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School of Discipline [MultiFormat]
eBook by John Simpson

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Cory Anderson arrives at The Patton Military Institute for Higher Education to find a roommate with a cocky attitude--and a body to die for--and hear the news that corporal punishment is the penalty for certain infractions. It isn't long before he suffers a physical reprimand, but it's given by the handsome barracks sergeant in the privacy of his office. Cory's roommate also comes under the belt, and it's immediately obvious that the well-endowed Blaine enjoyed the whipping. Soon Cory and Blaine are getting cozier after lights out though neither admits to being gay. When Cory discovers a pair of men having sex in the showers during his sentry duty, it leads to tension in the barracks that quickly rises to a crisis point. The solution is obvious, but are Blaine and Cory man enough to face it? And how will it affect their "friends with benefits" relationship?

eBook Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/Dreamspinner Press, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2011

6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Cory Anderson had graduated from high school just three months prior to the day he left to report for classes at the Patton Military Institute for Higher Education. He was enrolled in the freshman class of 2014 and was full of anticipation and eagerness. The college was a typical military-style school, from which--if you were lucky--you graduated with an undergraduate degree that would help you enter one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces as an officer candidate.

After checking in with the Admin office, he was assigned to freshman quarters in the first-year barracks. When Cory found his room assignment, he discovered his new roommate had already arrived and claimed the right side of the room, leaving Cory the left side.

"Hi, Cory Anderson," he said as he introduced himself.

"Hi, Cory, Blaine Edwards. I guess we're roommates for the year, huh?"

"Yep, sure looks that way. I understand we're to unpack and report to the parade ground in one hour."

"That's right, so we better get a move on."

The two eighteen-year-old men quickly filled their drawers and lockers and arrived on the parade ground five minutes before the deadline. As they looked around, they saw what appeared to be the entire freshman class forming on the square of level ground.

As everyone introduced themselves to their neighbors while they waited, Cory spied a half dozen uniforms headed their way.

"Here they come!"

The six arrivals consisted of the commandant of the school, the Commander of Cadets, and barracks sergeants. The commandant spoke first after the men were called to attention. The commandant was a retired two-star Army general. The others were drawn from the ranks of the cadets and changed yearly.

"Welcome to the General George Patton Military Institute for Higher Education. While here, you will be given the best education possible combined with military training, and you will gain some experience of what life in the military will be like, for those of you who go on to enter our armed forces. Part of your training will consist of intense physical conditioning that will bring your young bodies to their peak of fitness. After this orientation, you will fall out in order to undergo a physical exam in the campus medical facility.

"While here, you will give one hundred percent of yourself to the entire program, because that's what it takes to graduate in four years. As of today, you are subject to an honor code that is unbreakable. I urge you to build close relationships with the other cadets, because you will be brothers-in-arms. You are also subject to the discipline that is enforced at this school. The Commander of Cadets is responsible for ensuring the discipline program is fair and applied without prejudice or favor.

"Those of you who cannot take the program you are about to enter upon are encouraged to withdraw and leave campus. For those who make it all the way, I can promise you a bright future in whatever you decide to do.

"Now, I turn you over to the Commander of Cadets. This role is filled by a different man each year--a senior cadet who is chosen because he is at the very top of his graduating class. His staff are juniors, and in some cases, sophomores.

"And now I give you the brigade commander, Captain Wilson."

The captain stepped up and began to speak. "Each barracks will have its sergeant, and he will be in immediate command of all who are quartered in that barracks. He holds that rank on the parade ground as well. When you report for physical training, he will be your PT instructor.

"The sergeant also plays a role in the discipline process here on campus. The sergeant reports to the lieutenant on who committed what infraction of the rules and regulations, along with a recommendation for punishment. The lieutenant approves all discipline up to corporal punishment. Any case that carries the recommendation for physical punishment must be approved by me. Expulsion also must be approved by the school commandant.

"Corporal punishment will consist of strokes from a paddle or belt applied to the offender's posterior. The maximum number of strokes during any one session is ten. If you are ordered to take more than ten, the remainder will be administered the following evening. All punishment is administered before the barracks assembly. Only on rare occasions will there be corporal punishment administered in private.

"That's all for now; you will follow your sergeant to the medical facility for your exams. After the exams, you will be issued uniforms and other gear. This will be followed by chow. Any questions, ask your sergeant."

The ranks were called to attention and then dismissed into the charge of their sergeants. The freshman class occupied two barracks, which consisted of forty men per. Instead of simply walking to the medical facility, the grunts, as they were called, were formed up and marched. Everywhere they went, they marched. Only on weekends would they be allowed to simply walk to non-military functions.

As they stood in line, each waiting for his turn with the medical team, the men stripped to their shorts and socks. There was no talking allowed, and when the occasional guy forgot, he got a demerit from the sergeant. No one really understood the demerit structure yet, but they had no doubt that it would be explained to them... in detail.

Everyone passed the physical exam, pending blood and urine test results. The men were then marched to the quartermaster's office, where uniforms were issued to each grunt. With arms full of standard-issue items, they were marched back to their barracks and told to stow their gear and climb into one of their fatigue uniforms.

Once in uniform, they returned to the parade ground.

Cory's sergeant was Derrick McDonald, a tough, no-nonsense, very mature, black-haired, blue-eyed beautiful man who couldn't have been more than twenty.

"Okay, listen up!" Sergeant McDonald bellowed. "You will now have a short run. You will hit that path behind you, run one full lap around the parade ground, and return to your position here. You will stand in the same spot that I'm now going to put you in, day in and day out. I will quickly know where you belong in the ranks, and you'd better remember it. Now, line up according to size. Move it!"

As the men scattered, judged who was the tallest and regrouped into a formation, they passed their first test at thinking and group cooperation.

"Dress right dress!" McDonald yelled.

As no one knew what that command meant, no one moved. After some quick demonstrations, the order was given again, and the men moved so that they were equal distance from each other.

"You will now take your lap around the parade ground and return to the positions you are in. Hit the path!"

The men made their one round of the parade ground running and returned to their places. No one fouled up and the sergeant smiled.

"Now, we'll hit the chow hall, and then you have the rest of the evening to yourselves. Lights out at ten o'clock. No exceptions. Every night before lights out, you will shower and clean your bodies thoroughly. A man who smells will not be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly. Your mother is not here to remind you to clean behind your ears, so act like a man and be responsible for your hygiene.

"The first thing you will do upon entering the barracks is read the schedule that is now posted on the bulletin board. From ten o'clock until six a.m., you will man a fire watch. That means that you will all pull guard duty in the barracks every night. Your detail will last one hour, and you will be responsible for waking your relief. Any questions, see me in the barracks."

The men were then marched to the chow hall for dinner. The minds of almost all the men were spinning from all the information that had been thrown at them since arriving on campus. More than a few were stuck on thoughts of getting what sounded like spankings from their superiors. Most of them were very nervous about the idea of being spanked like little kids, though one or two were positively enthralled with the thought of having their pants taken down in front of all the cute guys of their platoon.

Cory was one of the enthralled. Just thinking about it gave him a hard-on, which he adjusted to make less noticeable. He couldn't help wonder about the fine details of that kind of punishment. Would it be with pants up or down? Did the men get to choose which they wanted--the paddle or the belt?

They ate what turned about to be a very good dinner and headed back to the barracks. Before they entered the building, someone pointed out a statement etched in the archway over the door.

"There is only one type of discipline, perfect discipline."
--General Patton

Reading that phrase got a chuckle out of some of the guys, including Cory. Once inside, everyone headed to the central television lounge to watch the evening news. Cory decided to finish making his half of his quarters as comfortable as possible. While Blaine was out, Cory looked over what Blaine had brought with him from home. Everything was what a typical eighteen-year-old would bring, and Cory learned nothing interesting about his roommate from the baggage. He was tempted to take a sneak peek in Blaine's underwear drawer but resisted. If he were caught, there was no explanation that would suffice.

Later, about an hour before lights out, everyone began to head to the communal showers that were on each end of the barracks. Just as in the military, it was one large room with showerheads lining the walls, and everyone was busy washing. Cory took a quick look around at all the guys and was struck by how good looking they were and how well built they already were, even before their physical training.

Cory had no problem minding his own business until his roommate walked in like he owned the showers. Cory saw several guys checking Blaine out, and Cory turned under the stream of water as if he were rinsing his back. He curiously took a quick look at his roommate and was stunned.

Blaine had the body of a fitness model, the ass of a Greek god, and the dick one would normally find on a porn star. It was obvious that Blaine was eating up the attention, since he made sure everyone got a good look while he stood motionless under the spray, staring at the shower floor. Eventually, he turned around and actually washed himself.

Cory finished up and headed out to the towel rack. After drying off, he wrapped a towel around his waist and went back to the room with his head swimming. It was one thing to maybe be gay; it was another to have to live with every gay boy's dream sleeping eight feet away and be unable to touch him. Life wasn't fair sometimes, and this was sure shaping up to be one of those times.

Cory slipped on a pair of underwear, set his alarm, and climbed into bed. He had checked the duty roster, and he was not on guard duty that night. He could plan on getting eight good hours of sleep before the start of classes the next morning.

The door swung open, and in strolled Blaine. When he saw Cory already in bed, he locked the door behind him. Walking over to his mirror by his desk, he combed his hair. He then dropped his towel to the floor as he turned to talk to Cory.

"Did you see how all the guys were staring at me in the shower? Must be a lot of gay guys in this barracks."

"How do you know they were looking at you? You were staring at the floor the whole time," Cory said in a semi-catty way.

"Oh? How did you see that unless you were looking at me too?" Blaine asked with a slight smile.

"I wasn't staring at you. I turned to rinse off my back, and you were directly across from me. I saw you were looking at the floor, that's all."

"Okay, cool. Well, still... lots of guys were checking my meat out."

"They might have been checking it out, but more than likely not because any of them actually wanted to play with it. Guys naturally check themselves out against other guys to see how they compare in that department. That's just being a guy."

"And how do you check out against me?"

"I don't know. I didn't look at your dick."

"Well, look now," he said as he took a couple of steps closer to Cory until his dick was hanging over Cory's face.

"It's big, no doubt. All it means, though, is that you got the right genetic code for a big dick. Now your brain might be smaller to make up for it, who knows? I'd also imagine some girls might not want to get near it because it is that big."

Blaine chuckled. "Yeah, I thank my dad every night when I go to sleep."

"Well, enough about your dick. I'm going to sleep," Cory said as he rolled over and faced the wall. He made sure to hide his very normal, average-size erection that had sprung up when Blaine invited him to make an inspection of his equipment. This was going to be a tough year. Of all the roommates he could have gotten, he had to get the one with a big ego and the biggest dick of the barracks.

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