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Pieces [MultiFormat]
eBook by Shawn Lane

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: Patrick Donovan has spent the last three anniversaries of his lover's suicide getting drunk at Josh Stevens' bar. It's at the bar he feels closest to Andrew, the man he misses, as well as to the man he has truly loved since high school, Josh, his dead lover's cousin.

Troubled by Patrick's annual visits to the bar, Josh encourages the man to put the pieces of his broken life back together and move on from his grief. Though it's clear to Josh that Patrick yearns to move on with him, he wants no part of it. He's avoided long-term relationships and knows the last thing he should do is get involved with Patrick, especially when he believes the man's shattered heart still belongs to Andrew.

But Josh changes his mind once Patrick takes his advice and begins dating other guys. Despite his fear of committment and becoming a substitute for Andrew, Josh can no longer ignore his growing feelings for Patrick. Will he be able to let the man go, or will he eventually surrender to the notion that Patrick is perfect for him after all?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2011

6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"4 Stars!...Once again Shawn Lane has written a wonderfully emotional tale of love...She presents two well-drawn and likable protagonists with a complicated history and allows them to slowly find a way to deal with their issues...A well-written and interesting story. I was fully engaged from the beginning in Patrick and Josh's struggle to find a way to get past the emotional baggage they've been carrying around for ages and find a way to be together. I also liked that despite the sad theme of dealing with the aftermath of suicide there are also lighthearted and very sexy moments in the story. One such scene, in the bar after closing, was especially hot...I really enjoyed reading Pieces and definitely recommend it."--Lily, Rainbow Reviews

"4.25 Stars!...The characters were well drawn and it was great that not everyone was gay in this book (sometimes a trademark of this author)...The sex was intense and hot, another trademark of this author...If you like a love triangle that is filled with angst, where one of the characters is deceased but very much alive through everyone's memories, then you will enjoy Pieces. I think Shawn Lane did a very good job on a very difficult theme that is a departure for her, and I can see her growth as a writer since her first book that I read. I definitely recommend this book."--Wave, Reviews By Jessewave

"4 Hearts!...A good story. It deals with the difficult subject of people dealing with the fallout of suicide. The author handles this well...I did like the character of Andrew and his outlook on life even as he tries to figure out his feelings about what happened to Andrew and move on with his life...Good for those who like angst-filled stories."--Ana, The Romance Studio

He felt the wall against his back and realized Patrick had pushed him there. Cooler heads should prevail. His brain told him that, but his cock rose in protest.

"Josh," Patrick moaned. "Please."

The plea seared through him, tingling from his toes all the way to make him light-headed. He closed his eyes, trying to resist Patrick's pull, but knowing it would be a losing battle. He wanted this.

"Your bedroom." He panted.

Patrick broke the kiss and gazed at him intently, his blue-green eyes surprisingly clear. He laced his fingers through Josh's and tugged him toward the stairs leading to the bedrooms on the second floor. They took the stairs almost in slow motion, as if God were giving him the chance to change his mind. Damn, he should.

Patrick yanked him into the bedroom, flicked on the overhead light and pulled him toward the bed.

He opened his mouth to declare they shouldn't do this. Patrick was way too vulnerable. "Lube and a condom?"

Patrick nodded. "Bathroom. Be right back."

Fuck, what was he saying? He watched the other man disappear into the bathroom, his gaze on Patrick's cute ass.

Patrick came back in mere seconds and tossed him the lube and the condom. Then he once more launched himself at Josh, pushing him onto the bed. "Want you."


Patrick's index finger touched his lips. "Don't say a word. Just touch me all over."

Releasing a shuddering breath, Josh flipped Patrick until he lay underneath. He crushed the other man into the mattress, searing their lips together, hot and moist. His erection pressed against his pants, straining, painfully constricted.

Without breaking the contact of their lips, Josh inched the hem of Patrick's shirt up past his abs, past his muscular chest, and off his arms. To get it off Patrick's head, he'd have to stop kissing him. Shaking his head, he removed his lips and pulled off the shirt. He quickly divested himself of his own T-shirt.

Patrick stared at him, his full lips wet and swollen. Josh searched his gaze, looking for any sign he really should stop. Well, hell, he knew he should. Instead, he reached between their bodies and closed his hand over the bulge in Patrick's pants.

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