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Hybrid Misfit [MultiFormat]
eBook by Eve Langlais

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: I lost my humanity in a government experiment, and now find myself hunted because of it. Demons, vampires and even angels--everyone wants a piece of me. I say bring it on and prepare to die, because I intend to fight for my right to live. A chance meeting with a giant shifter and his best friend--an actual genie with a bottle--has evened the odds just as a prophecy involving me increases the danger. But, this Hybrid Misfit isn't about to give up, and with my lovers supporting me, I will change the world--and discover that two naked men in bed is better than one.

eBook Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, Published: 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2011

34 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


They claimed the treatments were for our own good, that it would improve our quality of life. They explained the locked doors, barbed wire and guards were for our safety. They told us the infusions they pumped into our strapped down bodies weren't dangerous even as so many of us died--or worse, emerged from the screaming changed. And, they also said it wouldn't hurt even as the agony burned through our limbs and boiled our blood.


For every one of us that died, for every one of us that cried, and for every one of us that lost our humanity, someone would pay. Make that someone would die, not by my hand for even with the torture I suffered at their hands, I lacked that kind of ruthlessness. But my brothers and sisters, made kin by the shared experimentation, they had no such qualms; in fact they craved violence--and death.

When the uprising occurred, blood rained down and soaked the earth. Like a volcano erupting, vengeance, too long bottled, burst forth with deadly consequence. In the deep of night, when only bogeymen dared walk, I ran with the flames of Hades reaching high behind me in the dark sky. As I escaped my prison and the adopted siblings who'd finally turned on me with covetous eyes, I heard the chilling screams of the liars as retribution came back to bite them.

Then to eat them.

As for me, I fled and hid, but most of all I rejoiced because I was finally free.

* * * *

Chapter One

Apparently, someone forgot to mention that with freedom came responsibility. Escaping the gated institution I'd lived in for three long years didn't make everything all better. Although, I did enjoy the lack of needles, and bathing in privacy was a treat. In exact reverse though, I'd have to say I wasn't too crazy about the gnawing pain in my stomach or sleeping on the cold, hard ground.

I couldn't ignore the facts--I needed a place to live. I needed things to survive. I needed a job. Of course, that was easier said than done, especially considering I had a definite lack of skills. A grade twelve education did not make me a rocket scientist, although I could still recite by rote some of the Spanish I'd learned.

While in captivity, we'd had no access to computers or technology, and books were doled out for good behavior. I'm afraid to say, I didn't read often. Emerging into the real world like a butterfly from a chrysalis, I needed to learn how to fly. Or, at the very least type and speak a second language. It wasn't like I didn't have any skills, but somehow, I didn't think peeing in a cup with no hands would gain me points on a job application.

I tried all the easy places first--McDonalds, Walmart and other retailers that paid minimum wage and required no experience. Nobody hired me.

Annoyed that they'd foiled my plan to start a new life, I moped for days and thought about going back to kill the managers who couldn't see my potential. It would have helped with my hunger at the very least, but caution stayed my hand--and a squeamishness over parts of my diet that forced me to resort to hunting those of my kind--well my kind until I changed, that was. But the loss of my innocent self remained a memory I preferred not to dwell on.

So what should a girl of twenty-one with good teeth, no skills or advanced education do for money? And an easy food source?

Thus was Trixi born, the newest exotic dancer at XXXButts. A shocking environment that I wouldn't deny was degrading to women, but in their defense, they paid really fucking well. It also made feeding my hungers--and not the meat and potato variety--so much easier.

XXXButts was just a starting point though. I moved often in the beginning, especially when members of my past caught up to me and learned to their detriment that I preferred to stay hidden and out of their clutches. It was during this time I lost my squeamishness and I adopted the new motto of "I will kill to survive." Eventually, I stopped running, and that's when I found out, to my amazement, I wasn't the only special girl working at my newest club. Of course, the siren and werebunny didn't come close to my state of being, but because of our differences--and in spite of them--we forged a friendship that was stronger for our specialness.

My unique appeal on stage caught the attention of a bigger club within months--I knew how to please a crowd. Dragging my friends along with me, we moved to the more upscale location and I landed the cushy feature dancer position while Lana and Claire landed jobs as shot girl and waitress. My success entitled us to the best shifts, the cleanest most secure lockers and a never-ending flow of cash--among other things.

During my time on stage, I enticed and enflamed. I swung on the pole in a titillating dance as the featured Saturday night dancer. When I shook my booty, all eyes in the place were glued to me. What could I say, I was hot and not only did I know it, but humans did, too. Even better, their slack jawed excitement fed a part of me without my even touching them. If only I could have fed my other hunger hands-free.

My friends and I settled into a comfortable routine. We exchanged life stories. We watched out for each other and I thrived.

I should have known my comfortable existence wouldn't last.

Premonition didn't warn me as I hung upside down on a pole, my ankles crisscrossed while my anaconda thighs gripped the upright bar. My hands cupped my breasts--which were barely hidden by my pasties--while my hips dry humped the steel support, multitasking at its best. I was in the midst of my routine, sucking in all the thick, sexual energy, when they walked in.

Shit. Fuck. Oh crap. About two dozen curse words went through my mind when I saw them, my long lost brothers. Or should I say rejected lovers--although given their rough ways many would have said rapists--for after the change, I went from little sister to coveted object. Their appearance couldn't bode well. I pretended not to notice them, hoping I'd get lucky and they wouldn't recognize me.

Their freakish yellow eyes zeroed in on me immediately, shooting down that wishful thought. I hid my own special eyes behind contacts of dull brown. Apparently violet colored eyes, ones that appeared lit up from within, weren't the norm for humans. Imagine that. But mundane human disguise or not, I couldn't mask my scent and I could see them sniffing the air as they took seats close to the stage. They didn't make it to the pervert row, that first rank around the stage where leering men sat with eager faces and enjoyed the up close and personal show. But the trio didn't sit far behind and I could see them muttering to each other even if I couldn't hear their words over the blaring rock music.

Probably planning ways to capture me and take me back to their lair for some devious torture.

Okay, that was a tad melodramatic. They probably didn't have a lair, but I wasn't kidding about the capture part. They wanted me because of what I could do. Or should I say, what my blood was capable of.

I had no intention of becoming some kind of blood bank for them, even though I was tired of always looking over my shoulder. Freedom was worth dying for, I knew that from experience.

My set ended with me bent over and exposing parts of me that should never see daylight--I truly had no inhibitions when it came to displaying my body though. As soon as I could, I rushed to the back of the stage and slipped behind the curtain. I figured I didn't have much time before they came looking, but I needed at least a minute to change out of my glittery outfit into something more respectable for walking the city streets. There were probably some who'd argue that the micro mini I shrugged on along with the sheer blouse and high heels was no better. Too bad.

After the sterile whites I'd worn for years--asexual garments that smelt of bleach--I craved color and loved to look sexy. Besides, it made getting dinner so much easier. I often liked to grab a snack to tide me over before going in to work.

But tonight, I wished I'd worn running shoes instead of three inch heels, as I slipped out the back door, usually manned by Bernie our bouncer. Tonight, the gorilla whom I bummed gum from wasn't standing at his usual post, probably because he was beheaded and his body partially stuffed into the dumpster. His face, with an expression of surprise, gaped at me as it swung from a fist. My eyes followed the hand up the arm to a familiar face. So much for sneaking out.

Five foot ten, lanky and with a shock of platinum hair, my ex-brother still wore the sneer he'd been famous for back in the institution.

"Jonathon," I greeted him carefully. "Long time no see." And I could have done with a lot longer given the last time I'd seen him, he'd had his pants around his ankles and a bleeding nose. I still fondly remembered the conversation he had with the edge of my fist. His attempted rape earned him solitary at the institution and I lost my pudding--a huge bummer at the time. After the uprising, I never saw him again. Although, I'd had chance encounters over the years with others. They weren't happy family reunions needless to say, but I was proud to say I'd always come out on top.

"Love the new name, Trixi." Jonathon coughed up a nasty chuckle as he recited the fluffy name I'd given myself, but seriously, who wanted an exotic dancer called Beth? Besides, as far as I was concerned, Beth had died along with my old life. The new me didn't like to remember the humanity I'd lost.

"What brings you to town?" I asked while unobtrusively scanning the darkness of the alley for his two companions.

"This and that," he answered vaguely. "You know, the whole crew has missed you. I know they'd love to see you again." His yellow eyes narrowed as he smiled at me with pronounced canines.

I just bet they would--naked and cuffed, spread eagle for them to feed on me buffet style. I decided to stop wasting time, for even an idiot could tell this wasn't a social call. Besides, attacking Jonathon would draw the other two out. Not bad odds for someone special like me--and I was hungry, having skipped out on work early before feeding my needs.

I turned it on, the half of me that fascinated men, my succubus side. "Mmm, that sounds like fun." With a sensual smile that promised delight, I sashayed towards Jonathon, the hypnotic sway of my body capturing him and allowing me to approach.

My brothers considered themselves predators--the baddest bunch around. Ha, they looked like amateurs compared to me. After all, I was the only one who'd gotten both sides of the curse--and lived. Perhaps I had an inflated sense of my worth, but then again, so far the score was Trixi six and bad guys zero.

Jonathon, under my spell, could only blink as I neared him, my nails on the tips of my fingers extending into claws--really sharp and deadly ones. My canines--a present from my other, more sinister, half--also descended as my adrenaline ramped up in anticipation of the violence I was about to unleash. Time to open up a can of whoop ass.

I leaned towards Jonathon, inhaling his scent, but I wrinkled my nose, for unlike a human, he stank. Not physically, but metaphysically, the experimentation doing to him what only death does to humans--stripping his soul, his very aura. Without it, he smelt of decay, the sickly sweet scent of the grave even as his body appeared intact. And yet, even without his soul, my succubus powers worked on him, but in his case I'd feed on his very life, the spark that animated him--though not for much longer.

Bad smell or not, former brother in torture or not, he needed to die before he could tell others he'd seen me. I liked my new life and my friends, thank you very much. I wouldn't let him and his covetous nature ruin it for me.

I pressed against him, my mouth opening and preparing to suck the life--putrid as it was--right out of him.

"Now," Jonathon croaked, managing to force the word out through the enthralling spell I'd placed him under. That surprised me. Usually, once I had them under my spell, they couldn't move until I released them. My brothers have grown stronger. Not a reassuring thought given the situation.

The sound of several thumps hitting the ground behind me forced my hand--and deprived me of dinner. With a quick slicing slash, I opened up Jonathon's throat before he could raise a hand to defend himself--I'd lost my fear of violence after my escape when I realized it was kill or be killed. As Jonathon sagged to the ground, leaving the wall he leaned against bare, I whirled and pressed my back against the rough concrete.

It would seem I had miscalculated. Jonathon might have entered the club with only two lackeys, but facing me were a half dozen faces, of which I only recognized two.

Who are the strangers? And a better question, are they vamps like my brothers?

My question was quickly answered. With a snarl that showed a lot of pointed teeth, they dove on me. Deciding the bottom of the pile wasn't a good position for me--I preferred to ride my bucking men--I sprang up, calling forth my tarnished wings which burst from my back in a shower of fluffy grey feathers. I was a woman with many hidden talents.

I flapped my wings at the apex of my leap, but gravity pulled me down with the help of a tall attacker who wrapped his hands around my ankle like a steel vise. Pump my wings as I might, my free foot kicking at the restraining hands, I couldn't break free and my ankle fetter's companions joined him in pulling me down.

I let out a piercing shriek, not of maidenly distress, but rage. How dare they? I'd suffered as much as they. We should have shared a bond. We should have banded together against those who changed us. Instead, because I'd turned out different than all of them, they thirsted for me.

I just wanted my freedom and to be left alone. Simple needs that would prove impossible if I let them get away with news of my continuing existence. I stopped my attempts to escape and let myself suddenly fall, my unexpected capitulation sending them stumbling. I hit the ground and moved. My fist shot out and jabbed the one who'd clipped my wings, the diaphragm shot bending him over to gasp. Even if they were no longer human, one thing remained the same; they still needed to breathe.

Bodies with glowing yellow eyes and gnashing teeth moved in to crowd me. That wouldn't do at all. I needed breathing room to lay down the law--my law. My wings retracted as I spun and kicked out, my high-heeled foot hitting and sinking into soft flesh. For a moment, my stiletto stuck, but a vicious yank broke my foot free and the figure slumped to the ground gushing blood.

Great, I'd ruined my shoes. This evening was getting worse all the time.

A blow from behind snapped my head forward, but I'd been hit harder than that before--the hospital staff didn't know the word gentle--and before I'd even brought my head back up, my foot kicked backwards like a pissed donkey and connected with some soft male parts. My fists were also busy, driving forward, claws extended, to rip and punch with bloody effect.

The problem with fighting others like me though was the rate at which we healed. Even as I took one down, the first bounced up again, his eyes burning and his lips pulled back over snarling teeth.

I had to admit, it wasn't looking good for me, but I refused to give up. Even if they managed to take me down and capture me, I'd never stop fighting. I'd learned one important lesson while in that prison shrouded under the guise of a hospital--freedom was the most precious thing I could own, and by damn, I wouldn't allow anyone to take that from me again, not without a vicious fight.

Slugging left and right, kicking back and forth, covered in a sticky layer of blood, I wasn't aware the tide of the battle had changed until the body I fought fell over and I discovered there was nothing left to hit. And yet, the sound of someone's fist hitting flesh still filled the air. I pivoted in time to see the last of my attackers drop, laid flat by a giant of a man.

I meant to say thank you, but the words caught in my throat as eyes glowing the green of spring grass rose to meet mine. For once, I was the one spellbound. My breath caught, my lower extremities heated and my lips parted on a sigh. I couldn't see the face of my sparring partner, the gloom of the alley hung too deep, but I didn't care, for sinking into the green depths of his eyes, I felt a calming peace--and a naughty thrill. I took a step towards him, or I meant to, but my legs buckled. I sank to my knees, my mind fuzzy with incomprehension.

Was I injured? I looked down at myself and noted the blood staining my clothes and skin. I vaguely felt the sting and throb of dozens of scratches and bruises, none of them grievous enough to cause such a weakness. The needle, however, sticking out of my side explained a lot.

"Fuckers," I slurred before keeling forward on my face.

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