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Extreme Vengeance - Book 3 [MultiFormat]
eBook by Alec Anaconda

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: This scorching, epic, powers to its explosive climax. This gritty, action-packed psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat and your emotions to the last page. The love hate battle between Christine and Peder Piper becomes ever more complex. Peder remains in the background as new extreme characters control Christine's life, with Christine never certain if Peder is controlling them or not. Those people also have unusual lives and battles, which Alec Anaconda explores in graphic, occasionally horrific, detail. Anaconda rejects the standard stereotypes; his submissive women will ballbust their man when the mood takes them, and his dominant men will enjoy it. Although intensely psychological, sometimes emotionally dark, the physical, innovative, BDSM action is even more intense than before.

eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/FetishWorld
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2011

Peder's cruel words and actions, at dawn this morning, have left Christine humiliated, disgusted and dejected. She does not notice the gradual changes to her surroundings as she continues plodding down her solitary trek. Christine's tear laden eyes only focus downwards onto the never-ending dirt road. She mumbles,

"I hate Peder; I wish that I had never cast eyes on that conniving con artist. How could I have been fooled so easily, not just once but twice?"

Christine holds her heavy copper medallions in her hands, so that their chains will not pull too heavily on her nipples and elongate her breasts.

It is late afternoon before a menacing rumble interrupts her gloom. Christine reluctantly lifts her head, glances around the downhill dirt track and decides that the cliff to her right is not climbable. To her left, she sees a steep embankment constructed from frigid dry earth and stone. Christine clambers halfway up, to obtain a better view, using her medallions to dig into the structure.

'Oh, shit!' Christine thinks, as a convoy of oversized armoured jeeps rush towards her at sixty miles an hour. She scrambles to the top of the bank, ignoring the storm of sand and acrid black diesel fumes, and then presses her naked flesh onto the top of the freezing embankment.

'If they see the copper sparkling in the sunlight, then I am in terrible trouble!' However, Christine now spots huge military trucks heading her way. They pass just feet from her face, punching her naked body with their slipstreams.

At last, as this convoy passes into the distance, Christine takes a deep breath and looks over the other side of the bank. She screams in terror, looking down at several thousand foot of sheer scree slope, with a raging torrent at the bottom. Before she can return to the road, Christine hears the thunder of a gigantic low-loader racing up the incline with its engine screaming at its task. As this vehicle rounds the bend then pounds towards her, she watches it, transfixed like a rabbit trapped in headlights. Its huge wheels ride up onto both sides of the narrow road, causing the dirt beneath her body to rumble and start to crumble. She screams into the shadow of a titanic military tank as it towers beside her, just inches from her head.

More low loaders, each with an armoured tank on its back, follow at intervals of thirty second, in clouds of dust and fumes.

'Do I have time to climb down, and then try to clamber up that rock face?' contemplates Christine. Unfortunately, before she reaches her decision, a tank's loose gun barrel is skimming the top of the embankment, threatening to crush her.

Time seems to slow as she lowers her body over the steep side, ramming in her medallions for support. Christine yells out in terror as the enormous gun barrel skims her head, and stones violently strike her naked skin. She feels sick, chokes and splutters as more fumes, dust and pebbles rain down upon her. Then she starts to slide, exceedingly slowly, down the scree slope.

The tank's gun barrel swings out ahead of her, at a right angle to the road, and then the front of the low-loader crashes through the embankment. More debris rains down upon Christine as she continues to slide.

When the dust has cleared, she looks up at the overhanging vehicle. Although she is still slipping gradually down the slope, Christine watches in anticipation as the traumatised driver climbs up onto the roof of his cab and begins his uphill struggle over that dusty polished roof.

With an eardrum shattering crash, a second transporter crashes into the first.

"You blind bastard!" yells the driver, as he leaves the roof of his cab, catapulting into the thin air. Christine watches as he defiantly spreads his arms and legs to attempt to control his descent.

"Well done, sir! Well done indeed, brave man. Enjoy your last few seconds of life," Christine shouts, before screaming in agony when a medallion slips from her grasp.

'Oh, shit! I am going to have my right nipple ripped away,' Christine conjectures as the copper drags through the sharp stones. She curses her body's unwanted arousal, from the excitement and pain, as she enters a mild orgasm.

However, these are the least of her concerns. A third low-loader truck rams into the carnage above. The first truck in the pileup demolishes the embankment, tips sideways and rolls towards Christine. Its load snaps free from its fixings and the huge war machine flies over her head. As both vehicles roll and slide downwards, they drag the surface of the accumulated rocky debris along with them, accelerating Christine's plunge towards distant oblivion.

Her huge metallic medallion breaks free from the stones and Christine pulls on its chain, to hold the metal in her hand once more. Although still accelerating, she is now descending with the frozen stones trapped underneath her naked body.

Minutes later, Christine turns her head at the sounds of two huge splashes, but distant clouds of spray are the only evidence of the lost vehicles.

Once more, she hears an impact above her head. Then Christine hears a helicopter and immediately its downdraft engulfs her in irritating, stinging grit.

"Christine, grab the ladder!" orders an amplified man's voice from within the maelstrom.

"Where are you, Peder?"

"Just take hold of the rope ladder! I was only joking this morning," Peder replies. Finally, she feels the rope briefly touch her leg.

Rifle retorts follow the sounds of two pings from metal on metal. Christine's joy evaporates as quickly as it had returned. She watches Peder shouting unheard words into his megaphone from halfway down the ladder, which rotates with the slowly spinning helicopter. Although Christine is still sliding with the scree, Peder is descending faster. She watches as the pilot battles to get away from the slope, to control his rotation and to slow his fall; his brave struggle is hopeless.

Christine sobs silently as the minutes tick by and she realises how badly she had underestimated the size of her entrapping scree slope. She watches as the pilot refuses to capitulate, when he lands upon the torrent, keeping his rotors turning. His partially submerged machine stops spinning round and bobs along, like a parody of a child's toy. Her eardrums pop once more as her protracted plummet continues.

All things must end, and scree slopes are no exception. The termination of Christine's descent is uneventful, for she gradually slows as the slope bottoms out, near to the cacophony of this enormous torrent.

"Goodbye, Peder. I forgive you!" she whispers, shivering as she rises to her feet.

"Hello, Christine! Time to get you out of here!" yells a male voice from behind her head. Before she can turn, he lifts her by her long blond hair and dumps her onto a pure white stallion. He wraps her nipple chains around the horse's neck, pushes her flat onto the animal's bare back, and then ties a horse blanket over her back and under the horse's belly.

"Hold on tightly and don't make a sound," he orders. "You have made some vicious enemies today, and many of them know precisely how to run down a scree slope." The man then sets the horses to a gallop. Rifle fire concentrates her mind, and the sound of heavy artillery speeds their journey.

Underneath her blanket, Christine presses the side of her head into her stallion's neck, holds her arms tightly around that neck and grips its belly with her legs. Even with the retaining straps over her back, Christine's position feels precarious. She can see little, apart from the uneven rock below, which flashes by. Occasionally she catches a glimpse of a man's powerful legs, encased in black leather, astride another fine white horse.

Despite the tension and her fear, or maybe because of these, Christine cannot stop herself becoming aroused again. The hot sweaty steed beneath her uncovered flesh is clearly unaware what its firm, rhythmical, muscular contractions are doing to the naked female body pressed into its back.

'It's so good to be warm. I wonder if this man is my rescuer or my new captor,' she contemplates.

However, the horse's movements and its painfully sharp hair continue to force Christine towards her orgasm. She grips her teeth tightly as she reaches her climax, so that she will not make too much noise. Christine panics as her grip on the horse's neck slips. She grabs hold of its mane, but moves onto another, more intense climax. This time she cannot stop herself from yelling out. She reasons,

'He certainly can't have heard me, above the sounds of the torrent and the hooves,' but a sound whack on her arse, from his riding crop, corrects her assumption. Although the blanket spreads the pain, it is still too intense for her to ignore and only intensifies her passion. He applies strike after strike to silence her cries, but only succeeds in prolonging and strengthening her erotic spasms.

This man's temper snaps and he repeatedly thumps her arse, back, shoulders and even her neck with his crop. Again, this agonising stimulation only heightens Christine's arousal, driving her into further orgasmic fury. On and on, he delights in delivering blow upon blow, forcing her into an orgy of agony and gratification.

Suddenly, after well over a hundred blows, the man stops both his horses and her punishment. As Christine continues to grind her clitoris into the stallion's harsh rump, she thinks,

'That bugger is enjoying my performance. What an arsehole!' but she refrains from speaking.

He waits patiently until her body stills, and then resumes their gallop. Christine notices that huge snowflakes start falling and settling upon the stony ground.

* * * *

When her steed eventually slows to a trot, Christine relaxes a little.

"Take three long, slow, deep breaths, Christine," orders the man.


"Just do it!" he commands, striking her backside a dozen times with his crop. Christine complies; her horse moves and, seconds later, icy flowing water pummels her legs.

'He must be mad to cross this angry river!' she reasons as they plunge in even deeper. Freezing spray covers her face and bitterly cold water splashes her body.

Christine's stallion pushes onwards, ever further and deeper, until finally the water immerses her body. Christine raises her head from under the blanket, sees the rider, in front, looking back at her. She gasps, not just at his muscled body, but also at the tight black leather covering his torso, head and face.

Suddenly, her horse is swimming. Tormented craggy rocks on the far bank rush by far too quickly. She thinks,

'There is no way he can get us out of this predicament.' However, the man seems calm; more importantly, the horses appear to be actually enjoying their swim.

* * * *

Ten bitterly cold minutes later, hooves contact rock, and then the horses gallop into a dense pine forest. Underneath the wet blanket, Christine is so cold that she only wants to sleep. She feels her stallion struggling to climb, and then galloping madly downhill, ignoring the twigs that snap against her body. Part of Christine's brain knows that this is hypothermia, but she no longer cares. Christine also knows that she must remain conscious, but she can no longer bother. However, some subconscious reflex forces her to cling even closer to the slightly warmer damp steed.

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