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Cinderella, Etcetera [MultiFormat]
eBook by T. J. Lazier

eBook Category: Humor/Fantasy
eBook Description: In a hilarious fantasy realm that is sure to remind many readers of Diskworld and Xanth, a wizard and company promise to fulifill young Cindy's rich father's dream and weave a spell that will make the Crown Prince fall in love with her at the upcoming ball. But the magical Mafia has its own plans for the beautiful Cindy, as does her Wicked Stepmother. Meanwhile, the man sworn to see that all goes smoothly and Cinderella marries the Crown Prince finds himself falling in love with her. Comic magical duels and outrageous creatures abound! Cover art: Brandy Webster

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Pageturner
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2011

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


The Mall at Fandango was both the largest structure and the largest shopping center in all the known worlds. It had an average roof height of five hundred feet and took up most of the largest continent of Fandango, which was about the size of Australia on Earth. The Mall was the center of Fandango's culture and economy and was the center of inter-dimensional travel and commerce.

Inside the nearly endless shopping center there were beings of every sort from almost every known world living, trading, shopping and doing business in the most diverse place in the universe. Anything could be bought, sold or traded in the Mall. Any service could be purchased and anything that could be imagined and plenty that could not be could be found inside.

The Mall was so massive that it had both roads and public transit systems, including trains, teleportation booths and elevators and escalators of all kinds. Some sections of the Mall were designed like the inside of any shopping mall and others were designed so that indoor cities and towns existed in those sections, complete with streets.

One of those sections was Business District #23, Southwest Quarter, Section D, Subsection R. Which was better known as the Magical Service District. That district was the center of the Mall's magical service industry and all of the big magic firms, businesses and magical service providers had their offices there. The Magical Service District was a five by five mile indoor business district that resembled a roofed-in version of any modern city's downtown with the tallest buildings brushing the five hundred foot ceiling.

On the corner of 15th Street and Wizard Avenue in the Magical Service District was the office of Fantasy Inc., a fairly new but well accomplished wish fulfillment service. That office was in a five story white marble facade building that had "The Merlin Building" emblazoned in twenty foot bronze letters on the street facing sides of the building. Which that building held some of the most successful magical firms in all of the known worlds.

One of those was Fantasy Inc.. That small firm was fast becoming the firm for beings throughout the known worlds to turn to when no one else could fulfill their wishes. Over the last four years Fantasy Inc. had developed a reputation to be able to do any wish job no matter how difficult.

Currently the Managing Partner of Fantasy Inc. was not inside his firm's office. Instead he was out on the sidewalk at the corner of the Merlin Building buying his breakfast on a Monday morning. Stephano Giovanni, or Stephano the Great and Amazing as he was known in his capacity as a wish fulfillment wizard always bought his breakfast from the bagel vendor who worked that corner. Which Lonk's Bagel Cart had the best bagels in the Mall and the ogre Lonk, who owned and operated the pushcart combination stand and oven baked them fresh on a continuous basis.

"Three bagels, two regular and one blueberry as usual Steve," said Lonk in a gruff voice.

He was five feet tall, hunch shouldered and covered in thin red fur with a big head with droopy ears and an ugly face that involved beady little eyes, a massive nose and a wide mouth with tusks. However his looks were more than made up for by his baking abilities and he was a well-loved figure in the neighborhood.

"Hot, fresh and ready to go," the ogre added and handed Steve his bagels in a small white paper bag.

Steve accepted the bag and gave Lonk a Fandango Dollar. "Thanks Lonk. I'll see you tomorrow."

Lonk nodded and tucked the bill into the pocket of his white apron. "I'm always here in the morning and the bagels are always hot. Enjoy the bagels and enjoy your day," he said with a wave.

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