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The Visit [MultiFormat]
eBook by Ed Edas

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Natalie Marshall 44 year old brunette beauty is on a mission. To all outwards appearances this striking successful woman has the world at her feet, beneath the surface is another story. Natalie is a submissive and a masochist, she is making this visit to France to the home of Tom Allen a male dominant. The purpose of this visit is to convince him of her suitability to become his permanent house slave. Tom believes that she could be the one he is seeking but is determined to test her to her limits and beyond to be certain. Can she convince him, will he break her? Five days of domination, humiliation, whipping, torture and torrid sex as Natalie is put to the test.

eBook Publisher: Fiction4All
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2011

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1


Natalie's heels clicked on the hard floor of the terminal, the wheels of her small 'carry on' case rumbled as they crossed the joints of the flooring. To a watcher, especially a male watcher, she was the epitome of the successful female executive. Tall, at one metre seventy, her height accentuated by the ten centimetre stiletto heels of the classic black patent pumps, she made heads turn as she passed. The heels presented well toned calf muscles clad in filmy black nylon. The pin striped skirt moved sensuously as she walked and more than one male head turned to track the tight shapely buttocks as she passed. A matching charcoal grey pin stripe jacket over a white blouse was sculpted to a pair of breasts that again caused male eyes to swivel. Her face had high cheek bones, full lips enhanced by subtle lip gloss; if she had smiled it would have revealed even white teeth. Brown eyes flecked with amber and a mane of shoulder length straight glossy black hair completed this picture of loveliness. Small laughter lines around her mouth and slight crinkles in the corners of her eyes announced to the more observant that she was no longer a young girl. Most would have put her age at mid thirties, they would have been ten years adrift, Natalie Marshall was in fact 44 years old.

Those watching would have been even more surprised to know that this confident beautiful woman striding past them was anything but confident. She was striding to make a rendezvous which was going to change her life one way or another. She had spent the past two hours on a flight nervously trying to cope with the constraints placed on her by another, constraints that she had willingly agreed to. Under the skirt, blouse and jacket she was naked, no panties, no bra. The flight had been nerve wracking to say the least. She had tried to keep her mind off the reason why she was so flagrantly, if invisibly, undressed. As hard as she tried she couldn't stop thinking about why she was sat on a plane dressed as she was, and thinking about it caused her to become aroused. Her nipples hardened, each time she moved they brushed against the silk of her blouse causing yet further arousal. The warm tingling sensation between her legs wouldn't be suppressed, which led her to think even more about why she was on the flight in the first place and the events of the last few days.

* * * *

Each night for the past five nights she had knelt naked on the floor of the living area of her home; naked apart from hold up stockings and the same high heels that she was wearing today. In front of her on a coffee table was her webcam equipped laptop which, courtesy of Skype, was transmitting the images of her as she lasciviously sucked and licked a large vibrator before spreading her thighs wide and thrusting it between the glistening shaven lips of her sex. As she carried out this self violation she used her other hand to play with her full breasts and the large hard nipples that jutted from them. Her arousal rose with each thrust of the humming sex toy, she forced first one and then the other breast upwards hungrily sucking and nibbling at the hard nubs. She began to pant and gasp and then to cry out to the invisible watcher.

"Please sir, please let me cum."

A voice crackled from the speakers of the lap top.

"No you may not cum. Stop now, if you wish to visit me you must stop now."

She wrenched the vibrator from her sex and leant forward panting. The voice came again, cool, controlled, untouched by her obvious distress.

"Good, I'm glad to see you can obey. Be ready for my call tomorrow night, dressed as you are, toys ready."

She raised her head and smiled weakly.

"Yes sir, thank you sir. I will be ready."

This had been the routine for the last five nights, it was therefore small wonder that she was having difficulty keeping her thoughts away from sex. She was in fact very worried that her arousal had become so obvious that there might be a damp patch on the back of her skirt or, perish the thought, people might even be able to smell the musk of her need. The whole of the flight had been a whirl of sexual imagery both, remembered, from the past and, imagined, for the future. She remembered her last visit to this dominant male called Tom Allen who had controlled her masturbation for the last week. It was hard to suppress memories of being chained naked, her arms above her head, her legs spread as he had whipped her before using her. She tried to ignore the warmth between her thighs and the fact that, this time, she had dressed as he had instructed. On her last visit he had permitted her to dress fully and had allowed her time to decide whether to submit to him or not. This time she had come dressed, as he had put it, 'fully prepared to display the facilities'. Another source of excitement and more than a little apprehension was that she had agreed that for the duration of this visit there were to be 'no limits, no safe words'. The only restraint was his promise not to do anything to her that would permanently mark or cause her other permanent damage. She could demand that he stopped but if she did she would be brought back to the airport and left to go home to never return. The prospect both excited and terrified her. Such was her mental state that she almost walked past him before coming clumsily to a halt and turning towards him.

He gave her a smile as he bent and kissed her cheek. As he did so he murmured in her ear.

"Very corporate, I trust that it's only superficial and that you are dressed as instructed."

She returned the kiss.

"I am sir."

"Good, now follow me."

He made no attempt to take her case, just turned and strode away leaving her struggling to catch up.

The car, a Range Rover with tinted glass, was parked in a corner of the car park with the back pointed towards a thick hedge. Tom walked to the back triggering the central locking as he walked, he lifted the tail gate.

"Put your case in, take the jacket off, put it with the case then turn and face me."

Natalie followed his command, her small case dwarfed by the cavernous luggage space, she turned and faced towards Tom and the hedge. His eyes flicked to the left and right.

"Do you remember from your last visit our conversation about your status?"

Natalie thought for a second.

"Yes sir I do."

"Good. Repeat it for me."

"You asked if I thought I was visiting as your slave and told me that I wasn't your slave, that was a title I would have to earn, and maybe I would never earn it or I would not, in the end, want it. Secondly you asked if I was a whore, and again answered yourself by saying that no, I wasn't a whore because although I had agreed to be used in all my fuck holes and you would use me that way I was not to be paid and that whores were paid for their use. Finally you asked if I was aroused by standing naked with my thighs spread and my tits thrust out and I had to admit I was. You then said that only a slut would stand that way in front of a man she hardly knew and to be aroused by doing so. It had to be that I was a slut and I agreed that this was true."

"You have remembered well including the description of your holes. Good. Now, you say you are dressed as instructed so show me your tits, slut."

Natalie looked at him, his face was stern showing no emotion, she took the hem of her blouse in both hands lifted it up over her breasts and held it up against her chin. Tom looked impassively at the two gloriously curved heavy orbs. Even though unsupported by a bra they jutted firmly from her rib cage, the nipples showed clear evidence of her arousal, sticking out from her dark areola like two brown nuts. She took a deep breath as he reached out to caress first one and then the other breast before taking both nipples between the finger and thumb of each hand. He squeezed them firmly and pulled at the same time.

"Put the blouse between your teeth and show me your cunt, slut."

Again, with no though to the fact that she was in a public car park, she obeyed him pushing the hem of the blouse into her mouth and then reaching down to lift her skirt to her waist. He gave her nipples one hard squeeze and released them before looking down to where her thighs and sex were displayed. He frowned as he did so.

"Slut have you forgotten your training, why are your thighs together, why do you deny me access to your cunt?"

She gave a startled intake of breath, almost let the blouse slip from her teeth while she rapidly shuffled her feet apart. He looked at her before slapping both her breasts with the palm of his hand.

"Let go of the blouse. You know better than to stand in front of a trainer or master with your thighs together, when I give you your first whipping, which will be soon, you will remind me that you are to receive an extra six strokes to your cunt. Fail to remind me, if I have to remember, it will be twelve strokes. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir, I'm sorry sir."

"You will be, now turn and face into the car, bend forward, pull your skirt up and then pull the cheeks of your arse open to display your lower fuck holes."

Heart pounding Natalie turned, bent at the waist, pulled her skirt up until it was over her waist and then with her arousal mounting to almost unbearable levels pulled at her buttocks putting both her anus and the split peach of her vagina on display. She could feel the air around the top of her thighs and the cool sensation of evaporation.

Oh hell I'm so wet, I'll come if he touches me, they'll hear me the other side of the car park.

Tom seemed to read her thoughts, she felt a finger touch her labia.

"Control slut, control. You will only cum when I give you permission not before. If you break that rule you can go back to the airport now."

A finger slid between hot juice slicked lips, it was quickly followed by another one and as Natalie forced herself to breath deeply while staring at the back of the Range Rover's seats he frigged her gently for about half a minute. She gave a small sigh as his fingers slid from her and then gasped as he forced one of them into the ring of her anus. His voice breathed huskily from behind her.

"When was the last time your arse was used slut?"

"The last time I visited you sir."

"Very good, you kept it for me, or have you not been fucked at all since we last met?"

Natalie thought for a second, should she lie and say that she had had sex but no anal sex, or tell the sad truth that work had interfered so much that her sex life had been non existent for the last two months? She decided on the truth.

"I haven't been fucked at all sir since my last visit to you."

His finger continued its invasion of her anal hole as he gave a deep chuckle before answering her.

"Oh that's rich, you have had no sex for two months then I make you wank for five nights with no relief. That's very rich, no wonder you are so wet and horny. Well I think I'll make it a little worse. I'm going to whip you before we get to the house but before that you can sit in the car and wank, no cumming mind you, just wanking. Go to the passenger door now, open it and then take your skirt off. You can put it on your seat before you sit down, I don't want your cunt juice staining my nice leather seats. Now suck this from my fingers and we will get on"

She stood, lowered her skirt, turned and took the proffered fingers into her mouth tasting her own arousal. Once she had completed her washing duties she made her way to the passenger seat. As she did so she heard him laughing at her predicament. Within a minute they were on their way with her sat naked from the waist down, her thighs spread and her fingers stroking her sex. Tom drove carefully, at no excessive speed, he didn't want to be stopped by a bored gendarme and have to explain the presence of a half naked woman in his car. As he drove, in an effort to distract herself from the ever imminent orgasm which was threatening to overwhelm her, Natalie studied the man who she was giving herself to for the next five days.

He wasn't young, but then neither was she. He was, she knew, some six years older than her. His face was strong with a square jaw, broad slightly flattened nose, a legacy of his long rugby playing career. It wasn't, she thought, a classically handsome face, more rugged than handsome, but blue eyes of an almost electric blue. His wavy hair was greying at the temples and flecked elsewhere with grey but, in her eyes, it added a certain air of distinction. His powerful shoulders moved effortlessly beneath his jacket as he drove. She remembered that the rest of his one metre ninety frame was equally powerful, hard muscled, kept in trim by a daily regime of swimming, tennis playing and use of a rowing machine. The thought of that hard body against hers almost brought her to orgasm and she had to hurriedly turn her gaze to view the passing countryside. A minute later the car turned off the road and began to move gently up a sloping area of grassland. At about 150 metres from the road on the crest of the hill by the side of the one and only tree that grew on the hilltop Tom stopped the car. He turned to Natalie.

"Right this is it slut. Whipping time."

He reached over into the back seat, his hand came up holding a carrier bag, which he placed on her naked thighs.

"Take the blouse off then out you get. You'll find your bondage straps and collar in the bag with the whip. Put them on, then kneel prone with the whip offered up for me. You haven't forgotten I'm sure. I'll turn the car round while you're getting ready."

She looked out of the window at the wide open space and looked at him.

"Here? It's very open, anyone could come along."

A hand came up and took her chin, he turned her head until she was looking into his eyes.

"Are you questioning my judgement slut?"

The eyes bored into hers, she tried to look away.

"Look at me, I asked you a question. Are you questioning my judgement?"

She looked, his eyes were like ice, she felt herself melt inside, all resistance fell away.

"No sir I'm sorry it's been two months, my head's not quite in submissive mode."

"Good, apology accepted, now do as you are told, I'll turn the car round, and put up the tail gate it will shield us from the road. Not that I should have had to tell you that. Oh, and remember if you wish to be a slave you have to be in submissive mode at all times."

"No sir you shouldn't have to explain but thank you sir. I will be a good obedient slut, please whip me hard sir for doubting you for even one minute."

"Oh I will slut, I will. Now get out and get ready. Don't keep me waiting."

He kissed her on the lips and released his hold on her chin. Her blouse was over her head and she was stepping from the car before he had even put the car back into gear. By the time he had turned the Range Rover, positioned it in front of the tree facing down the slope and opened the tail gate Natalie had fitted the bondage straps and collar. She was kneeling at the far side of the tree trunk her curvaceous buttocks raised high with her torso stretched out so her breasts and forehead were pressed against the grass. Her arms were stretched out and also rested on the grass, the nine tailed whip rested on her hands which were offered palms upwards.

Tom placed her skirt and blouse in the back of the car and then took off his own shirt. The sun warmed the rippling muscles of his back and shoulders as he stood looking for some seconds at the vision of female submission stretched out before him. He bent a picked up the whip. Natalie, he noted with approval, didn't move. She didn't move when he trailed the tails of the whip along her back to her buttocks. Nor did she move when he gently slapped the tails up between the thighs that were spread invitingly open. Her shaven sex was perfectly displayed to his approving eyes. He wondered if she would remember the extra punishment strokes. Was he to deliver thirty strokes to her sex or thirty six? He smiled at the thought and felt his member stir in his trousers. Such a wonderful thought whipping a slut between the thighs, it just made a man's cock hard. Well now was the time to enjoy.

"Slut kneel up, you have choices to make. I am not going to restrain you, you will hold yourself in position for all seventy two strokes. You will position yourself, so your first choice is back, or front? Once you have done that you can tell me where I will commence your whipping."

He watched as she uncoiled from her prone position and knelt in front of him. He approved of the way her arms went behind her back and her hands clasped her elbows. She kept her eyes lowered as she spoke.

"Please sir start with my back and sir you asked me to remind you that my cunt is to receive six extra strokes for my impertinence in presenting myself to you with my legs closed."

"Very good slut, now go and place yourself in front of the tree with your feet about a metre from it, then lean forward, place your forearms against it and rest your head on them. Make sure your arse is well stuck out and while you are doing that think where you want me to start. Is it to be your arse, your thighs, or your cunt?

When I ask are you ready I want to hear you say. Please sir whip this slut, start with its...I'll leave that to you, now take your position."

Natalie rose swiftly to her feet and moved the few steps to take her position leaning against the tree. Tom watched as she placed her forearms against the trunk then shuffled her feet back and out until she was leaning against the tree with her beautiful rear thrust out and her long thighs spread perfectly. Spread perfectly for a whipping he thought as he tucked the whip handle into the waistband of his trousers and used both hands to caress her naked body. She sighed gently as his hands slid smoothly up the satin skin on the inside of her thighs before stroking her buttocks and then cupping her breasts. He kissed her neck before nibbling at one of her ears his breath hot on her as he whispered.

"Very well slut, are you ready?"

She was ready, she had been thinking of nothing else really since he told her that she was to be whipped on the way to the house. She had felt the weight of the whip as she held it in her hands and knew that although it was soft leather it was heavy and the first few blows would be hard to take. Her voice was, she thought, very calm and clear.

"Yes sir please whip this slut, please start with its arse."

There, she'd said it, she had even noted his use of the impersonal 'it' in place of 'her'. The whip hissed through the air and the force of the blow upwards across both cheeks lifted her up on her toes. Her scream was muted by the open space but still a full bodied scream as Tom used the full force of his arm to deliver the blow. He gave her no time to recover but struck again. The sight of her body rocking under the force of the blows and the mounds of her buttocks distorting with the impact inflamed his senses. He struck again and again until after six strokes both cheeks were a fiery red. Tom stopped and moved forward, he ran his hand over the reddened orbs smiling at her little gasps of pain. He grasped her hair and pulled her head back and round until she was looking into his eyes.

"Well slut, are you happy to be here?"

She blinked away a tear, and surprised him a little by smiling.

"Yes sir I'm happy to be here."

"Good let's see if you feel even happier after I've whipped your thighs and that hot wet cunt."

He released her head and stepped back. The whip slashed round to cut across the back of her left thigh just above the knee. The result was a red mark on her thigh and a high pitched shriek. Tom smiled and swung the whip again. The sight of the marks springing up on her delicate sensitive skin and the sounds of distress as each stroke found its mark were stoking his passion. His cock was now rigid within the confines of his trousers, soon he would need to use her. But first he had a whipping to finish and her cunt was his next target. He moved until he was almost directly behind her and with a powerful swing of his wrist swung the whip upwards between those gloriously spread slim thighs. Natalie's agonised howl of shock sent a pulse of pure lust through him. Later that evening when he was torturing her he would be surprised to hear that she had also felt a wave of near orgasm sweep through her as that first stroke had smashed brutally into her labia. Tom watched as she wriggled her feet and thrust her buttocks back out towards him. He brought the whip up again, lengthening the blow deliberately so that the stroke would catch both her labia and her lower belly. Another shriek rewarded his efforts.

He gave her no relief now but delivered another four strokes with brutal strength and accuracy between her thighs.

Natalie's mind was almost a blank, the first shaft of pain and pleasure had taken her into sub space. The combination of her sexual fever of the past few days with her display in the car park and her being naked and whipped in what was effectively a public place had taken her to that strange mental state where pain and pleasure overlapped. The blows hurt but her body was now suffused with an overall feeling of what she could only describe as sexual warmth. The blows between her legs stopped, she felt his hand on her head again and the heat of his naked upper body against her as he pulled her head back again. She turned her head and her lips met his in a kiss that lasted for a long time, the force of his mouth against hers almost bruising her lips as his hand squeezed her breasts. He broke away from her.

"Now for three of the six extra strokes slut. Are you ready."

She stopped herself from nodding, she knew what he wanted to hear, and she was happy to say it.

"Yes sir I'm ready. Please whip my cunt."

He stepped back and seconds later she was again screaming as the heavy leather tails delivered yet another fiery kiss to her labia. Two more strokes followed before she heard him speak. She heard the sound of a camera shutter click twice.

"Very good slut, now for your front, position yourself and then tell me where to place the first strokes. Tits, belly or thighs, your choice."

She stood, stretched her arms and turned to face him before lying back against the tree and shuffling her feet until her thighs were once more spread wide.

Tom watched her position herself, in his hand he held a camera. He held it up for her.

"I thought you might like some mementoes of this. It's digital so no loss if you want me to wipe them, and they are your property unless we come to an agreement at the end of this visit."

She thought about it very briefly, she'd been photographed nude before, she understood his comment about the property and yes, it would be nice to have some souvenirs. Tom waited for her answer."

"Yes I'd like that sir. Please whip this slut, please start with her tits."

Well why not, he's going to whip them anyway so might as well get it out of the way.

She watched his, by now, sweat covered upper body turn slightly, his arm rise and the blur of the whip, too fast to follow. Her left breast flattened with the impact and pain seared across her chest but at the same time a pulse of sexual heat flared between her thighs.

Ooooh.....ooooh.....why is it my nipples are connected to my clit?

She had no time to think on this further before a second stroke forced a strangled scream from her lips. Tom was enjoying himself hugely, Natalie's strength, the way she had positioned her magnificent body, the sight of the blows striking it and her cries of pain were all that he had expected. He brought the whip upwards and was rewarded with the sight of both her breasts lifting with the impact and her shrieking in anguish. She was crying now, the tears falling onto her whip marked breasts and he delivered the last blow to them before moving on to mark the flat plain of her belly with another six strokes. In a very short time the front of her thighs had also experienced the feeling of leather tails biting into soft female flesh and suddenly he was holding her, his hands clasped around her slim waist and his mouth hot and hard on hers. He drove a thigh up between hers and she winced as he ground it against her whip scoured labia but even then a shaft of arousal threatened to take her into orgasm. As they broke apart from the kiss she blinked tears from her eyes and gasped.

"Please sir finish the whipping I beg you or give this slut permission to cum."

Tom threw his head back and laughed before bending forward to kiss her again.

"Very well slut, I suppose I could call that 'topping from the bottom' but in this case our needs concur. I need to fuck you and so I'll finish the whipping. Take your position."

Ten minutes later, her body reddened and marked by the whip, she was kneeling on the floor of the luggage compartment of the Range Rover. Her head and shoulders were pressed against the seat backs, her whip marked rear raised high with her thighs spread wide, her calves and feet overhung the back of the car. Tom was naked now, his erect penis in his hand as he took his position between her calves. He used his other hand to probe the lips of her sex, as his fingers penetrated her she moaned and pushed herself back against his hand. Tom smiled and pushed back harder.

"Does my little slut want a fuck? Does she want a cock in her cunt? Come on slut tell me, let me hear you."

Natalie was desperate, he had told her not to cum and now his fingers were remorselessly driving her over the edge. She was biting her lower lip trying to stave off her orgasm but she managed to gasp.

"Pleeease sir please fuck this slut. Pleeeease just take me, use me......fuck me please......stick your cock right up my cunt.....pleeease fuck me now."

She gasped as he drove himself into her, she was so wet that he penetrated her almost to her cervix with one thrust and she felt the hard muscles of his belly slap onto her sore buttocks. As he slowly withdrew from her she heard him say.

"My pleasure slut, entirely my pleasure, you will not cum until I allow it. Is that clear?"

She screamed as one of his hands slammed down onto already sore and rosy cheeks. She screamed again, this time in delight as he thrust back into her. He began to fuck her vigorously, long slow strokes at first, his cock filling her, stretching her, driving from her mind any other thoughts than the need for release. Each thrust was so hard that he squeezed her between himself and the back of the car seats. The discomfort served to help her control her need to be fucked, taken, used. She was a piece of 'fuck meat' his to use, his cunt, his slut, her being was centred around the hot wet tunnel between her thighs and the piece of rock hard male meat filling it. As Tom increased the speed of his thrusts into her she put the index finger of one hand between her teeth and bit it. Anything to stop the tide of nervous sensations that were threatening to overwhelm her.

Tom now held her waist between his hands. He pulled her back towards him slamming his cock into her, glorying in the feel of her tight, hot, wet cunt gripping his cock. He released one hand and slapped her arse again, the outline of his palm showed clearly through the whip marks that he had put there a few minutes before. The heat in his balls built until it was an overwhelming surge and with a final shout of victory he emptied himself into her. Seconds later as he rested he heard her muffled voice.

"Please, sir may this slut come? Please?"

His face split in a wide grin. This was too good to be true.

He slapped her cheeks again.

"Yes slut come, I think I can help you."

He began to thrust into her again, and within seconds she felt him harden once more. She put her hand between her legs and began to finger her clit as Tom, once more, thrust deeply into her. It was less than a minute later when he felt her shake and heard a deep wail of release coming from her. She went as limp as a rag doll, but he took a firm hold of her and continued his thrusts into her until an idea began to take shape in his mind. He pulled open her cheeks ignoring her cries of pain as his hands dug into whip ravaged buttocks, spitting on the dark rose bud of her arse and then pulling his cock from the depths of her cunt he pushed it against the ring of muscle. Natalie moaned as the helmet of his cock moved past her ring, her hand returned between her thighs and her fingers once more began their sensuous dance between her labia.

Tom drove his the full length of his now completely reinvigorated member into Natalie's bowel. He withdrew and thrust again, his thighs slapped against hers and she felt the sac of his balls touch the bottom of her labia. It felt as though he would at any moment drive his massive erection up into her lungs, the bone hard rod completely impaled her, his thrusts drove the air from her as he thrust again and again. For Tom the grip of her anal ring on his shaft was exquisite, so tight, holding him, exciting him, driving him on to another massive release. Natalie was ruthlessly ramming her fingers into her sex while her thumb rubbed the, oh so sensitive, nub of her clit. She could feel her orgasm surging, growing, threatening to overwhelm her as Tom's monstrously engorged member thrust like a dagger into her bowel.

Tom heard Natalie screaming for release, she was begging him to be allowed to come. The feeling of power this gave triggered his release and his semen erupted jetting deep into her. As he slumped forward over her back he murmured to her.

"Slut you may cum. You've such a lovely tight arse. Cum now..."

He felt her shake beneath him and heard a long drawn out moan as she succumbed to her second orgasm.

It was a full minute later before he pulled his now flaccid cock from her back passage, she moaned gently as he did so. He leant into the car and took hold of her shoulders pulling her back until she could twist round and sit on the floor of the luggage space with her legs dangling out of the back. She raised her head, her hair a tousled mop, her face tear stained, mascara streaks down both cheeks, she smiled up at him. Tom returned the look and the smile, he bent and kissed her mouth, his tongue pushed against her lips which parted and they kissed hungrily while he ran his hands across her whip marked breasts. He broke the kiss and looked down at her.

"Slut do you remember our conversation about the true reason for someone to be a slave. What is the reason for their existence? What did we decide?"

Natalie remembered all too well, it had been a long discussion late at night after he had whipped, tortured and used her over a period of several hours. The discussion had not been one sided and she had agreed with their final analysis. She looked up at him.

"The slave exists to serve the master, the slave exists to provide the master with pleasure."

"Very good. Slave it would give your trainer pleasure if she would offer her tits and her cunt for a further six strokes. What do you have to say?"

Natalie looked up at him, looked at the blue eyes that were calmly assessing her and her likely response. The thought of the whip striking between her thighs again made her thighs pull together, a barely suppressed shudder passed through her but at the same time another feeling, that of sexual heat, was boiling within her.

She slid from the back of the car and crawled to where the whip lay on the grass, picking it up she turned and knelt upright, her thighs spread wide with the whip held out in front of her on upturned palms. Natalie looked at Tom.

"Sir if it gives you pleasure please give my cunt and tits a further six strokes."

Tom who had sat on the back floor of the car stood up and walked towards her. She repressed a smile at his now shrunken member dangling forlornly between his thighs. No doubt, she thought, the sight of her writhing under the lash would soon revive it. He took the whip from her hand.

"Do you remember the kneeling arched position slut?"

Natalie remembered all the positions he had made her learn, she had made a point of practising them ever since she had decided that she was going to return to him for a second visit. She shuffled her knees even further apart, reached backwards with both hands to grasp her ankles then arched her back until she was looking up at the sky with her breasts thrust out and upwards. Tom walked to one side of her and squatted down, he ran the handle of the whip gently across both breasts admiring the perfect curve and the way her still aroused nipples stood out.

He stood and raised the whip.

"Are you ready slut?"

She took a deep breath which thrust her breasts out even further.

"Yes sir I'm ready, please whip this slut's tits."

He stood and looked down at her before moving until he was standing behind her looking down at her upturned face. He raised the whip and then hesitated. His mind returned to his thoughts when she had first contacted him to ask if he would have her back for a longer visit. His reaction had been yes, but.... She was attractive, in fact very attractive, intelligent, a masochist and probably, with a bit of training, a genuine pain slut. He had decided that he would push her hard and had told her this, stressing that she had to accept his decisions and his assessment of her limits. She had agreed. He decided that now was as good a time as any to test those limits.

"Slut I am correct am I not that hitting your nipples gives the most pain when your tits are being whipped?"

There was a momentary hesitation before she replied.

"Yes sir that's correct."

Tom smiled down at her.

"Oh good."

The whip slashed down once, twice, in rapid succession each blow centred on a nipple. Natalie shrieked, the arched position that she had been holding collapsed.

"Get that back arched again slut, you want to be my slave, present those tits for the whip."

Tom watched smiling as she lifted her backside off her thighs and thrust her breasts back up. She looked back up at him blinking away the tears that streamed once again from her eyes. He put down the whip and picked up the camera, the shutter slapped rapidly as he recorded her agony and her obedience.

"Better, now four more, all of them will hit your nipples. Hold that position, don't collapse again or I will have to start all over again."

Four strokes lashed down on perfectly presented breasts, each stroke hit a nipple sending searing waves of pain through all her upper body. From the moment the first stroke hit her to the last Natalie uttered one continuous howl of agony. Tom could feel his cock responding to both the sight of her breasts bouncing under his assault and to the power he was exerting over her. He showed no sign of giving her any respite.

Kneel forward slut, prone, arse up high, knees wide apart, be quick about it, present your cunt for the whip."

He watched her kneel up, then slide forward until her front was pressed to the ground her back arched with her buttocks raised high. He walked behind her and looked at the delightfully obscene display created by her kneeling with her knees more than sixty centimetres apart. Her anus and vagina were totally exposed to both his view and to the whip. He took some photos of her from both side and rear before picking up the whip and taking up a position straddling her body just below her shoulders.

"Ready slut."

"Yes sir. Please whip my cunt."

The reply was a little muffled by her position and he asked her to repeat it. She lifted her head slightly and the reply was much clearer.

"Please sir, whip my cunt."

Tom grinned to himself and brought the nine leather tails down exactly centred between the spread thighs. Her body rose up by at least 20 centimetres and her scream was loud enough that he looked quickly about to check if there was anyone within hearing distance. Satisfied that there wasn't he brought the whip down again, and again until all six strokes had made their searing agonising impact on Natalie's sex. When he was finished he stood back and watched as she knelt sobbing bitterly with her hands down between her thighs. Finally he moved until he was stood in front of her, he bent down, grabbing a handful of her hair he hauled her head upwards until her tear stained face looked up at him.

"Do you still want to be my slave slut?"

He watched her blink away the tears sniffing as she did so.

"Yes sir, please sir, thank you sir. Please keep testing me."

He smiled and kissed her, tasting the salt of her tears on his lips.

"Good, now suck me off, I want to cum all over that tear stained face slut. So get your mouth round my cock now."

She moved forward on her knees, raised both hands using one to slide back his foreskin before she began to lick the glistening helmet. The fingers of her other hand began to gently tease the taut wrinkled skin of his sac and the insides of his thighs. After licking and kissing the sensitive glans for a few seconds she took him into her mouth sucking and licking at the same time. She looked up at him through eyes that were still filmed with tears and then began to move her head back and forth. Each forward movement took a little more of his rigid member into her mouth until it was into her throat and his sac was touching her chin. He began to thrust into her now, with one hand on top of her head guiding her, he pinched her nose between the finger and thumb of the other hand. Her mouth was soft, warm and wet, and her tongue lapped at the rigid length of male meat being thrust back and forth. She managed to take in a deep breath of air as, for a second, he pulled from her before driving his full length deep into her mouth and throat.

Natalie moved one hand until her fingers were circling the muscle of his anus, she heard him gasp as her fingers penetrated him searching for his prostate. He was fucking her mouth now, using her with no thought to any suffering that she might be enduring as he did so. She forced her finger deeper into him and raked the nails of her other hand down the inside of his thighs before using them on the skin of his scrotum. The brutal way in which he was using her was exciting her, she could feel waves of sexual heat spreading through her body. He suddenly gave an even more brutal thrust of his hips and she was trying desperately hard not to choke as he spurted his cum into her throat before pulling from her mouth and spraying her face with copious hot sticky jets. He was breathing hard as he looked down at her.

"That's not bad slut, not bad at all. I've not even got you home yet and I've had all three holes."

She smiled up at him and he grinned back at her.

"Hold that, I want that face. Don't move."

She heard the slap of the camera shutter and laughed. The shutter slapped again.

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