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Three Nights [MultiFormat]
eBook by Lena Matthews

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
eBook Description: Anything can happen when Jokers are wild. 2nd book in Jokers Wild series Working for your dream man is never a good idea, especially when he's as aloof as Chris Wilson. Eliza's been dreaming of having her boss in her bed for several months now, and when the opportunity comes up for her to spend some of her off time with him at a poker game, she jumps at the chance. Too bad Chris isn't as excited to see her, as she is to see him. Eliza has gotten under Chris's skin bad. He can't go a day without thinking of his sexy secretary. Chris is determined to get her in his bed, that is until he finds out she has a daughter. He has a firm never date women with children policy that he isn't willing to give into for anyone, until Eliza makes him a little wager. If he wins, Chris gets to have her any way he wants her, and if she wins Chris has to fulfill three of her fantasies. It's a win-win situation he thinks, but anything can happen when jokers are wild. This book has been previously published. Product Warnings This title contains the following, explicit sex and graphic language.

eBook Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Published: 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2011

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Looking down at her chips, Eliza said, "Well, I'm getting really low on money here, so I'm thinking this is probably going to be my last hand."

"You could always wager something else," teased Scott.

"Yeah." Looking at him, she raised a finely arched brow. Fingering the gold cross around her neck, she inquired, "What do you have in mind? The only jewelry I'm wearing is this cross and I'm kinda attached to it."

"Well, that's a lovely dress you're wearing," he said, leaning closer to her. "This could quickly turn into a game of strip poker."

"Over your dead body," Chris said firmly to Scott. His chilly tone caused Eliza to turn and look him up and down. Chris knew she was annoyed, but if she thought he was going to let her strip in front of the little punk, she had another think coming.

"And you're going to stop me how?"

"Try me." Turning his cold stare towards her, Chris felt his palm itch. He didn't know what would appease him more, knocking Scott out or paddling Eliza's ass.

"You may be the boss of her at work, Chris, but this is my apartment and if she wants to strip she can," said Kayla, who was still irked with him for his earlier comment about her Wand.

"Yeah, buddy." Dylan smirked, leaning back in his chair with a beer. "If she wants to take if off, I say let her."

"Exactly," Kayla nodded in agreement. "In fact, I might just join her."

Sitting up quickly in his chair, Dylan slammed his bottle on the table and frowned at her. "Do it and you won't sit comfortably for a week."

"Dylan," she gasped.

Holding up her hand to stifle the argument, Eliza rose from the table. "I'll keep my clothes and make this my last hand. Can I use your phone, please?" she asked the feuding couple.

"Sure, use the one in the bedroom," Kayla said as she stared angrily into Dylan's eyes. Standing up as well, Kayla walked into the kitchen with Dylan quickly following behind her.

As Eliza walked away from the table, Chris fumed at the way Scott was staring at her ass. Standing up, he leaned forward and said softly so his voice wouldn't carry to Kayla and Dylan. "Back off, college boy, before I lodge that anal plug so far in your ass, your head will vibrate."

Scott gulped nervously as Chris nodded his head to affirm what he said. Walking after Eliza, he stood outside the bedroom and waited for her to come out. Leaning against the door, he crossed his arms over his chest and guarded the door. Glaring the whole time at Scott, daring him to come near her.

Opening the bedroom door, Eliza rolled her eyes at Chris. "What are you, my bodyguard?"

"Do you need one?"

"The only thing I need protecting from is you, you big bully."

"What did I do?" he demanded.

"Did you have to embarrass that kid?"

"Did you have to encourage him?" he asked in the same mocking tone.

"Do you care?"

Changing the subject, he nodded to the closed door. "Did you really have to make a phone call or were you trying to escape from the argument you started?"

Shocked, she shook her head in amazement. "Your grasp of reality is actually frightening, you know."

"Who did you call?"

"I had to check on Jocelyn."

"The ki... Is she okay?"

"Fast asleep."

"Are you picking her up after you're done?" he questioned nonchalantly.

"No, she's going to stay at my parents." Cocking her head to the side, she asked, "Why do you care? I didn't think you even liked her."

Wincing, he looked down, feeling slightly ashamed. He hadn't given her a reason to think otherwise, but he still wasn't happy she thought that. "She seemed all right. It's not that I don't care or anything."

"Of course not." She shrugged. Looking over his shoulder at Scott, she commented, "Scott looks lonely; maybe I'll go keep him company." When Eliza tried to walk around him, Chris blocked her way and grabbed her arm.

"Lead him on and you'll regret it." His eyes narrowed in anger.

Yanking her arm away from him, Eliza pushed him away from her. "You're starting to piss me off, Chris."

"It's about Goddamn time." Grabbing her, he pulled her in for a punishing kiss. His full lips encased hers. Pushing his tongue into her mouth, he swiped it fluidly against hers, urging her to respond to him.

Eliza reached up, wrapped her arms around his thick neck and pulled him in closer. He devoured her mouth, drinking in her tangy flavor, lemony from her soda. Running his hand around her neck, he went to pull her in even deeper when a cough from behind him reminded Chris where they were. Pulling back, he looked over his shoulder at an amused Dylan.

"Care to finish this hand up?" he asked amusedly.

"We'll be right there," he replied, looking back into Eliza's aroused face. There was no turning back, not after he finally had a taste of her.

"Set your terms," he demanded.

"For what?" she asked confused.

"The way I look at it, the only way I'm going to get you out of my system is to fuck you out, so I agree to your insane deal. What do you want?"

"I told you. Three nights." Eliza pulled away from him. Crossing her arms under her chest, she leaned against the wall. "My way, any way, any time I want you."

"Deal." Leaning forward, he bent down until his face was inches away from hers. "I want you, my way, any way I want you." Looking down at her moist lips, he added, "Or should I say, my way, any hole, any position."

Licking her lips excitedly, she asked, "For how long?"

"Until I say when. Do you accept?"

"Yes." Reaching her hand out, she slid it between his legs and cupped his erect cock through his jeans. "Do you want to shake on it?"

Grabbing her hand, he pushed it firmly into him. "No, this is fine."

Pulling her hand back, she looked over at the table. "Just so we're clear, winner doesn't have to win the entire hand. We just have to beat each other."

"Yes," he said nodding. "I don't want you to try to weasel out."

Snorting she replied, "Don't worry, I won't."

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