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Nexus of Time [MultiFormat]
eBook by Ross Richdale

eBook Category: Mainstream
eBook Description: Young Countess Anna Green is placed in an orphanage when her parents are killed. Is Anna's aristocratic background so hated by the Communists that it can never be forgotten? Will she ever return to her homeland to find her inheritance?

eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, Published: SynergEbooks, 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2011

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


* * * *

World War Two was two weeks old. On the first of September, over one and a half million German troops of the Wehrmacht invaded Poland from three fronts with Blitzkrieg tactics that bombed and terrorized defenseless civilians and the brave but outclassed Polish army. Even though Britain and France had declared war on Nazi Germany on September the third, it was a hollow gesture, as their promised help did not materialize. Polish antitank guns had surprised and slowed the arrogant enemy but it was only a matter of time before the whole country capitulated. Further to the stricken country's troubles was the rumor that Soviet forces in the east were also about to invade. Prominent citizens had been advised to leave their homeland to continue the battle in exile from France or England.

Anna Vladisciuszko tucked her fingers in the necklace as she often did when she was nervous and stared up at the circular stairwell of The Chateau as the inhabitants called the large wooden building standing majestically above the central Polish village of Zlodek. Tears were in the twelve year old eyes for she knew this was the last time she would see her home. Almost everything had gone; even the furniture that graced the grand entrance hall had been unceremoniously loaded onto an ancient truck and taken away. Only the curtains remained, golden ones with a pattern of brick red leaves twisting and turning all the way down. When the curtains blew in the wind the leaves appeared to move.

Her father and uncle were dead and the live-in servants had departed. Only old Stefan remained and was now upstairs with her mother.

Countess Nina Vladisciuszko appeared on the balcony and called down to her child in their native tongue. "Anna, come up and finish packing your case. Stefan can't be expected to do everything."

"Yes, Mama," replied Anna. She ran up the stairs with blonde pigtails bobbing and arrived at her bedroom just as Stefan appeared on the landing with a wooden chest in his arms.

"I'm afraid this may be too heavy for us to take, Anna," he said. "Could you pack what you need in the leather suitcase I brought you yesterday?"

Anna screwed her nose up but said she would. Many of her dresses would be of no use anyway she guessed but she hated to leave them for the enemy. She opened the trunk and re-packed her favorite clothes in the suitcase Stefan placed open beside her. Less than half fitted in. Finally she tucked a little make up kit in a gap in the corner and watched as the elderly servant shut the case and pulled the straps tight.

Down at the main entrance there was a knock, the door opened and two men entered. They approached Countess Vladisciuszko and gave a head bow.

"Excuse us, Countess," the elder of the two men said. "You must hurry. The enemy is less than ten kilometers away and our train will depart from the station in fifteen minutes. We can hold it no longer."

Nina frowned, "Are they Russians or Germans?" she asked.

The men shrugged. "Does it matter?"

"No, I guess not," the woman whispered. She turned towards the stairs. "Stefan, Anna. We must go. Come now, please."

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