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Laird of the Game [MultiFormat]
eBook by Lori Leigh

eBook Category: Historical Fiction/Romance
eBook Description: When Melissa Johnson once again wandered away from the group on her Highland Tour, she had no idea she would stumble into a fierce battle complete with warriors, warhorses and swords. After a harrowing rescue by the most stunning man she's ever met, she comes to the conclusion that she's somehow traveled back in time to the year 1745. How will she ever return to the future and her family? And does she truly want to? Alexander G. MacKenna, the reigning Laird of the Game, is absolutely shocked when he prays for an angel and she appears in the mist during a mock battle. Although he soon realizes that Melissa has incorrectly assumed she's traveled through time, he cannot bear to send away the only woman who has ever affected him as she does. Convincing his six younger brothers and the warriors of his clan to keep their mouths shut for the next month will not be as difficult as figuring out a way to keep Melissa with him once she realizes just how much he's tricked her.

eBook Publisher: Vinspire Publishing
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2011

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Lori Leigh has created a fabulous foundation for a fantastic new series in Laird of the Game. The MacKennas are warriors of old -- strong, smart, and sexy -- searching for the women strong enough to tame them while at the same time trying to avoid the constant media attention garnered by their charisma and wealth. In this, the first of the series, Alex comes to the realization that he needs more than his brothers, his fortune and the annual Game in his life. When fate gives him Melissa, he takes her, even knowing he may lose her once she discovers his deceit. Melissa is the perfect woman for Alex; gentle and sweet but with a sensual streak he can't resist. In addition, she's perfect for his brothers, loving each of the big, brawny men for their individual strengths and making them realize the importance of a loving woman. The attraction between Melissa and Alex is immediate and genuine, entrancing everyone surrounding them. The romance that blossoms between them is exactly what every reader dreams of. Ms. Leigh paints a picture with her vivid descriptions of the highlands, the warriors and the battles, making it seem as if you are right there in the fields with them. The secondary characters provide the support needed to keep the story moving, as well as plenty of material for many more books to come. I eagerly await the next in the Laird series!~Fallen Angel Reviews

Chapter One

A time to remember...

The Celtic Warrior Game in the Highlands of Scotland has begun.

The Bookies in London are having a heyday. The favorite again is the handsome Laird MacKenna; however, Prince George promised a startling upset and vowed to win the Celtic Warrior Game this year.

Alexander G. MacKenna is Laird of the Game. He's as cocky as ever and has assured his stockholders victory, as usual. The MacKenna boys are always a favorite with the ladies and will be sorely missed during the month long game.

On the Streets with Rosabel

The echo of a hundred mounted warriors thundered over the glens of Scotland. Long before the tourists that lined the country road on the edge of the Balquhidder caught sight of the magnificent warriors, they heard the rumble of hooves crossing the heat-baked earth and stone. The cheers rose as the Laird crested the hill on his black stallion.

The fearless warhorse reared up on his hind legs and then descended into the valley. The warriors followed their Laird in precise formation that dazzled the tourists in a spectacle of living history. The tourists that lined the road cheered them on to victory.

"Has anyone seen Melissa? Where has she gone off to now?" The Tourist Guide rounded up her group andthey boarded the bus.

"Come along, ladies, we still have much to do and see. We can't wait any longer and must stay on schedule to see it all."

"She'll find her way back," the ladies commented. "She went looking for the site where they filmed Reign of Fire. There's an old castle on the map."

"Didn't they film that in Ireland?"

"Can we also fit in a stop for Ewan McGregor and Ioin Gruffund?"

"Did you see the warrior on that horse? Oh, Lord, wasn' he handsome!"

"There was a warrior on that magnificent Friesian?"

"Isn't isthis where Mel Gibson filmed Braveheart??" One of her charges sighed in awe.

"Tonight, we're going to one of Gerard Butler's favorite pubs in Glasgow, and then tomorrow we willwe will be standing on the same hilltop that Liam Neeson filmed Rob Roy."

"Wonderful!" The group clapped in appreciation!

"It's a pity Melissa will miss it all." The Tour Guide shook her head and started the engine.

Alexander called a halt on the ridge and surveyed the horizon along the rocky coastline for any sign of their enemy, Prince George. The powerful Laird's mouth was set in a determined line, and his eyes narrowed against brilliant morning sunshine. He breathed deeply the scents of horseflesh and leather. A fine spray of salty ocean wafted over him, and long-forgotten childhood memories flooded back to mingle with the mist. It was time to remember their heritage and set aside the modern-day world.

As a child Alex had watched his father stand on this ridge. He was a powerful man, formidable, but tenderhearted when it came to Lily, his wife and mother to his seven sons. As the eldest son, Alex had become the Laird and stood alone as the Chief for the MacKenna Clan, but the mantle of power weighed as heavily as the ancient sword sheathed at his side.

Alex was brooding again, as his younger brothers called the dark moods that would send him into a whirlwind of long days at his office and few hours of fun and pleasure. They were there to relax and enjoy their summer away from boardrooms. Alex let out a long sigh and focused his attention on the horizon.

It was 1745 once again, and he was a Celtic warrior!

Alexander fought a ferocious battle on his eighteenth birthday and claimed the title, Laird of the Celtic Warrior Game that their ancestor, Baron Girard Jolbert, had begun centuries ago. It was a heritage that put not only a vast fortune into their hands but also the problems that came from being young, wealthy, and handsome. His younger brothers had nearly driven him mad!

Every summer they revisited their Celtic heritage of ancient battles and mighty warriors. Modern day twenty-first century weapons were not allowed in battle. They fought on horseback, as their ancestors fought with their feet, hands, and their intuition. They wore the red and blue plaid tartan Kilt, white saffron shirt, and black riding boots that had become their signature. Eighteen years had passed, and Alex had yet to be defeated. Victory for Laird MacKenna was inevitable. Alexander MacKenna was Laird of the Game, and with his six brothers beside him, he was invincible.

Waves whooshed onto the rocky shore in frothy cream and liquid emeralds. Alex respected the power behind the waves that curled into a fist and smashed boulders into pebbles. He flexed his fingers instinctively and rested his fingers on the hilt of the ancient sword at his side.

The tip of a feather disappeared into the clouds. The morning mist lingered in wispy apparitions of warriors long gone, and dewdrops glistened on the grassy slope in a fairy treasure of sparkling jewels that would soon evaporate in the heat of a July afternoon. His movements were deathly silent and graceful from years of training. The peace and quiet that surrounded him was a ruse that alarmed his instincts. A gentle breeze crackled with intensity, and he felt a tingle on the back of his neck. It was as if the ancient Celtic Gods were anxious that something mysterious was about to happen.

War had been declared on Prince George, and the enemy was within their reach. Alexander studied every move the Prince made for eighteen years. His cousin, Prince George, had promised a surprise. Alex stepped into the role of Laird of his domain. George had talked about retiring from the game and returning to his nightlife in London with Niki, his glamorous lady that he adored. Alex knew every move he would make before George gave the order. It had become almost disappointing and far too predictable. Alex wanted a challenge; there was no thrill in conquest when winning came too easily. It had come time for both Alex and George to retire and pass the honors of victory on to younger challengers.

As if reading his thoughts, his black Friesian stallion snorted a hot, steamy disapproval for the long wait and shook his handsome head. The long hair that surrounded the hooves defined the distinctive breed.

"Soon, Yorath," Alex quietly comforted his horse with a calming hand. The name meant Handsome Lord and was appropriate for the magnificent, terrifying warhorse. Emily, one of his many lady friends, had named the horse when he was still a young colt. The horse was formidable in battle, and just his presence would make the warriors shudder in fear.

Well over a hundred heavily armed warriors waited for the command to attack. It was an adventure of a lifetime. Gideon, Alex's younger brother and their doctor, had assured him that every warrior was physically fit and ready for battle.

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