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No Limits [MultiFormat]
eBook by Nicki Bennett & Ariel Tachna

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Exploring Limits Series Book Six As the end of filming the miniseries Camelot nears, lovers Jonathan Braedon, Devon Aldridge, and Kit Webster are trying to find a way to deal with their imminent separation. Each man suggests a special way to mark their commitment to each other, but will promises and memories be enough to sustain their relationship when roles and family responsibilities pull them apart?

eBook Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/Dreamspinner Press, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2011

6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

The Send-off

"I think today might well have been the most intense scene between Arthur and Lancelot yet," Kit said as they drove home from the day's filming. "I couldn't decide whether Arthur felt more betrayed because Lancelot slept with Guinevere or because Lancelot didn't sleep with Arthur."

"And given that Jon shagged me six ways from Sunday not six hours before, he deserves an Oscar nomination for his performance." Devon rubbed a hand over his ass with a grin. "M'backside's still feeling it."

"Don't think there's a category for 'Best Performance Boffing Your Co-Star'." Jonathan turned the corner and pulled up in front of Devon's rental house. "Besides, miniseries aren't eligible for Oscars. Not that it wouldn't be quite an acceptance speech," he added with a chuckle.

Kit laughed. "I can see it now. 'Well, you see, Niall had all these ideas about highlighting the homoerotic tension between the knights, and Lancelot was such a stud, and I just couldn't help myself.' Something like that, Jon?" he teased, trailing his fingers over the backs of both his lovers' necks from his place in the back seat.

"I was thinking about recognizing the competition from my fellow nominees," Jonathan countered, capturing Kit's wandering hand and pressing a kiss to the teasing fingertips. "You and Devon would both get my vote."

"Can you imagine Niall filming a 'For Your Consideration' teaser for that award?" Devon's voice was shaking with laughter as they got out of the car. "At least he seemed happy with today's take. He shouldn't need Lancelot on set for the next couple of weeks."

Jonathan's grin wavered at the reminder of Devon's upcoming absence as they entered the house. "You're still planning to fly to L.A. during your break?"

"Might as well take advantage of the time," Devon agreed, hoping he sounded more positive than he felt. "The lawyers have most of the terms worked through, finally. Just a few more details to iron out and we should be able to sign the papers to finalize the divorce."

"You could wait until you're sure they're ready," Kit said, not wanting to beg, but he didn't want Devon gone for weeks. He could hardly stand it when they were apart for hours. It was why he'd come home from London early and gotten an eyeful a couple of weeks earlier. That had been traumatic, but it had made them stronger in the end.

Devon shook his head. "I'm ready to have it done." Not that he was looking forward to having to face the reality of his failed marriage, but his relationship with Marcy had been over for almost a year, and in trouble long before that. "I won't enjoy being gone--or the bloody long flights there and back--but at least I'll have coming back to both of you to look forward to."

"You can spend the time on the planes thinking up all sorts of devilish things to do to us when you get home," Kit proposed, rubbing the tense muscles in Devon's neck. "That will distract you from where you are."

"I don't know," Jonathan countered. "He might give his seatmate quite an eyeful. He'd have to keep a blanket over his lap the whole flight."

"And those airplane loos are too cramped for a proper wank," Devon agreed. "Those Viagra commercials warn about an erection lasting four hours--I don't even want to think about having to deal with one for eleven."

"There is that," Kit said with a laugh. "Well, you're not gone yet, so we can take care of your erection a few more times before you leave. When is your flight?"

"Friday morning. I wasn't sure how long it would take Niall to get the scenes he wanted."

"Then you have another full day before you have to leave." Jonathan wrapped his arms around Devon from behind, offering his silent support. His own divorce had been amicable, but that didn't mean he couldn't understand what Devon was going through. "And two more nights for us to take care of you before then."

"And we promise to take very, very good care of you," Kit said, moving in front of Devon so that he and Jonathan caught the blond between them. He matched his lips with Devon's, taking his time brushing their mouths together in a slow, sensual rhythm. They had all night and all of tomorrow night, and a day off tomorrow. They didn't need to rush.

"Since you always take such good care of us," Jonathan added, sliding his hands up Devon's chest to tweak at his nipples, lips nuzzling at the back of Devon's neck. He could feel the tightness of the muscles beneath his fingers and mouth. Most nights, between Kit and himself, their combined attentions would have Devon melting between them--or taking command of the situation, to their unanimous pleasure. That he did neither, still carrying the stress-induced tension in his muscles as he leaned into the embrace and returned Kit's gentle kisses, told Jonathan that the upcoming trip had Devon tied up in knots even more strongly than he'd admitted to them. Devon's claustrophobia made him a poor flyer at the best of times--which these definitely weren't. There was no way Jonathan was letting Devon step on a plane in this condition. Raising his head, he caught Kit's eyes over Devon's shoulder. As sensitive as Kit was to his lovers' moods, he had to be sensing the same thing Jonathan was.

When Devon made no move to take control of his kiss, indeed barely responded to it at all, Kit pulled back, studying the other man's face. He could see the lines of tension around Devon's mouth that usually faded as they left the set and went home together. Devon could joke all he wanted about the trip to L.A. giving him something to do while Lancelot was banished; he was taking it far more seriously than that. Glancing over Devon's shoulder, he saw a matching concern on Jonathan's face. "You all right there, luv?"

Devon forced his mind from the rut it seemed to be stuck in back to where it belonged--with his lovers. He'd deal with the divorce when he got to L.A.--he couldn't let it steal the time he had with Kit and Jonathan now, especially when it might be weeks before he could return. "Just not sure I can take care of m'self at the moment, let alone the two of you," he admitted wryly.

Kit grinned. "We already told you we were going to take care of you, remember?" He glanced at Jonathan with a raised eyebrow, offering him the opportunity to take charge if he wanted to.

Jonathan grinned back at the devilish sparkle in Kit's eyes but silently shook his head. As much as he loved giving in to either or both of his lovers, he seldom felt the desire to take control himself. Maybe it was selfish of him, but he relished being able to lose himself in their lovemaking without being responsible for anything more than pleasing his lovers in return.

Kit had expected Jonathan's response, but now that he had it, he felt the weight of the responsibility for their evening fall heavily on him. Taking a deep breath and reminding himself that he didn't have to impress either of his lovers by being a perfect Dom, he nudged Devon toward the stairs. "Jonathan, take Devon upstairs to the bathroom and get him undressed. We'll help him relax a little and then we'll see how wild we can make him before we let him come." He caught Devon's chin in his hand. "You're ours for tonight."

"Only tonight?" Trying for a humorous tone, Devon hoped the comment didn't sound as needy to the others as it did to him.

"Always," Jonathan assured him, turning Devon's head to press his own kiss to the sculpted lips before slapping his lover on his equally sculpted ass. He remembered how vulnerable he'd felt after splitting from Jean, wondering if he'd ever make a relationship work again, but he wasn't going to let Devon wallow in that same insecurity. "And knowing Kit, I suspect he's planning to prove it to you in ways you'll feel longer than just tonight. Now get a move on upstairs before I have to sling you over my shoulder and carry you there."

"In your dreams," Devon countered, twisting to swat Jonathan in return. Before he could make contact, Jonathan let out a whoop and caught Devon around the knees, bending and lifting, and the next thing Devon knew, he was dangling upside down over Jonathan's back as his lover bounded up the stairs with more energy than any man should have after a full day of filming. Jonathan worked in another good grope of Devon's backside before dumping him on the bed with enough force that he bounced before settling onto the mattress.

Kit shook his head even as he marveled at the perfect ploy on Jonathan's part to break the somewhat somber mood. Yes, Devon was leaving, but only for a short time, and he'd be back completely free of his ex-wife. They should be celebrating. "Bathroom," he reminded his lovers as he walked into the bedroom behind them and found Jonathan pinning Devon to the bed.

"Can't I undress him here?" Jonathan countered, working his hands under the back of Devon's shirt. He shifted his hips to rub his erection more firmly against Devon's, the two layers of denim between them no barrier to the heat sparking at the contact. "He's much easier to keep in line this way."

Devon growled and tried to break free of the press of Jonathan's body against his, but though he might outweigh his lover, Jonathan wasn't going to let him up without a fight. Not that Devon was really interested in getting free--Jonathan felt too good moving against him for that--but a man had his pride, after all. Jonathan tugged the shirt over his head without bothering to open any of the buttons, sending at least one of them dancing across the carpet. "Oi! I plan to wear this shirt again someday, you lunatic."

"Then stop fighting him and do what your Dom tells you," Kit retorted, joining them on the bed and tweaking Devon's nipple roughly, the way he knew Devon liked. "I promise it'll be worth it."

Jonathan bent forward, closing his teeth around the other nipple and tugging while his hands busied themselves with Devon's belt. "I wouldn't piss off your Dom if I were you," he agreed, sliding the waist past Devon's hips once he'd loosened the buttons. His palms lingered over the strong globes of Devon's ass, one fingertip teasing into the crevice between them. He might have hesitated once to say anything that could remind Devon of his time with Robert, if Devon hadn't made it clear he'd put those memories firmly behind him. "I've heard he can be a right bastard if you cross him."

"You'd better believe it," Kit agreed. "Now, I think I said something about getting Devon in the bathtub. Can you two handle that on your own, or do I need to pull out the big guns?" He wriggled his fingers suggestively.

"Is that a magnum in your pocket, or are you just anticipating getting at Devon's ass?" Jonathan countered, pinching a cheek before sliding down Devon's legs, dragging the jeans with him as he went. Tossing them to the floor, he stripped off Devon's socks and leaned back on his heels, admiring the thick cock that curved up from the golden curls at Devon's groin. He was tempted to forget about the bathtub and just take that delicious erection in his mouth, but that wouldn't set a very good example for Devon on proper submissive behavior. "You going to come along to the bathroom peacefully, or do I need to get physical again?"

"I'm counting on it," Devon answered with a grin.

"Getting physical or coming?" Jonathan retorted. "Because it's Kit's call either way."

"Bathroom!" Kit exclaimed, his exasperation clear in his voice. "Now! Or neither of you will be coming tonight." Kit knew that was an empty threat--he'd never be able to resist his lovers long enough to carry it out--but he hoped it would at least get their attention.

"That's it!" Jonathan exclaimed, pulling Devon back into a fireman's carry and crossing the floor to the bathroom. He set him down on the lip of the tub and then settled onto his knees in the submissive posture Devon himself had taught him. "I don't know about you, but I don't plan to be left wearing my cock ring all night long."

Devon snorted, but since Kit hadn't given them any other directions, he sank to his knees as well. "It was only the once, and you deserved it," he muttered, clasping his hands behind him as Kit strode into the room.

"Jonathan, run a hot bath for us. Devon, find the waterproof lube. I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do to you two yet, but I want to be ready for anything. When you've found it, get in the tub, both of you, but don't start without me. Don't start anything without me," Kit ordered, turning back toward the bedroom. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

Inching over to the tub, Jonathan turned the taps, feeling the water until it reached the perfect temperature. "Front or back?" he asked Devon when the blond returned from the medicine cabinet with the lube Kit had requested.

Devon pretended to think about it, but Jonathan had gotten his own way too often already this evening. In the mood Jonathan was in, there was no way to tell if his current obedience to Kit's commands would last, and Devon wasn't about to open himself to more of whatever devilry Jonathan had in mind by sitting in front of him. "Back," he answered firmly, stepping into the tub and sighing as he stretched his legs into the warm water.

"Killjoy," Jonathan murmured without rancor as he eased into the tub in front of Devon. Judging by the way the water lapped the edge of the porcelain that there was imminent danger of it splashing onto the floor, he leaned forward to close the taps and then wriggled backward until Devon's cock nestled against his ass. Devon's arms slid around him, whether to hold him in place or to keep him from squirming further Jonathan wasn't sure, but in either case they felt so good that he leaned back and twisted his head until he could reach Devon's lips in a welcoming kiss.

Devon supposed he could have given Jonathan back some of his own again, but just as his arms had closed around his lover in an instinctive embrace when Jonathan leaned against him, his mouth opened just as readily to the touch of Jonathan's lips.

Keeping an ear out for any suspicious noises, Kit pulled Devon's toy box out from under the nightstand where it had taken up permanent residence. He had been the willing recipient of a good number of the items inside, but tonight he was thinking about wielding them, a different question entirely. He immediately set aside the paddle and flogger, knowing he wouldn't be able to use them properly even if he dared. The nipple clamps, on the other hand, required little to no expertise and offered a lovely sensation. Kit's nipples tingled at the mere thought of the times Devon had used them on him.

Digging a little deeper, he found the spreader bar Devon had used on Jonathan when they'd all gone to the beach. Kit smiled. That would be perfect. He didn't have a rail to bend Devon over, but the spreader bar and a little creativity would leave Devon equally as helpless. He pulled out a dildo, starting to set it aside until he realized the end contained a carefully concealed battery pack. Turning it on, he listened to the buzzing sound and grinned. Oh, hell, yes. Devon wouldn't know what hit him. Setting that on the bed next to the spreader bar and nipple clamps, Kit added a pair of supple suede cuffs before putting everything else back inside the toy box, and then walked back into the bathroom to enjoy his lovers' company--only to find them snogging with a single-minded dedication that left them oblivious to anything else.

Not even the sudden burst of humming from the next room, quickly cut off, had been able to distract Devon while Jonathan's tongue was busy tangling with his. Only when Kit announced his return by loudly clearing his throat did Devon pull back guiltily, though Jonathan merely smiled with a smugness uncharacteristic of his usual sub behavior.

"What did I tell you two about starting without me?" Kit scolded, reaching for the washcloth and tossing it at Devon. "Get cleaned up. I was going to linger in the tub with you, but since you can't listen, we'll move on to other things."

"Would have been a tight fit," Devon muttered, reaching over Jonathan for the soap.

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