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Sex Auction [MultiFormat]
eBook by Hector McIntyre

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Welcome to Crotchglen (pronounced Crock-len) and my latest collection of gold-diggers who are being turned into sexslaves. Discover my methods for converting these young beauties into the sluts their new owners will want them to be. We have held five auctions in the past three years and they have been a great success, with some thirty young and beautiful women now attached to and owned by some of the wealthiest men in the world who wish to avail themselves of the services I provide. I would like to invite you to follow me through the process of preparing for and then running the sixth auction. The auction is actually about to start, and my guests have arrived, but my preparations began nearly four months ago, just as the last frosts of winter left the ground and I resurfaced from Crotchglen and that is where this story begins.

eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/Fiction4All: FetishWorld, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2011

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

When the young ladies first arrived in their rooms, I watched them closely, fascinated by their initial reactions. First there was the initial puzzlement on their faces as they opened the letters. Then the bewilderment and then, in a few cases the look of stupefaction at what they were being asked to do.

Inevitably they ended up walking to the wardrobes and extracting the garments I had had specially and specifically made up for each of them.

There was a white blouse, with Velcro tabs instead of buttons, a short, blue check skirt, self-supporting stockings and black shoes. There was also a black choker to wear round their necks and that was it.

I watched as the young ladies undressed and changed into their new garments. I revelled in their combined beauty and I took careful note of which ones removed their old underwear and those that did not. It would add to the fun of dinner time.

I recorded everything and when one of the ladies went to her bathroom, the camera followed her and watched as she peed and then washed her face and hands. I was going to miss nothing. The estate, well the twenty or so acres the young ladies could walk round had closed circuit cameras that provided me with full outdoor coverage -- something that would be useful in a few days time. Every main room in the house had a camera hidden away and my control room recorded every sound and movement made anywhere.

One by one the young ladies left their rooms and met up in the corridors.

"What the fuck is going on?" The sound detectors picked up a conversation.

"No idea, but we all already know this guy is a bit eccentric, so I figured it was worth going along with for now." The second voice was richer, deeper than the first.

"Yeah, me too. I guess you got the brochure before you RSVP'd him?" The first voice was fairly high pitched and had a crystal clarity to it.

"Sure did. I reckon we all did and he's going to use the next few days to play us off against each other."

"You reckon?"

"Sure. Why would he have us all here at the same time if he wasn't going to do something like that. I mean, he could pick one of us, spend a few days with us and then move onto the next one if he wasn't happy. Hell, if I had his kind of money, that's what I'd do. Oh, Claudia is my name, by the way."

"Darleen, nice to meet you, sweetie. I have no idea why he's got us all here together," the first voice responded. Then the two young ladies came into view of the camera.

"I guess for someone of his wealth, he can do what the hell he likes, and we'll find out why later on."

"So, are you in it for the money, then?"

"Sure. I guess we all are and hey, with the kind of money he's got, who wouldn't be?" Claudia looked backwards for a moment. "Hi," she said to an as yet invisible third person, "I'm Claudia. What do you reckon to this?" She pointed to her choker and attire.

"Don't know. I'm Cheryl. I guessed initially this guy wants us dressed as schoolgirls -- some kind of pervert perhaps?"

"Darleen, nice to meet you. Yes, you're probably right. I still can't work out why we're all here together though. Why did you respond, Cheryl?"

"Why everyone did, darling. The money. Have you checked this guy out on the Internet?"

"No, but it sounds like you did," said Darleen.

"Sure did. Not only does he own this place, he owns a massive gambling business, an even bigger adult entertainment business and is the major shareholder in half a dozen big businesses including a distillery. This guy is loaded, with capital letters. If he's looking for a relationship -- I'm all for it, just show me the wallet."

"That's a bit blatant, isn't it?" Said Claudia.

"Oh, come on, don't tell me the money doesn't interest you?"

"Sure it does, but I prefer not to talk about it like that. Of course no one would be here if the guy was broke. He made it clear in what he sent us exactly what he's worth and what a relationship would mean for the lucky woman. I just don't want it to prejudge him as a person."

"Oh, that's sweet," said Cheryl. "For me, if he wants me he can pamper me and buy me loads of nice things first -- that's the way to my heart, not dressing up as some street corner slut to satisfy some peculiar taste of his. When I see him, you can bet there will be words."

"Yeah, and you will blow your chances, straight off."

"So what. If the guy is as loaded as he is, he could have bought us all a decent welcoming present and not this stuff." Cheryl, I thought as they walked down the corridor, would need a lesson fairly soon.

I watched, fascinated by the initial conversations as the ten young ladies spent the next three hours in little groups, getting to know each other a little and, more than likely, sussing out the opposition.

Now, I should make it clear, I was only expecting to end up with six girls after the first few days. Six was what I usually went into an auction with. The reason I start the process with ten is I get about a forty percent drop out rate. In their initial conversation I had already picked Cheryl out as a candidate for early rejection, but I would have to give her a chance first. Who knows, she may surprise and become the star candidate, though her initial attitude was not good.

After watching the ten hopefuls for about three hours, I stretched my legs, turned the system onto 'auto' and left my control room, locking the door behind me. Back in my room I prepared for dinner, choosing my usual white tuxedo and black tie combo.

The gong was sounded by my butler at precisely two minutes to seven and I made my way to the library where we were all to gather.

When I arrived, Claudia, Darleen and Cheryl were standing by a bookshelf talking animatedly with their champagne flutes to hand. In another group, Jane, Cindy, Rebecca and Mary were talking. Sandra had entered the room just ahead of me and made her way to join them, taking a champagne flute with her. I stood in the doorway as the grandfather clock chimed the seventh hour of the afternoon and accepted a flute from the waiter. I should make it clear now that the only female member of my staff is my housekeeper. For reasons that will become apparent, the rest are male.

"Good evening ladies," my deep, rich voice boomed across the room. I waited for the room to grow quiet before continuing. "My name, in case you do not recognise me from the picture you were sent, is Hector McIntyre. Welcome to Crotchglen. Before we continue with the evening, I notice that two of my guests are not yet here so I would be grateful if you would fill them in on what I am about to say. Over the next few days you are all going to get to know my ways a lot better and I hope get to appreciate my certain, what shall we say, eccentricities. You have all responded to my advertisement and from the various procedures I have already employed to bring you here today I am aware that you are all vying for my attentions. Let me explain a little more what I am looking for. I am looking for obedience, submission, a compliant and willing partner who will partake freely and enthusiastically in anything I choose to do, both sexually and non-sexually. As you all know, the reward is great and I believe I have selected a shortlist of ten worthy candidates. Now, over the next few weeks we are going to test each one of you to the limit and beyond to see if you meet up to my expectations. Some of you may choose to leave and that is okay by me, though I hope most of you will stay the course. At first things will seem strange but please bear with me as I have my methods and in the end you will come to understand why they must be as they are."

I paused to look round the room.

"I notice you are all wearing the clothes we have had specially prepared for you. In case you have misgivings, they are intended to be somewhat demeaning and the reason for that will become clearer later on. Ah, Samantha, do come and join us. You are five minutes late."

"Sorry. I guess you are Hector?" The brunette who had just entered the room was picking her champagne flute off the tray when I carried on.

"Yes, and if you had read the literature sent to you, you would have been on time because you would have realised that I do not accept or tolerate tardiness, disobedience or arrogance. Do you really want to be here, Sam?"

"Err, yes, of course I do."

"Then in future, please make sure you are on time. Oh and Britney, how nice of you to join us."

"Sorry, I lost track of the time."

"I see, well we will have to make sure you remember in future, always assuming you wish to stay here and try to make a more favourable impression."

"Yes, have I missed anything?"

"Only my saying I will not tolerate tardiness, disobedience or arrogance. The others will fill you in on what I have said during dinner. Now, I intend to demonstrate after dinner some of my methods for selecting the right person, or if you think of the next few weeks as a competition, the winner. If any of you here have any doubts about being submissive, obedient and compliant then you should speak up now and we will arrange for you to leave first thing in the morning."

I looked round the room again, carefully. Clearly a number of the young ladies were thinking hard, wondering what they were about to let themselves in for and wondering if the possibility of instant wealth and a luxurious lifestyle was worth it. I knew from the previous five auctions that they would all elect to stay at this point.

"No one wants to quit now?" I smiled affably. "Good, because I hoped my questionnaire and brochure were adequate to weed out most of the people who would be unsuitable."

"Unsuitable?" Cheryl piped up suddenly.

"Yes, ah Cheryl, you did say you were prone to speak your mind. Yes, I have specific desires and requirements, which is why you are all here."

"But what makes us suitable?" Cheryl continued.

"Have you not been listening?"

"Yes," there was almost defiance in her voice.

"Well, then you know I expect compliance, submission and obedience."

"Yes, I heard that -- but what in?"

"Sex my dear. Did I not make it clear in all my literature that I am looking for someone to satisfy my sexual appetite and lifestyle."

"Err, yes, but perhaps I did not understand that was all you are after?" Cheryl was questioning him now and had the eyes of the other nine young ladies watching the two of them intently.

"I did not say it was all I am after, but without that there is no hope of a relationship. I hope everyone in this room understands that."

"Yes, thank you," said Cheryl, looking less than excited about things.

"Good. Now, it is time for dinner and then we will make a start on your visits here. Shall we go through to the dining room?"

It was a question but a rhetorical one. I turned and led the group of young ladies out of the room and into what must have looked to many of them to be a banqueting room.

"Enjoy your meal, you will earn it," I said simply as we sat down in a big circle.

The meal was a four course one, designed specifically to show off my opulence and to make the gold-diggers more determined to dig in and take whatever the next few days were to bring their way. There was also copious quantities of excellent, expensive wine, the white perfectly chilled and the red served at room temperature. The waiters had specific instructions to keep the ladies' glasses filled until the dessert course had been served.

Definitely, as the meal progressed, the conversations grew more raucous and the speech slightly more slurred as the alcohol took effect.

As the coffee cups sat before us I banged on the table twice and spoke up.

"I hope you all enjoyed your meal. Now, we are going to begin in earnest. I said in my literature and earlier this evening that I will not tolerate tardiness. Samantha and Britney, would you please stand up."

I waited while the two bemused young ladies looked at each other and then me and slowly staggered to their feet. The alcohol was already taking effect.

"Thank you. You were both rude by being late for cocktails this evening. If you intend to stay here, and this will act as a warning to the others, then you will learn the lesson you are about to be given."

"What lesson?" Said Britney.

"My dear, all naughty girls at Crotchglen are punished, and tonight will be no exception. As this is your first night we will be lenient. Twenty strokes of the cane across your backsides."

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