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Blast from the Past [MultiFormat]
eBook by Angela Verdenius

eBook Category: Science Fiction/Romance
eBook Description: This blast from the past was going to have an impact?big time. When a five-thousand-year-old woman is discovered in hibernation, no one, especially the cool, calm and collected Captain Alsandair Amirov, had any idea the trouble she was going to bring once she was revived. Emotional turmoil, a womanizing treasure hunter, the rise of a predator and, oh yes, trouble in the form of a reptilian race out to kill her? Excerpt: Captain Amirov was in her face, his steely gaze boring right through her as he grabbed her hands and pinned them down onto the armrests. "You are too excitable." "Too excitable?" Molly yelled. "I'll give you excitable!" Give the man credit, he was fast. Her up thrust leg collided with his as he twisted quickly to the side. The manacles snapped shut over her wrists and her ankles were forced into place. Captain Amirov continued to lean over her, his hands resting on her arms as he gazed down at her, little sparks of anger shooting through the deceptively calm eyes. "I'm starting to think you're more trouble than you're worth." "Oh yeah?" She snarled. "You have no idea!" Good God, was that actually a startled blink he gave? Molly leaned forward until they were nose to nose. "You better mind your nuts, Amirov, because when I get free, I'm going to rip them off and feed them to you!" she said viciously. "One nut at a time, just to stretch out the pleasure for me."

eBook Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2011

9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Narc Section Five: Deep Space

The LSP lay in state on the examination table in the medical unit. The Professor looked glumly at it. This, his prize find, an academic find, was not for him. He wasn't going to be the one to pry open the lid and bring the life form back to breathing, talking, living life.

Damn it.

No, the one stopping him from claiming the prize of the century, the prize that would bring him galaxy acclaim, was standing across from him, his steely-eyed, gray gaze cool as he watched his soldiers position the trolley beside the table. He didn't reveal a flicker of emotion as the soldiers attached the Gravity Alteration Disc to the top of the heavy metal lid of the closed LSP.

"You have no idea of what a find such as this means to the academic world." The Professor protested, his white beard bristling indignantly. "The Universal Technology Anthropologic College has long been researching the legend of this LSP. To finally discover it and then have the Narc Miltary take it from us is unforgivable!"

Captain Amirov didn't bat an eyelid. Not one muscle of his hard face shifted. He continued to watch as the LSP rose off the table and, with the guidance of two of his soldiers, was pushed over to the trolley.

Two soldiers positioned themselves at the front of the trolley and two behind it. Armed guards, their lasers held across their chests in readiness, led the way down the corridor. The trolley holding the LSP floated along behind them, guided by the soldiers at its head and foot. More armed soldiers brought up the rear.

The Professor watched his claim to fame disappear down the corridor, the imposing figure of Captain Amirov marching along behind it.

The biggest find of the century just left his loving--if slightly obsessive--hands, and fallen right into those of the Narc Military.

The Professor felt like crying.

Cujo didn't feel like crying. Watching from the safety of his spaceship in his hidden position behind the space satellite, he rubbed his chin as he watched the space tunnel withdraw back into the battle cruiser.

"Well, well, well." His eyes gleamed. "This treasure must be very valuable for the military to want it. And what's that I notice?"

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