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A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Beauty [MultiFormat]
eBook by Selena Kitt

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Description: In this modern retelling of a fairy tale classic, former beauty queen Jolee Mercier finds herself in big trouble, locked in the trunk of her husband's BMW on her way to a remote location in the woods of northern Michigan where she's going to be killed. Her crime? Knowing too much. An anonymous letter arrived addressed in her name with proof that her husband, Carlos, a state logging and mining mogul, had been the one responsible for her father's death years earlier, killed for supporting the unions at a local logging camp. When a terrible accident ends her husband's plan to kill her, Jolee wakes up alone in a cabin in the middle of the woods, rescued by a masked man they call "the beast," with a husband who wants her dead, and miles of state forest between her and civilization.

eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2011

14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"I fell in love with A Modern Wicked Fairy Tale: Beauty. When the happily ever after finally came I couldn't have been more pleased... suspense, tragedy, sadness, love, and, of course, hot sex. I will definitely be re-reading this and can't wait for more of this series from this very talented author. If you're in the mood for a fairy tale with a twist, I would NOT pass this one up!" -Claudia R., Manic Readers Reviews, 5/5 Stars!

"This story was a wonderful rendering of Beauty and the Beast. Selena Kitt created a beauty that is fearless... For the romantic at heart this story will warm you and will leave you with a feeling that love can conquer all, a must for any bookshelf." -J.C. Dreamer, The Romance Studio, 5/5 Hearts!

"Ms. Kitt did a wonderful job? This version [of Beauty and the Beast] is beautifully told and pulled on my heartstrings. Silas and Jolee create a couple that you want to have a happily ever after." Sheila, Two Lips Reviews, 4/5 Kisses!

Jolee could never stay out of trouble for long and being locked in the trunk of Carlos's black BMW was no exception to that particular rule of her life. She'd given up trying to kick the side of the car to make noise--luxury car makers practically sound-proofed their trunks. Who knew? She wondered if engineers considered scenarios like this one--after all, any rich husband might have to enlist his hit men tie up and toss his troublesome wife into the trunk for easy disposal, right?

Besides, her feet were secured with zip ties, as were her hands, which stretched painfully behind her back. They didn't use duct tape--too easy to wiggle out of--except for the pieces over her mouth. And even those weren't just slapped on--they'd used the roll to wrap the silver stuff around and around her mouth and jaw in layers. Carlos's guys knew exactly what they were doing. Of course they did. It was their job.

There was just no way out of this bit of trouble. That realization finally hit her in the darkness, the car's wheels crunching gravel a long time now, off the highway, she surmised, the suspension bouncing her violently up and down. This was going to be the last batch of trouble she ever got herself into in the whole expanse of a life that seemed suddenly very short.

She'd been so focused on escaping or finding a way out since Carlos's goons had grabbed her out back--zip-tied and duct taped before she could even raise the snow shovel she'd been using--that this final realization hit with such terrifying force Jolee actually wet herself, urine staining the crotch of her jeans with spreading navy blue darkness.

She was going to die.

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