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Agency of Extraordinary Mates Vol. 4 (Collection) [MultiFormat]
eBook by Aubrey Ross & Eve Vaughn & Kate Douglas

eBook Category: Erotica/Bisexual Erotica/Science Fiction
eBook Description: Book Summary 4Saken: Tegor, Rain, and Geho won't let the opportunity to reclaim their woman slip through their fingers. They'll do whatever it takes to win her back. And with the mood Shelby's in, it's going to take a lot. Chasing Dragons: Ex-bodyguard Lester Ondáge and Elven manservant Tady O'Shea are living and loving in the land of the Fae, and all is right with their world... or it would be if Lester could fly. Tady and Lester embark on a journey to the Seat of Magic to ask a boon of She Who Rules -- that she turn Lester into a shape-shifting Elf just like Tady. Carousel: The Carousel's owner, Evette, is fascinated by the Dark Elf Lyell. He stirs her passion in a way she's never experienced. But Evette has a secret, she's a Nocturnal Dichotomy. How will the other half of her being, easy going day-dweller Aurora, react to Lyell's intense sexuality? Snow Blind: Dezmon is determined to claim feisty Sekarrah as his mate. He introduces her to a drink called Snow Blind, and the games begin. When passion and ambition collide, can two stubborn Elves find their happy ending?

eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2011

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Praise for 4Saken "Sizzling with sensuality and also intense emotions, which the reader feels along with the characters." 4.5 Stars! -- Sheryl, eCataRomance Sensual Reviews "A passionate story of mates struggling to come together after a staggering lack of trust. The writing is excellent. Eve Vaughn brings her characters to life in this moving tale." 5 Kisses, 2 Peppers! -- Tara, Two Lips Reviews Praise for Chasing Dragons "Kate Douglas shows a heart-wrenching and gorgeously emotion-filled aptitude for telling fairy tales... There is so much love here, and lust abounds as well. Reading this book was like watching a sultry, slow dance; there was an almost poetic feel to this writing. The relationships that this book centered around were well-drawn and lusty, but there was more than just a sexfest here. There was devotion, selflessness and a showing of the power of love, plus an appearance by a totally unexpected character from one of my favorite movies ever. I was completely blown away by this story, and I'm very pleased to award Agency of Extraordinary Mates: Chasing Dragons with 5 Angels and a Recommended Read!" -- Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews "This book has everything, a fascinating plot, adventure, magic, danger, love, sex and even sadness. Sadness in a romantic erotic story? Absolutely! Everything fit perfectly in the plot. I finished reading Chasing Dragons, sat quietly to digest it all, and started reading all over again." 5 Stars! -- Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews "The adventures Tady and Lester experience and their deep and abiding mutual love made me smile, laugh, and then cry throughout the story." 5 Kisses!-- Frost, Two Lips Reviews Praise for Carousel "Ms. Ross had done it again! A.O.E.M.: Carousel is one hot story!" 4 Stars!-- Trang, eCataRomance Reviews "If you are looking for something that is fresh and original, with a taste of fantasy and the paranormal, then you need to give this great series a try." -- Elizabeth, Fallen Angel Reviews Praise for Snow Blind "This erotic tale...strikes a perfect balance between character development and steamy romance...Aubrey Ross has taken the world that we know and created her own unique environment filled with problems and people that are easily believable." -- 4 Blue Ribbons from Belle Rouge at ROMANCE JUNKIES "This passion-filled short story pulled me in from the first sexually empowered page and left me hungering for more." -- Francesca Hayne, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Chapter One

Tegor inhaled the deep sea air as he watched the sun set over the horizon. He felt an affinity with this island. Parts of it reminded him of Laiocean. What he liked most about Chimera was that this was where he and the rest of his Triad had met Shelby Morgenson. His favorite memory was when he'd seen her standing on the shoreline, letting the waves crash around her delicately curved ankles. Her long blonde hair swayed in the breeze, the wind playing freely with it. She'd had her face turned up to the sun, a content smile on rose painted lips.

His heart sped up when he remembered how she'd turned eyes on him that were somewhere between brown and green.

"Are you thinking about Shelby too?" Rain asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

A humorless smile touched Tegor's lips. "Is it that obvious?"

"It wasn't really hard to figure out considering that Geho and I have had nothing but her on our minds since we received that letter from the proprietors of this island."

"I only hope she comes back to Chimera. When she left Laiocean, she made it clear that she never wanted to see or hear from us again. She didn't even make eye contact." Rain sighed, raking fingers through his hair.

"How can we be sure she'll even be here? For all we know she could have balled her letter up and thrown it away."

"Failure isn't an option. Besides, the Alpha fem has already stated that we're not to come back to Laiocean without Shelby," Rain pointed out.

Tegor smirked as he remembered the petite Alpha fem staring them all down with fire in her dark eyes, hands on hips and belly full with the Alphas' child. "I don't think she was serious. You know how females get emotional when they're pregnant. Trina's a human and prone to mood swings, so she's even worse."

Geho chose that moment to join the conversation. "Oh, I have no doubt that she was serious. She's not known to issue idle threats from what we've seen. Do you not remember what happened when she confronted Nika's followers?"

Rain laughed. "She's definitely not one to be crossed, but she's also quite endearing."

Tegor nodded. The Alphas were lucky to have found a mate like Trina. He found himself envying them and the strong bond the four of them had. If only he and the rest of his Triad had stuck by Shelby as the Alphas had stood by Trina. They should have seen through Reyo's Triad's scheme. They'd still have their sweet Shelby.

The evidence had been so strong, and each member of the Triad had misconceptions about humans before they'd even met Shelby. In a way, they had expected her to mess up somehow, which made it easy for Reyo's Triad to splinter them apart.

For that entire year she was banished neither he nor the rest of his Triad got much sleep with worry for her. There'd been a point when they sought her out in the forbidden forest, but there was no trace. They feared she'd died because, after all, not many Manani could survive that long in that dark place, let alone a human woman.

When Trina brought her back to their village and they learned of the plot against her, they'd been relieved, but the damage had already been done.

"Even if she does come, it's going to be tough to convince her to give us another chance," Geho sighed.

"Stop being so negative," Tegor growled. "I didn't come here to go home without her. I don't know about you two, but even if I have to track her down where she lives, I will. We'll give it a couple days. If she doesn't show up, then that's exactly what we need to do. Are you two in agreement?"

Rain and Geho exchanged looks before nodding. It was time to right the wrongs they'd done and win Shelby back.

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