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A Greek Seduction [MultiFormat]
eBook by Kate Hofman

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Nikos Thalassinos, Nick to his friends, lives a life most can only dream of. The only thing missing is a special someone to share his opulent life with. But who will the lucky lady be? Ellen, the love of his life, who left him two years ago over a misunderstanding? Crystal, a beautiful interior designer he meets on the beach? Athena, a smart, classy lawyer he meets while helping a friend? Or will his father and his crony succeed in convincing Nick to marry Artemis, the crony's daughter?

eBook Publisher: DCL Publications LLC, Published: January, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2011

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Tom smirked, his usual air of ironic detachment lightened by a mischievous expression. "Well, in order to ascertain how accurate Angela's memory is, we should try to find a way of inviting this Nick to walk the beach with the lot of you, making it clear that only minuscule swim trunks are acceptable. And I think you gentlemen should make it clear to this drop-dead-gorgeous Greek that all your ladies are spoken for."

Adam, serene in the knowledge that Mimi loved him, and only him, slanted Tom an amused glance. "You wouldn't possibly be attempting to make any of us feel the least bit insecure about our wives' devotion to us, would you, Tom?"

"Who, me?" said Tom, not in the least disconcerted because clearly Adam was on to him. "You three couples are positively mind-numbingly tedious, the way you adore each other. But I do hope that one or more of you will soon find an opportunity to meet this Greek Adonis, so that we can add him to our roster of friends--we need one unattached guy to stir the mix, as it were--someone for whom I can invite some of my more devastatingly dazzling women friends."

"Yes, and their ranks are thinning--what with Gwyneth having married Russ Arbuthnot a while ago," said Luz, intent on diverting Jared from considering what Tom had said so insouciantly about handsome Greeks. Tom obviously did not realize how oversensitive Jared was about his wife's feelings for him. Thank God for Adam, who made Tom's mischievous intentions abundantly clear.

Luz frowned at Tom. "I suppose you're planning a dinner party where you invite this Nick and Derek and Ellen? Offering us ringside seats to watch the fur fly? You're downright wicked, Tom, wicked. Mimi, Angela--don't you agree?" Luz asked. Both women nodded, but Tom was quicker.

"Hey," he said. "I hadn't thought of that configuration, but now that you mention it, Luz, that would be one helluva party, wouldn't it? Thanks. I'll do just that."

"Tom, don't you even try to pretend that I gave you this idea. That was the first thing that flitted into your fertile little mind as soon as you heard about this former triangle. Former triangle, Tom. So none of your mischief-making, now. Jeff? Will you help us hold him down?" Jeff nodded, grinning.

Luz added, "Because if you do invite this triangle, you'll find that none of us are free that evening to accept your invitation, so there." She smiled lovingly at Jared, who--to her great relief--smiled back, took her hand in his, and pressed her fingers to his mouth.

"Hey! No lovemaking at my dinner table," said Tom, the irrepressible.

Jared glanced lazily at Tom, turning Luz's hand, so that he could press a kiss to her palm. "If you think this is lovemaking, you're leading a most deprived existence," he observed with calm insolence.

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