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The Enforcer [MultiFormat]
eBook by Hector McIntyre

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Carl looked to be such an unassuming man. His highly salaried job in a Software House as a systems manager would have been more than enough to keep most men in their late thirties fully occupied. But, outside the long hours he spent in the office sorting out technical problems, Carl had a dark and sinister second life -- a life where young women fell prey to his sexual demands and desires, for Carl is The Enforcer. First there was Dawn, the office big mouth and a definite threat to Carl`s own position - she needed to be brought down a peg or two and Carl knew just how to do it and Dawn was in for more than she could possibly have expected, just to keep her job! Then there was Maria - hopelessly in debt and being hounded by the organisation Carl worked out of hours for. Maria was about to discover just why Carl was called The Enforcer - and debt collection was not on the agenda.

eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/FetishWorld
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2011

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Are you working late again?" The dusky, though distinctly female, voice sounded from outside Carl Brown's partly open office door.

"Yes, Ruth, I have a few things to sort out before I leave tonight."

Carl was lucky. He had his own office and a secretary. Ruth was a not unattractive woman in her early forties. She was a single Mum, with a kid in school and a nanny that looked after the kid out of school. So far as Carl had been able to discover, Ruth did not have a particular man friend and hadn't done so for the six years or so her kid had been around. She dressed plainly, even slightly prudishly and perhaps therein could be found the reason for her singleness, though Carl had spent many an hour in his office wondering how easy it would be to get inside her panties.

"Is it okay if I go only, you know, the child minder will be waiting?"

"Yes, I don't need you any more tonight," said Carl. His mind had drifted from what his employers paid him to do, to something very different, more than an hour since and he was totally distracted with his thoughts. He barely noticed the moment Ruth shut her own office door and left for the evening. The open plan office outside his own and hers was already deserted.

Carl looked at his watch. It read 'six fifteen'. The first security round was not until seven, so Carl had forty minutes to be on the safe side.

He opened his attache case and took out the single CD he'd made up at home over the past few days. Carl was single, though far from celibate. It just suited him to be single.

For the past month he'd secretly had his eye on one of the new graduates. Dawn was a stunner. Six feet tall, long auburn hair, and Carl estimated a 36D chest that pushed outwards spectacularly from her slender body. Dawn also had a brain. She'd graduated from University with a double first in Computer Science and Mathematics and she was the new star in the department, even a possible threat to Carl's own position in a few years time when he turned forty. She was also an arrogant bitch who spent much time putting everyone else in the department down. She needed to be taught a lesson and Carl had spent a few weeks watching her closely and planning what to do. He'd gone to the extent of finding out from Personnel where she lived. Of course he'd obtained that information in the late hours of the day when no one else was in the office, and before the security guards began their tours.

Now, this evening, Carl made sure to check that the guards had not turned on the CCTV cameras early as he left his office in the corner of the open plan area. The red lights on the two cameras, that no one in the department was supposed to know existed, were dark.

Smiling smugly to himself, as he was now a practiced hand at surreptitious activities in the empty office, Carl moved swiftly to the desk where Dawn worked.

"Thank God," said Carl softly as he approached her desk. It always shocked him how many of his team left their computers on over night, despite his many dire threats and warnings of lapses in security. Tonight, though, he was glad Dawn had left hers turned on. Actually he'd noticed she'd been in quite a hurry to leave the office as soon as the clock had reached five o'clock. She always did this on this particular night of the week, Carl had observed, and he'd taken the trouble to find out that this was the night each week Dawn met up with some friends to go swimming after work.

Carl inserted the CD into the drive and waited while the auto-run feature activated. For five minutes he watched the orange light on the tower where the hard disc was located, blink rapidly. Then the screen went dark blue and a single word appeared.

"Enforced," was all it said.

Carl used the mouse to hit a few buttons and in under a minute the computer was re-booting. His job done, he picked the CD out of the drive and returned to his office. It was just after six thirty.

Once back in his office and with the door closed, Carl turned the screen to his computer back on. He pressed some buttons and waited while his computer established a link with the one on which he'd just loaded the CD.

"Networks can be useful, especially if you control them," he mused to himself. In a moment, the computer at Dawn's desk started retrieving the pictures Carl had decided to place on it. He smiled as he thought about what the reaction would be the following morning.

Five minutes later he deleted the files he'd stored on his own computer from his personal laptop the previous day and switched his machine off. Further down the open plan office, the computer masked the program he'd loaded and started to restructure the disc. By morning it would all be complete, virtually without trace of what he'd done and with the damning evidence for all to see. Carl knew, if he wanted, at anytime he could unmask the program from either his own office computer or his laptop in the comfort of his own home, and reactivate it to download more pictures or anything else he wished -- and that was part of what he had planned.

"You, my young lady, are destined for a session with The Enforcer," Carl said with a grin. "Talking of which -- I'd best get a move on." Carl's cock was already aching with the thought of how he was going to manipulate Dawn into the person he wanted her to become, and the thoughts of what lay in store for him later that same evening only reinforced the growing rigidity in his pants.

* * * *

The drive from the office to the block of flats was just over half an hour and Carl was five minutes early for his appointment when he parked his Cabriolet in the block's underground car park. The block of flats was six storeys high, four flats on each of the first five floors and two penthouse flats on the top floor. Carl was heading for flat 12, on the third floor.

He waited for the lift to take him to the right floor and at exactly seven thirty he rang the doorbell.

"Who is it?" The female voice inside knew damned well who it was.

"Carl," he replied.

"Won't be a minute," she replied and Carl heard the TV fade into history as she switched it off. There was a rustling behind the door before it opened.

"Hi Carl," she said, flustered.

"Good evening, Maria," Carl said firmly. "Are you going to let me in?"

"Of course, sorry," she said.

The door closed and Carl was shown into the small living room.

"You know why I'm here and who I am?"

"Yes, the company said you'd be calling this evening. I think they called you their enforcer."

"That's right. Now, if you'll give me a minute I'll read their instructions. Do you mind if I sit down?"

"No, go ahead. Do you want a drink?"

"Not now, thanks. I'd rather get down to business." Carl had his attache case open and he pulled a thin folder from it. He scanned the papers pretending he had not seen them before. "Hmm, quite a mess," he said finally.

"Yes," said Maria slowly. She was sitting in the armchair, folding her hands over and over as she waited nervously for him. She was wearing a jumper and well-washed blue jeans and slippers. She looked plain -- she was plain.

"Thirty thousand is a lot of money and though you have an agreement requiring you to pay back five hundred a month, I note from my client that you are now four months in arrears. What do you propose to do?" Carl looked up gravely from the thin folder of papers.

"Well, as you can see from my flat I don't own much." It was true. The block of flats may have been nice but hers was poorly furnished.

"The flat is mortgaged?" Carl asked strictly, though his cock was already beginning to rise in anticipation. He knew Maria had no choice, but he was not going to spoil the tension just yet.

"Yes, and so far I can just about pay it. If I didn't eat or anything I could maybe get together two hundred a month but I can't manage five and the company won't listen to me."

"I see. Well, I have strict instructions to resolve the matter somehow and my clients are not the sort of people you want to disappoint. What do you think you should do?"

"I don't know. I've got no one who can help me; no parents, no boyfriend and no friends with any money, and my brother and I lost contact over a year ago when he moved abroad. So I'm kinda stuck," said Maria and there was a hint of water in her eyes.

"I have certain ways I can help some people, but I'm not sure you'd be suitable." Carl's cock was rigid. He was damned sure he could bend her to his ways if he played things right over the next few minutes. He'd done it many times before with others and Maria looked desperate enough not to cause him any undue problems.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I don't think you'd be the right kind of person for the kind of help I can offer." Quietly to himself Carl thought, 'that's right, just lay the bait and watch her come and take it'.

"But, how do you know that?"

"The way you dress mostly, and the fact you are nervous." Carl was looking idly round the room. Was the time right to put the offer in plainly?

"Please," Maria pleaded, "tell me what I have to do for you help me. I'm desperate enough to do almost anything."

"I'm talking about you earning maybe five thousand a month but first you've got to prove you are up to it."

"How do I do that and what will I have to do?"

"Well, first let me tell you what will happen if you don't come up with the money you owe. There are two possible routes my clients will go. The first is to go to court to get a charge put on your property. If you fail to pay them say two months in a row they simply get you evicted and sell your flat to get back what you owe them. That of course is assuming there is sufficient equity in the property after your mortgage company has got their money back as the first charge on the property."

"Yeah, that's what Citizen's Advice said more or less."

"Yes, normally that is the case. Unfortunately for you, your loan was not taken out with the usual kind of lender. I guess you were desperate for the money and didn't look at the small print."

"Well, I read what was readable," Maria's eyes were wide with fear at what she now presumed she had missed on the document.

"Prendergast Holdings are, if I can put it delicately for you, a somewhat unethical and unusual organisation. My guess is, if I leave here tonight without a solution to your debt, they will simply send round a couple of heavies. You would essentially be kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery, probably in Africa."

"Africa?" Maria was now listening intently.

"Yes, PH has a lot of business in Africa and they would, to be as delicate on the matter as possible, basically force you to act as a black man's whore until your debt was repaid which, at the rate they would reduce your debt, would be at least five years."

"But that's insane. It's totally illegal. They can't just walk in here and force me to do these things. I have rights."

"Well, you did until you signed the contract. There, in the plain print is a simple statement of you assigning your life and rights over to whomsoever they nominate if you fail to keep up repayments. So, technically they can do what I've just described."

"But, that's awful!" Maria exclaimed. "What can you do then?"

"I can help you earn the extra money to pay off your debt, but first I have to be damned sure you are suitable. If I get it wrong," he lied, "then we both end up in a real mess."

"But what must I do?"

"I have contacts that will pay well for your talents, but they are exacting men and I am, as yet, far from sure you would be suitable."

"What kind of talents do you mean. My office skills..."

"I'm not talking office skills. To be direct, I am talking sex."

"You want me to become a prostitute?" Maria was shaking with fear at the thought.

"No, that's not exactly what I mean. You won't be standing on any street corners or anything like that and you won't be soliciting either."

"But you said sex, so what do you mean?"

"I mean you will be fed a string of clients who will pay me for your services. Under our own little agreement which I have in my attache case, I will then agree to pay off your debt and you will also earn 10% of whatever I get paid."

"You pay off my debt, how?"

"You'll see. You just have to trust me that it will happen."

"But I could agree to this and then you pay off my debt and then I change my mind."

"Oh, you won't do that, I promise you. But first you have to prove you can do what my clients will want of you."

"And what is that?"

"If you want to give it a shot I'll show you. I can get a much better impression of your abilities if I don't go into great lengthy explanations first. It is much more representative to see how you react when you are unprepared as that will demonstrate if you can be prepared for most things."

"Err, give me a minute to think," said Maria. Suddenly she was being offered a ray of hope and a way out of her predicament and the long months of worry since she realised she was in over her head. She could, she thought, take this guy's money and disappear.

Maria didn't take too long to think about things. If this guy was telling the truth then her creditors would probably have her enslaved as a sex slave in Africa before too long and she didn't want that.

"Okay," she said softly, "I'll try it your way."

"I thought you might. Now, here is our agreement. You need to read it and sign it."

Maria scanned the papers and scrawled her signature on the bottom. In under two minutes she handed the papers back to Carl.

"Okay. Now you are my property to do with as I please until such time as your debt has been entirely paid off. That is, assuming I leave here this evening convinced you can fulfil my client's needs."

"So, what do you want me to do?" Maria shrugged her shoulders. Carl looked respectable and Maria didn't fully understand what he meant by calling her his property, but she knew she had no choice if she didn't want something worse to happen at the hands of her creditors.

"Well, you can start by standing up and removing all your clothes."

While Maria stood slowly and began fiddling with her clothes, Carl continued. "It is going to take you just six months to pay this debt off. Basically, if tonight goes well for you, I will pay your creditors on a monthly basis, one sixth of what they are owed. When my clients pay me, I pay your creditors. You'll get your 10% at the end of each month. So, if you take a month off and there is no money, your creditors will simply come and cart you off to Africa. I guess that should keep you in line for the six months."

Maria had her jumper over her head now. She realised she was now trapped in this arrangement and a fresh dread rushed through her body. With her world in darkness thanks to the damned jumper that would not come off easily, she heard the man stand up. In a moment his arm was around her waist.

"What, what are you doing?" She stuttered.

"You are mine now, so I will do what I want. When I tell you to strip I expect you to be standing before me totally naked in less than twenty seconds. In fact, in future when I come round, which will be once a week, you will be wearing only a bathrobe. If you wear anything else I will not pay your debt off for that month."

"Sorry, I didn't know."

"Well you do now."

Carl had his hand on the front of her jumper and having brushed his hands over her breasts as he raised the hem of the jumper, he helped her lift it over her head, which pushed her arms down behind her.

"That will do for now," said Carl, appreciative of the fact she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were fully visible in the mirror that hung on the wall. They were not overly large, a B cup, Carl estimated, but she had prominent nipples that were already stiff.

With her hands effectively trapped behind her in the sleeves of the jumper, Maria could only stand in silence as she felt him fumble with the buckle on the belt round her jeans. It was soon undone and was quickly followed by the button being popped from its button hole. Finally the zip rasped briefly as it was lowered.

Carl's hands worked round the waistline of the jeans, pulling them down over her hips and buttocks. Soon he had them dropped to below her knees. She wore simple white panties that evidently covered a dark thatch of pubic hair.

"Okay, Maria. Have you ever been spanked before?"

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