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Night Stalker (Collection) [MultiFormat]
eBook by Angelina Evans

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Science Fiction
eBook Description: Book Summary Kayla. Phaeryn came to Earth looking for a small, delicate, submissive woman able to bear his children. Kayla's exactly what Phaeryn needs -- he just doesn't know that yet. Allison. All Allison wanted when she stopped at the coffee shop was a latte. She wasn't looking for adventure, sex, love, or a Vampyryn. 'Til she met Vance. Mya. The man of her dreams won't come to her so she sets out to find him, never dreaming that the only man for her isn't a man at all. Even the strength of a Vampyryn is no match for the power of a woman in love! This collection contains the previously released Stalker series novellas Night Stalker, Night Stalker Christmas, Shadow Stalker, and Stalker's Stalker.This title is available in print.

eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2011

4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Praise for Night Stalker (Collection) "Angelina Evans pens four fabulous tales in the Night Stalker. Not only are the stories sensual, and loaded in fiery heat, the characters have a way of connecting with the reader. The stories are unique and I thoroughly enjoyed the way Ms. Evans matched the awesome characters together." -- Linda L., The Romance Studio Praise for Night Stalker "Night Stalker is a short sexy vampire story with a twist. It is cheeky, funny, and so hot in places you will blush when you remember them." -- A Romance Review "Wow! This story contains really hot sex and passion. There should be steam rising between the lines." -- Ulrike, Cupid's Library Reviews "Ms. Evans writes a great vampire romance and the sex scenes really steamed up the pages for a highly recommended read." -- Sharon, Sizzling Romances Praise for Night Stalker Christmas "Quickly becoming well known for her powerful erotic romances, Angelina Evans delivers a story that will have you squirming in chair and feeling tingly all over." -- A Romance Review "This short story dishes up a delicious and decadent tale of love and unbridled passion. Kayla and Phaeryn share a union of love that is quite unusual in its physical demands, but it certainly makes for a red-hot read." -- Katherine J. Turcotte, The Road to Romance "Phaeryn is a very sexy vampire and Kayla is a large woman both in stature and heart. It was fun to get a peek into their lives after their original story." -- Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews Praise for Shadow Stalker "Shadow Stalker is an erotic, heated, and attention-capturing read. The interaction between Vance and Allison sizzles with passion. The combination of the characters work well together for an emotionally charged sexually satisfying story." -- M. Jeffers, The Road to Romance "...creative and red-hot, just the way it should be. I had a great time reading the story, and will be on the look out for more from Angelina Evans." -- Julia, The Romance Studio Praise for Stalker's Stalker "Unique and emotional... The combustible chemistry between them will leave readers overjoyed and fanning themselves." -- Shayley, Fallen Angel Reviews "Full of some of the most erotic loves scenes to date in the series, Stalker's Stalker is another example that it's not the size that matters but what you do with it." 4 Roses! -- Cynthia, A Romance Review

Chapter One

The Meeting

Phaeryn and Vance walked into the Red Light club and were immediately assaulted by music set at a deafening level. The floor of the converted warehouse was a mass of gyrating bodies. Small tables for two to six were built out on platforms, stair-stepped up and down the walls.

"You called this what?" Phaeryn asked. He wasn't happy to be here. The smells -- men's cologne, women's perfumes, body odors -- made his stomach roll. Why would people put themselves into a situation like this? There was no chance of meeting anyone here. It was like an orgy without the sex.

He looked into a corner where a man and woman were wrapped around each other. They were still dressed, though in the shadows. He could see she had one breast bared and her legs were wrapped around the man. His hips were pumping against her. Maybe he was wrong... it was an orgy.

Smirking, Vance watched his cousin's face. The imperturbable prince had lost a bit of his veneer. It was about time.

"This is a club. Some people fondly call it a meat market."

Eyes narrowed, Phaeryn glared at Vance. "A meat market?"

Vance's smile was wicked. "Mmmhmm."

"Humans are a strange species." Phaeryn looked back over the crowd of people. To some of his own race, humans were meat. There was an odd irony in the name they gave this meeting place. "Do you think we could go somewhere more appropriate for my search?"

"You said you wanted to go somewhere with lots of women." Vance widened his eyes, attempting an innocent look. It didn't work.

"And you immediately thought of this place?"

"It's the biggest gathering of women I could think of on such short notice."

"My earlier question stands. Do you think we could go somewhere more appropriate? I want a woman, not a disease."

"As if you could catch anything from a human woman."

"Vance..." There was a thread of steel in Phaeryn's tone.

Vance grinned unrepentantly. "We're here. Why not try it? What have you got to lose?"

Jaw tight, Phaeryn glared at his cousin. Vance was very young. He also had no concept of the respect his elders were entitled to. Usually it was amusing. At other times, like now, it was irritating.

"Just try it."

Phaeryn's brows rose. Was that exasperation he heard in Vance's voice? Before he returned home, he'd teach his young cousin a lesson in etiquette. For now, though, he'd prove what a waste coming here had been.

Raking the unwholesome crowd with a censorious eye, he opened his mind and sent out his silent call. You who would be mine, sensitive and pure, come to me. Come to me.

There was no change in the activity going on throughout the warehouse. His call hadn't been a powerful one. It would take someone very receptive to sense it, let alone understand it. In this mess, with the alcohol and no doubt drugs that flowed freely through the crowd, there was little chance of anyone responding to the light compulsion he'd laced through the call.

"It's time we left." He gave his cousin an imperious look. He'd had enough of this game. It was time they went somewhere he could begin a serious search for the human woman who'd bear his children.

Vance started to follow. He'd been counting on Phaeryn finding someone here.

He glanced over his shoulder. "Stop." He grabbed Phaeryn's arm.

Phaeryn turned, the black depths of his eyes a living inferno.

Vance released his cousin's arm, lifted both hands in the air and stepped back. "Sorry. I didn't think before I touched you. Look." He pointed at the tall, big-breasted woman pushing her way through the crowd toward them. She didn't look happy. Her lips were a tight thin line and her nostrils flared.

What clued him into the fact that she wasn't happy was that she kept glaring up at them, her lips moving in what he was sure wasn't a blessing. "I think you caught someone's attention."

Phaeryn looked over his shoulder. He turned away dismissively when he saw the tall, voluptuously proportioned woman steaming through the crowd below them. She wasn't the woman he'd come looking for. She was too... too much... of everything. The woman who'd bear his children would be smaller, more delicate in looks and manner.

"You don't want to meet her?"

"No." He didn't even try to soften his response. Finding a human woman was his duty and he would do it -- but she would meet his requirements and expectations. This woman did neither. "If you would accompany me, then do so. If not, stay here and meet the woman yourself. I have a commitment to fulfill and no more time for games."

Vance shrugged. "Have it your way."

"I intend to."

So do I. Vance watched the woman reach the stairs leading to the platform where he and Phaeryn stood. He wasn't leaving until Phaeryn met the woman.

"Did you hear from the Vampyran today?"

Phaeryn didn't stop, cleared people from his path with a thought. Vance was pitifully transparent in his attempt to thwart his exit. He seemed strangely enthralled by the woman moving in on them like a shark through shallow water. He'd never liked aggressive women. He certainly wouldn't like this one. Dealing with her would only waste his time.

"So it would waste your time to deal with me, would it?"

The voice, husky and thick with temper, made the hairs on the back of Phaeryn's neck stand up. He stopped in mid stride and turned to face the woman.

"You arrogant ass." Her voice was a low hiss. "You send out some sort of siren call and then you run. You can damn well answer a few questions before you retreat."

Phaeryn straightened to his full, considerable height. He looked down his nose. Let his temper show in the flare of fire in his eyes.

She didn't even blink.

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