate in a threesome isn't traumatizing enough, Hell has frozen over, and as much as I think Hades looks pretty in a blanket of white, the repercussions are severe. It's a good thing this princess of Hell has two lovers determined to charge my magic in pleasurable ways. I'll admit, it's not easy having nympho magic, but I'm prepared to suck it up--and swallow--for the sake of saving the world.

eBook Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, Published: 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2011

34 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

The silence in Hell deafened me. I whirled around, searching the barren landscape at the edge of the pit and found ... nothing. The screaming, the torturing, the day to day noise that was Hades, gone, and in its place, a deadly quiet that frightened me more.

It occurred to me that I should leave this place. Find my father, my lover, my friends, anybody. I took one step and froze. I heard the faint scuffing sound of someone approaching and suddenly I wished for the quiet. Without volition, I found myself pivoting to see a slight figure covered head to toe in a hooded robe. I whimpered.

Too late!

My limbs betrayed me. I slumped to my knees caught in the stranger's spell. My whole body trembled with fear. I wanted to run away, but the cowled figure held me frozen. I wanted to plead for mercy, but no matter how much I tried, the words remained caught in my throat.

The dark recesses of its hood hid its cowardly face, which in itself might have been a mercy. It reached out a hand, the skin translucent and smooth, the tapered fingers perfectly manicured. Those innocuous digits approached slowly, and I felt tears leaking from the corners of my eyes, tears that burned as hotly as my shame. My breathing came fast and harsh. I already knew the pain that was coming. I'd felt it before. A pain so excruciating I would promise anything to make it stop. A pain so horrifying, I'd try to die. I sobbed again faintly.

It touched me.

Immediately, the breathtaking torture started. Hot, lancing pokers ripped through my head and body. Unwavering, excruciating misery. I fell to the ground in convulsions, my voice finally free to scream, over and over and over.

I felt myself shaken and a voice penetrated the nightmare that had me in its grip.

"Muriel! Wake up. Come on baby, open your eyes."

Auric's strong arms wrapped around me and loosened the dream's grip. He drew me back to reality. With a last, shameful whimper, the pain and the nightmare faded away, but I still shook, my body covered in a sheen of sweat as the sharp memory of agony took longer to disappear.

"Oh, Muri," I heard Auric whisper, gathering me tight to him and rocking me like a child in need of comfort.

I knew I should push him away. After all, I held the title of princess of Hell. I should fear nothing and never show weakness. I didn't have nightmares. I gave them. All this had been true before, but ever since my encounter with the cowled being, I woke up nightly screaming like the most pathetic coward. It had been a month now, and every night without fail, I suffered. And my shame grew.

Time to face the facts. I'd lost my edge. I now feared. My father, lover and even my sister tried to reassure me that I'd gone through a traumatic experience and the nightmares were normal. They tried to tell me I was safe. But I knew better. This creature still roamed the planes of Hell, Heaven and the worlds in between. Even more frightening? I knew it would come back for me. I knew it hadn't found what it was looking for, the secret that hid inside my mind. The old me would have bared her teeth and said, "Bring it on!" The new me cringed pathetically and, boy, did that piss me off.

Auric still stroked me, his caresses transitioning from comfort to something more carnal. He knew me so well. My very own fallen angel. I still felt amazement that he loved me. I was a flawed product of Hell after all. I could picture him even with my eyes shut. His beautiful face with its rugged planes, heightened by a scar that gave rather than detracted from his beauty. He had silky ebony hair, thick and long enough for me to run my fingers through. His body--bulging muscles, a wide chest and a thick cock that knew how to fuck.

I needed him now, touching and claiming me. I tilted my face up, and he rewarded me with his lips, pressing them possessively against mine. I kissed him frantically and he responded just as fiercely, knowing I needed this contact, this reassurance that we were both safe. He laid me back gently on the bed, his body covering mine, and I moaned against his mouth. I always seemed to crave flesh to flesh contact after my nightmares. I needed to erase that feeling of aloneness. And Auric gave that to me. His feverish skin melded against mine, warming me and reminding me that I lived. But I needed more. I wanted his cock inside me, filling me up thickly, pounding and pumping until I indulged in a different kind of screaming. I also needed to be recharged, my inborn magic always weaker after the pain.

However, Auric had a different plan that didn't involve him pistoning me. He grabbed my hands and held them, pinning me to the bed. This didn't scare me, on the contrary, my heart kicked up a notch. When Auric got dominant, pleasurable things tended to happen.

His mouth left my lips and he worked his way down, the unshaven edge of his jaw dragging across the tender skin of my neck. He kissed me in the hollow at the base of my neck, such a vulnerable spot, before sliding lower to rub his face against my already erect nipples. He blew on my hardened nubs, all the while holding my hands down even as I fought against his grip. I wanted to slide my fingers into his soft hair and force him to take my tit in his mouth. But I wasn't in control, Auric was, and he loved to tease.

He licked a wet trail around each of my nipples, his lower body pinning me down when I bucked. Finally, he sucked my breast into his warm mouth, his tongue swirling around my nipple and a jolt of desire speared me between my legs.

I moaned and thrashed my head. But he took his sweet time, orally torturing each of my tits. "Auric," I said with a gasp. "If you don't make me cum soon, I am going to hurt you."

And what did he reply to a threat that would have sent anyone else running and screaming?

He laughed, a purely masculine chuckle that made me shiver. "Impatient, my love? But I'm not done. I haven't had breakfast yet."

With those titillating words, he slid down my body, his lips leaving a blazing trail down my stomach to the curls he insisted I keep. My legs already spread wide, I pulled my knees up, exposing myself to him. I looked down at him with heavy lidded eyes and met his smoldering gaze. As we stared at each other, he flicked out his tongue and he gave me a long lick. I shuddered wantonly and closed my eyes.

Thus did he begin the torture of my pussy, his tongue lapping alternately at my clit and between the moist folds of my sex. His fingers tightened around my mine where he still held them, a sign of his growing excitement. Auric did so love to tease me.

He began exclusively flicking my sensitive clit, and I thrashed and screamed under his oral onslaught, my orgasm building inside. I reached the peak, but before I could tumble down into the abyss of pleasure, he stopped.

"Auric please," I begged.

"Tell me what you want," he whispered, his breath warm against my moist core.

"Fuck me," I said. "Fuck me hard."

Instantly, he lay atop me, my hands now stretched above my head, the head of his cock unerring finding my wet passage and sliding in. I wrapped my legs around him, driving him in deeper. I loved the feel of his thick shaft inside me. Well endowed, he stretched me and had no difficulty touching my womb. His lips still tasting of my juices, claimed mine and he pumped me, the hard length of his penis, sliding in and out with steady strokes. Already so close to ecstasy, it only took a few thrusts before I screamed in his mouth, the blissful waves of my orgasm making me mindless.

Somewhere in the euphoric darkness that followed my intense pleasure, I heard him cry out, his body shuddering as he found his release inside me.

Damn, I love wake up sex.

Showered and feeling like I could take on the world, I perched on a stool in the kitchen and watched my man make me breakfast. Dressed only in jeans, abs rippling as he moved, he looked delicious, and were I not running late for work, I would have gone for some sausage. But I was a responsible girl--most of the time--and I knew my belly needed to be fed if I was going to be able to deal with the crowd we'd be sure to draw tonight at the bar.

"I might not be able to make it in time for the bar closing," he said buttering some toast and handing it to me along with some scrambled eggs.

"Your point would be?" I asked arching a brow.

"Be careful walking home," he growled. "Or, even better, call a cab."

"Oh, please. We haven't seen a single demon since we laid the smack down on that rebellion a little while back. And besides," I said with a feisty tone. "Are you implying I can't take care of myself?"

Personally, I thought Auric needed to relax. Things had actually been quiet since Hell's unexpected nap during the rebellion--meaning I hadn't had one single demon, shape shifter or other kind of assassin attack me. One month and no attempts on my life? That had to be a record and yet Auric still insisted I be walked to and from work. I kept pointing out I could take care of myself, something I'd have been able to prove quite easily if my Hell blade could have talked. My sword and I had spun a deadly tale over the years created from the blood of all the demons we'd dispatched. But while Auric acknowledged my prowess, he still babysat me.

I think he suffered from guilt still. It didn't matter how many times I told him he wasn't at fault, he still hadn't forgiven himself for allowing me to be hurt when Hades went through its spot of trouble last month. The fact I'd also traded my life for his rankled him, and I think he was waiting for a chance to place his life ahead of mine so that he didn't feel in my debt. Never mind the fact that he traded in his chance to return to Heaven and brokered a deal with the devil to save my life. Nope, he just had to one up me. Hadn't he realized yet that if he did, I'd just do something crazier to get ahead again?

I also wish he'd realize we'd won, sort of. Auric lived. I lived. The mysterious hooded stranger hadn't been seen or heard of since, and in the light of day, with the nightmare banished, I could even pretend it would never return.

And besides, even if it did come after me, I'd blast him with my new super power. My magic was stronger than ever with the daily multiple doses of sex Auric made sure I got. It figured I'd get stuck with a power based on sex. Auric called it my nympho magic. The more sex--and orgasms--I had, the more powerful I became. I'd even begun suspecting that Auric's pleasure counted as well because if I happened to give him an amazing blowjob--apparently I had the perfect lips for it--I always felt a rush of power right after.

But knowing all of this didn't stop Auric from pulling his macho routine.

"Woman, if I thought I could keep you safe in this apartment while I ran down the leads I dug up, I would."

"I'd like to see you try." My smile was wide and the invitation for a wrestling match clear. Unfortunately, he didn't fall for it.

"Just be careful," he repeated. "Please." His green eyes peered at me with such love in them that I grumbled. After all, how could I retort in the face of such cuteness? Besides while I could take care of myself, I loved that he treated me like a precious damsel who needed protection. Contradictory of me I knew, but still, I found it hot.

With a kiss that involved a lot of tongue and ass grabbing, I finally left for work, alone. Funny how Auric didn't worry about me getting to work during the day, of course most demons and evil creatures tended to avoid daylight. How cliche since sunlight only actually burned vampires.

As I walked with brisk steps, Auric's words of warning stirring my mind, I thought over everything that happened in the last few weeks. For one, I'd finally met the love of my life and gotten rid of my pesky cherry--my father was so proud. That Auric had turned out to be a fallen angel had been a bit of a shock at the time, especially considering he'd originally planned to kill me. But then he'd met me and fallen in love and decided to forgo Heaven in order to be with me. Nothing said true love like watching my lover choose eternal damnation to be with me. Of course with my dad running things in Hell, the only way Auric would suffer would be if he hurt me.

My name? Satana Muriel Baphomet, the bastard daughter of Satan. I stand about five foot eight--almost eleven in my awesome stilettos. I have a lush figure--think Betty Boop not a washing board--with ass length chestnut hair. My seemingly ordinary brown eyes light up with the flames of Hell when I'm annoyed, and I have full lips made for sucking cock, or so Auric's told me. I am twenty-three years old and madly in love--and horny--with my live in boyfriend, Auric. My father was so proud I'd chosen to live in sin.

Speaking of dad, I hadn't heard from my father, Lucifer, much since the incident in Hell. I snorted and the people I passed on the sidewalk skirted me with strange looks. Incident--that word made what happened to me seem so trivial, and yet it had been traumatizing enough that I now had nightmares. The nutshell version--Auric had been captured and tortured in order to lure me in a trap. In order to save him, I'd traded myself, but I didn't go down without a fight. But in the end, a mysterious being whose face I never saw, hidden as it had been by a hood, had almost won the day. If it hadn't been for Auric coming to save me, along with my father and reinforcements, I'd be dead. Not exactly a great state to be in. Since the attempt on my life and sanity, things had been quiet, too quiet. And I didn't like it--a girl needed exercise to stay in shape and keep her skills sharp.

I wondered if dad had made any head way yet on the identity of the mysterious cloaked figure. Just the thought of that hooded being made me break into a cold sweat even though the sun shone warm and bright.

I knew dad wouldn't rest until he found something out. He didn't like pretenders to his throne, and I really looked forward to when we caught the bastard because I had some torture of my own I longed to inflict.

Approaching the bar, my step slowed and I stopped. My pride and joy, The Nexus, a bar for magical and special beings, and I owned it lock, stock and mortgage. Even better, I hadn't had to sell my soul to dad for it. Being related didn't mean he hadn't tried, but I was wise to his tricks and had managed to keep my soul, thank you very much.

But back to the Nexus. Originally, I'd wanted to make it a karaoke bar, but being practical minded, and with Auric's help, I'd opted to buy an LCD for my first big entertainment investment. I'd lost a lot of business during the previous season of Survivor: Burn in Hell and I didn't plan to miss out when the next reality show, Hell's Kitchen: Stay Out Of The Pot, started. I already had flyers done up promoting it and planned to start a betting pool on who would end up winning. I also looked forward to the next Damned channel special event, USS--Ultimate Soul Survival, where the only rule was to stay alive. Watching the fights usually went hand in hand with copious amounts of drinking, which meant money in my pocket. Ka-ching!

I did have a small dance floor where my special clients could rock to tunes on my jukebox, which only had hits from the eighties--a time when music didn't suck and love ballads made a girl wet her panties. Thankfully, my patrons put up with my eclectic tastes seeing as how I was the safest bar for supernaturals around. Of course it might have had something to do with the fact that spelled magic wouldn't work around me, something to do with my special genes I was sure. Anyone who thought that wasn't a big deal had never seen a sorceress drunk on too many chocolate martinis--the term lightning bolts from her fingertips often applied with charring results. Because of the magical void on my place, the worse anyone had to put up with were drunken covens singing off key while their mascara ran, which according to some people was worse. But I digressed.

I was proud to say my bar had become the hottest spot in and out of Hell--and places in between--for those that were special--AKA not human. I had several staff--dryads for barmaids, the more the better as the concept of schedule and time didn't really work with them, what with their wooden skulls and all. Then there was Percy, my doorman and bartender. With the biggest hands of anyone I'd ever met, he knew how to straighten out those who thought they could get rowdy--only idiots messed with giants, even half ones.

Not too many people know of my title of princess of Hell, I preferred to go incognito. It saved on furniture as the most common reaction to them finding out my identity tended to be "kill the daughter of Satan." Like, hello, did it never occur to them to hate me on my own merit? Sometimes it sucked having a famous father.

Putting out bowls of tobasco flavored peanuts and napkins no one would probably use, I hummed away to the INXS tune of "Devil Inside," not knowing my quiet life was about to change.

Exhausted, but a lot richer--the bar had sold an obscene amount of booze--I began my walk home. This was the first time since I'd met Auric that I didn't have company. And to my annoyance, I missed it. Auric usually held my hand when we walked home, or on lucky nights, we flew. He might be a fallen angel, but due to a deal he brokered with my dad --where he actually kept his soul--he gained a pair of shadow wings. I loved it when he held me and swooped through the night like a dark knight preparing to debauch me.

Lost in my thoughts, I almost walked right into the trap, but luckily for me, the stench of demon acted like smelling salts. I snapped to attention. Scanning the darkness around me, the street lamps on this section of the sidewalk dead--or intentionally broken--I listened for a sound to tell me in which direction they would be coming.

I pulled my silver enchanted blades from my thigh holsters and palmed them, a quick chant invoking the fire within them. A whisper of sound behind me made me spin, my foot arcing out and connecting with something that gave an oomph. One demon, piece of cake.

Said demon leered at me toothily and whistled. Noise filled the night air as several demons came out of the darkness and surrounded me.


I eyed the encroaching demons and really wished I had my Hell blade, I would have sliced through their ranks like a knife through butter. Sadly, it didn't go well with most of my outfits, so I'd just packed my knives.

I knew I'd still prevail; I did have my magic which would surely take care of a few. The rest would taste the keen edge of my blades.

I grinned, baring my teeth at the demons and beckoned them. Never show fear. Then again I didn't actually fear these demons. On the contrary, I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my body and my eyes lit with the flames of Hell, a clue usually to get your ass out of my way.

But being stupid minor demons who obeyed orders without thought, these minions from Hell, tightened their circle around me.

In a slashing and dancing concert of death, I twirled and cut, downing and injuring the demons that surrounded me. When a meaty arm wrapped around my waist from behind and lifted me, my magic kicked in. Stupid and unpredictable, it only ever seemed to work when I was in dire danger.

Words of power filled my mind and rolled off my tongue in dark waves that spread from me and engulfed the demons. With shrieks and eyes that finally registered something--fear--they disintegrated into piles of ash.

Silence suddenly reigned. The only sign of the battle: a sifting cloud of ash. I coughed and fell to my knees, my body weak from all the magic I'd just expended. I heard pounding steps on the pavement and looked up to see a hooded figure jogging towards me.

"No!" I cried out faintly.

Panic set in and my mind shut down.

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