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Claiming Veronica [MultiFormat]
eBook by Charlie Richards

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Veronica learned paranormals were real when a rabid werewolf bit her at age nine, but no one believed her until the elves revealed their existence a decade later. Now years later, Veronica wants nothing to do with them, but the CPA firm she works for accepts paranormal clients. The gargoyle Bullox shows a special interest in her. Veronica runs the other way, right into the hands of a jealous demoness. When Bullox saves Veronica, why can't she keep her hands off the sexy gargoyle? And why, when with him, does Veronica feel safe for the first time since the werewolf attack? But before answering those questions, they need to stop the demoness that wants her dead.

eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasybooks, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2011

13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Tell me," Veronica pleaded. Her hands dropped to his chest as she focused on his face. She thought she saw a mixture of pleasure and pain, but with the sharp, almost alien angles of his gargoyle form, she wasn't certain. He remained silent for several moments, and she wondered if he'd answer.

He nodded and sucked in several deep breaths. "Touchin' a gargoyle's horns is a verra intimate act, sweetheart," he explained. His gaze lifted to meet hers, and Bullox gave her a feral smile. His eyes seemed to glow as he purred, "It's like cuppin' my cock. There's a hell of a lot of stimulation for me. I'd like nothin' better than to toss ye over the end of this bed and fuck ye for days."

The visual image sent a shiver of excitement down Veronica's spine. She couldn't bite back the small moan. The sound seemed to incense the gargoyle, for he gave a whole body shiver before growling low in his throat. Grabbing her waist, Bullox pulled her toward him.

For several seconds, Veronica perched precariously on the edge of the bed. Then Bullox twisted his arms, flipping her over until she rested with her stomach and elbows on the bed and her feet on the floor. Heat scorched her backside as the man leaned over her, putting his body flush to hers from thighs to chest.

"Is this what ye want, sweetness? My body against yours?"

He nudged the hard length of his arousal against her ass. Even with the fabric of both his pants and her skirt between them, Veronica felt the heat of his cock against her. She pushed back instinctively, asking for something to ease the clenching of her pussy.

Snarling softly, Bullox shifted one hand around her front, cupping her uninjured breast. He pinched and rolled her nipple, entreating the bud into a hard, sensitive peak. The added stimulation of his calloused hand had Veronica arching against the hard, leathery chest behind her. She rolled her hips, moving her ass against the large, hard dick behind her, desperate to feel more.

Bullox's other hand slipped down her stomach, sending tingling waves of sensation over her flesh. She heard and felt his breath coming in ragged gasps against her neck.

"Don't want to hurt ye, baby," he grunted.

She knew he struggled for control, but that wasn't what she wanted. Veronica wanted Bullox as mindless with lust as she felt. Reaching down, she pulled up the hem of her skirt, bunching it around her waist. She took his hand and pressed it against her damp panties before guiding his fingers under the lace front and sliding his thick, calloused fingers through her wet folds, moaning at the contact. "Ache so bad," she whispered, grinding her thong covered ass against him again. "Give us what we both want."

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