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Abducted and Enslaved for the Talistaun [MultiFormat]
eBook by W.L. Dowd

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: The radical Talistaun now control the globe, and they're out for revenge. With their new homeland established in America, they're ready and willing to use whatever methods necessary to capture and punish the leaders of their former enemy. Using a brutal militia army to abduct the wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and other family members of their prime targets, the captured, bound and tormented victims are delivered to the Nation of Talistaun, where torture and other equally horrifying fates are unleashed on the innocent family members. Whether enslaved in the Milking Farm, the Breading Barn, the Pleasure Slave Stables, or the Interrogation Chamber, their torturous fates are video taped and broadcast across the internet until their loved ones are caught or surrender.

eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/FetishWorld
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2011

5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


It's a very different time in the history of our world and economic powers. After many years of covert terrorism and relentless attacks on society's many governments, the Talistaun have finally managed to infiltrate and assimilate all levels of our global world. It became overwhelmingly apparent that they had the means and the desire to destroy all those who did not surrender to their will.

Within a year of gaining full control of every civilized government on the planet, the Talistaun had forged forward with their aggressive plan to make the United States the target of their full vengeance and the site of their new homeland.

Within the next year, they had managed to annex and clear the state of Texas of all those who did not outwardly practice and praise their radical religion and increasingly maniacal ways. It was a religion that unequivocally blessed the Talistaun as the one and only true and worthy culture to rule the planet. This was a religion based on the total control and complete domination over any other religion, race or society in existence. They now laid claim to whatever they wanted, and justified their actions based on the teachings that their self-proclaimed good-book set forth. This was a book written, interpreted and enforced by brutally evil men, who sought only to live out the dominant and sadistic pleasures they so frenziedly desired.

Soon, their newly conquered territory, within the heart of America, was surrounded by 20 ft tall walls that isolated their new homeland from the rest of the world. There were only a half dozen places where the enormous winding walls had gates capable of allowing entry, or escape! But it was Interstate 35 that was the main road in and out of Talistaun. And it was this location alone by which the Talistaun supplied their new territory with goods and other horrific cargo. It was at this ominous entry point where a large menacing sign, arched over the huge tall gates, prominently displayed the words, "You are entering the Nation of Talistaun," in both English and Arabic.

Fortunately for the traumatized people of Texas, now known as the Nation of Talistaun, the vast majority of them managed to escape before it was too late. But there were some unfortunate souls unaccounted for, before the new Nation of Talistaun became a dark and secretive place where no one dared venture. And for those trapped behind, there was only wild speculation as to what might have happened to them.

But the leaders of the Talistaun were not ignorant, not at all. In fact, these leaders were some of the most highly educated and wealthiest energy barons that ever lived. They fully understood the importance of a functioning global economy, if they wanted to truly enjoy the fruits of their newly conquered world.

With the world's countries and governments now under their uncompromising control, they knew it was vital to allow the average folks of the world to live fairly normal lives. There were no more billionaires about, but there were still those who lived well, along with those who struggled. Families and neighborhoods continued to thrive and drive the world's economy, which in turn further lined the pockets of the Talistaun, increasing their power and control.

What the average person outside the Nation of Talistaun did not know, was the real evil that lurked behind the sealed borders. The Talistaun had declared all former high ranking members of any former adversary's military a grave threat, and ordered that they be captured and delivered to Talistaun for interrogation and punishment. Hunted down by any means necessary, these former military heavy weights were systemically being apprehended and taken away!

There was a deep seated paranoia that was growing stronger by the day. The fear of an organized retaliation against them permeated the leadership. The Talistaun were wise enough to know that their enemies would not simply accept defeat. They were committed to doing whatever was necessary to gain important intelligence and crush anyone, or any group, who might strike back at them.

But to enforce their will and darkest sadistic desires, the Talistaun needed a secret military of sorts. It wasn't long after they gained control of America that they discovered the numerous anti-government militias that existed across the nation. These were well organized groups that never accepted the government of the past, and were more than happy to take on the role of the Talistaun's dark-side enforcers and intelligence collectors.

And as if the new world order wasn't frightening enough, there were awful stories of things taking place behind the tall walls that only rumor could describe. Stories of human slavery, torment and torture that frightened even the hardest of men. But the Talistaun controlled governments of the world worked hard to keep these rumors at bay, so as not to panic the ordinary citizen. As a result, no one dared talk about the things they may have heard. And for those who were overheard merely speculating, even in a whisper, they were quickly swept away and never heard from again.

The Talistaun made it very clear that if you minded your own business, worked hard for the good of their mother nation, and obeyed the laws and rules they imposed outside their walls, you would be left to live your life in relative peace. But this unwritten rule was becoming more and more difficult to blindly accept, as rumors about neighborhoods being raided, disbanded, and in some cases disappearing, grew even more wide-spread, all around the globe!

* * * *

Chapter 1 - Angelina's Fateful Encounter

Life under Talistaun rule was becoming more and more routine for most of the world's population. The Talistaun controlled all the world's communications and diplomatic positions of power and wealth. There were no more stories of international crises on the nightly news, and the threat of skirmishes and wars between countries, big and small, had all but disappeared. The only news that was reported across the Talistaun controlled TV stations, radio and internet of the globe, was how good and peaceful the world now existed under their religion and rule.

Families slowly transitioned into routines that allowed them some freedom to work and exist as they so desired, for the most part. Neighborhoods and towns became pockets of friends, families and communities who trusted one another. Local businesses and regional economies were allowed to function under the rules of the Talistaun, which dictated what goods and services could and couldn't be traded, while also claiming much of the profits as a 'righteous tax'. Local schools also continued to function; with one significant change, only men were allowed to teach.

But for Angelina, life had changed a lot. The 44 yr. old mother, and wife of a former high military officer, was a teacher at the time of the Talistaun take over. Now, the very attractive woman worked as a records clerk at the town hall. Local Talistaun leaders only allowed women to work in occupations that they felt women were capable and worthy of doing, such as housekeepers, clerks, domestic servants, etc.

But regardless of that, she had learned to live quietly in obscurity while she waited for her husband Jack to return victoriously. Jack was a 4-star general whom she hadn't heard from since the Talistaun took control of the North American continent.

His last communication was short but precise, "I can't talk, I can't explain, just listen. Stay put, lie very low and don't give up hope. Take care of Ashley, and know that I will return one day... I promise. I love you both very much Angie!"

Just the mere thought of that last message from Jack still gave Angie the chills. At 5' 7" tall and 125 lbs., Angie was a stunningly beautiful, blue eyed, blonde who worked hard at minding her own business and staying under the radar, which wasn't easy. There were very few men who didn't take notice of Angie.

She was both blessed and cursed with a movie star's body. Her long slender well-toned legs blended seamlessly into her perfect buttock, which transitioned perfectly to her shapely hips, her smooth flat stomach, and her stunning torso. With her loosely curled shoulder length hair and flawlessly pretty face, her magnificent body made the perfect platform for her healthy and prominent breasts. Her exquisitely shaped D's were topped with picture perfect nipples that resided atop golden tan areoles. For any man who might be lucky enough to see Angie naked, he would never guess her age at over 30!

Heeding her husband's last message, she kept to herself while not losing hope of someday seeing him again. Without compromise, she worked hard at maintaining an upbeat attitude, and her fabulous figure. She knew how much Jack admired and adored the sight and feel of her soft and shapely body. She knew staying fit and beautiful was the very least she could do for her husband while he fought against the invading conquerors.

It had been a picture perfect sunny and warm day in Angie's quiet and laidback southwest town in Arizona. With her shift now over at the town hall, Angie was on her way home to exercise and then wait for her daughter Ashley and her husband Jason to arrive for dinner. She always looked forward to her time with Ashley and her son-in-law.

Ashley was just as beautiful as her mother. The young woman was 25 yrs old, 5' 5" tall, and 110 lbs. Clearly, she was her mother's daughter in every way, with only one small exception. Ashley's naturally blonde hair wasn't curly; Ashley's hair was quite straight and longer. But she had the same big blue eyes, seductively pretty face and impressive body. Jason was Ashley's husband of only a few months. He was a strong, strapping, and well-built man with short dark brown hair and seductive green eyes. The clean shaven 26 yr old young man was a former air force pilot. At 5' 10" tall and 175 lbs., he was a fine specimen of a highly desirable man.

As like any typical day, it didn't take long for Angie to get home; she only worked ten minutes away. Her neighborhood of 12 years was fairly small and unassuming. She lived quietly at the end of a dead-end street that had a small development of twenty houses lining either side of the short road. All the pre-planned homes were basically the same style of construction. Each home was a single story ranch with a two car garage connected to one side, and each unit sat back about 50 feet from the sidewalk along the cul-de-sac roadway. With sidewalks lining each side of the street, and nicely kept yards with wide stone paver driveways, it was the American dream neighborhood.

She knew all her neighbors rather well. In fact, several of those who lived on the quiet street were former military families themselves. But that little known fact was not discussed openly around town. Former military personnel were generally not looked upon favorably and often led to trouble. They all did their best to blend in quietly and appear like any average neighborhood of typical civilians.

Turning onto her road, Angie noticed a couple of black SUV's with dark tinted windows parked alongside the curb at the entry to her street. Something about the unfamiliar vehicles suddenly gave her the chills, but she continued down the road toward her house at the end. She'd heard that the newly formed militant army of the Talistaun rode in vehicles like those, but she didn't see any markings on the vehicles and there were no soldiers anywhere in sight.

Still uneasy and a little nervous, she knew her best course of action was to quickly get inside her house and lock the doors. Speeding up slightly, she swerved into her driveway and hit the button on her garage door remote, which immediately began opening the windowless door farthest from the main house. As soon as the door cleared her car's roof, she quickly drove in and re-activated the control as fast as she could to shut the door. Once the door closed tightly behind her, she drew in a deep breath of relief, feeling like she was now safe.

Inside the garage, it was as nice as many home interiors. The entire garage was painted a soothing cream white, with a finished ceiling, tiled floor, recessed lights and curtain covered windows along the back wall. The bay closest to the house was not used to park vehicles; it was a man-cave of sorts. That side had a beautiful area carpeted on the tile and had some comfy furniture facing the 46" flat screen TV against the back wall. There was even a small room at the front of the car bay to hide storage.

Feeling relaxed and secure, Angie opened her car door and swung her left leg out. With one black high heel shoe now resting on the floor, the vehicle's door was suddenly pulled from her hand and thrust wide open. Frozen by the unexpected jerking of the door, Angie was now facing four armed men. With automatic weapons now pointing directly at her, paralyzing fear washed over her body as one of the men suddenly spoke.

"Angelina Jollety....... Step out of the vehicle."

Terrified and shocked, she slowly rose from the car's seat. Still dressed in her work clothes, she wore a white button down short sleeve blouse and a black skirt that went to just below her knees. Underneath her office attire she wore a plain white bra and panties, with no pantyhose. Her legs were so smooth and flawless she rarely wore hose.

"Who-o-o are you? What do you w-w-want?"

Even though Angie quickly recognized the uniformed men as the dreaded militia army that supported the Talistaun operations in North America, she tried to act like she had no idea who they were.

Laughing, the man with the Colonel insignias said, "We want you Angelina!"

With their weapons still trained on her, they prompted her away from the car and over to the other garage bay between her car and the house.

"Turn around and place your arms behind your back."

"No please, please don't hurt me," she said as she shook her head in objection. "Why do you want me?"

"NOW.... Mrs. Jollety! Or this will not go well for you."

Sensing the seriousness in his tone, Angie slowly turned her back to the men and placed her arms behind her back, just as she was directed.

"That's better!" She heard the man say, just as her wrists were grabbed and pulled together. This was followed immediately by the feel and sound of steel handcuffs tightly locking around her wrists, helplessly securing them behind her back.

Maneuvered by her elbows, Angie was turned back around to face the men who now held her captive in her garage. With both of her elbows now firmly in their grasp, she was held tightly in place as the apparent leader of the group approached her.

"I am Colonel Jones, you can call me Sir! Now, you're not going to give us any trouble are you?"

Still terrified and stunned, the wide eyed beauty gently shook her head back and forth. "No....... Please, what do you want with me? How do you know my name? Please........ You can have anything you want, just take it."

"Oh, don't you worry my dear, we will!"

Just the way he said it ran a deep shiver up her spine, as she suddenly envisioned the worst for herself. She'd heard the rumors about what the militiamen did to women they captured. Her stomach churned at the mental visions of being sexually ravaged by the men, while she was helpless to stop them.

In a state of near panic, she hardly noticed how close the Colonel now stood in front of her. That was until he reached up, grabbed her lower jaw tightly and pulled it open, before forcing an orange ball gag between her teeth. Forcefully holding the ball in her protesting mouth, he quickly buckled it tightly behind her head, leaving her no chance to dislodge the awful thing.

"MMMMMmmmmmmm," was all that could be heard from Angie's trembling body as struggled to deal with the large ball that was lodged deep behind her teeth. Her wildly flaring nostrils and large tear welled eyes clearly displayed her current level of fear and anxiety.

With Angie now gagged and held firmly in place, the Colonel began to unbutton her blouse. Immediately, Angie's eyes closed as she began gasping frantically through her nose and shaking her head in protest. Her frantic mind was now racing with horrible visions of the men brutalizing her naked and helpless body. Feeling her blouse loosening, she instinctively tried to pull away from their grasp but the men were too strong and ready for that.

One button at a time, she could feel her delicate blouse slowly coming open. When the last button was released and her blouse fell open, exposing her sensitive skin to the garage's cool air, the Colonel gave his next order.

"Sergeant.... set-up the rack."

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