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Building Magic [MultiFormat]
eBook by Lilly Cain

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
eBook Description: When architecture student and summertime welder Tina Moreland develops a reputation as a peeping Tom, it isn't the first time she's been teased for being different. Catching a glimpse of the man of her dreams is worth the aggravation. But when she witnesses him doing something stranger than stripping in his hightower office, it's enough to make her forget that when working unharnessed on the fifth floor, the first step is a long way down. Working in the human world leaves Devin Ken'Draga frustrated and exhausted. Things aren't going well. Devin is the Kenta -- prime dragon - in a world not far from earth, only a magical breath of flame away. It is a world that is having problems, and he is expected to solve them. The question is how. Civil war has shattered his land and destroyed his home. He can't come up with an Answer, and the Elders can only tell him he will find what he needs on Earth. Devin doesn't have time to rescue a damsel in distress. But since she is literally falling at his feet, he can't help but to save Tina. Bringing her home wasn't part of the plan, but once they fall through the magical portal together, there is no going back. It is only when he spreads his wings in his true dragon form that Devin realizes something he hadn't anticipated -- the woman is a virgin, a temptation no dragon can resist. Together Devin and Tina create a sensual bond, gladly sacrificing her virginity to protect her from the dragon males who might think that hurting her would be a good way to hurt Devin. Her virginity is a gift -- with it's loss comes a release of power that Devin collects into a gemstone. It isn't enough to stop the war, and Devin is worried. There is no way for him or Tina to ever return to Earth -- the magic that rules the land only allows that trip once. He's lost his chance to bring back a way to find peace for his people. The entire Southern Dragon race is at risk, so many have dies from the war. He turns to Tina for distraction and comfort. Tina knows Devin is worried and does what she can to soothe him. But she is all that he brought back from Earth -- what more can she do to save his people? The questions haunt her. When inspiration strikes, she develops a plan to save them, not realizing how it will hurt Devin. Devin will do anything to save his people, but he must deal with his inner demons, along with those who oppose him physically. Together they must find a way to stand together. When the time comes, Tina proves her worth to Devin and all the dragons. Devin fights to protect her and his people, and using the magic from their first lovemaking he gifts her with it, mating with her for life and giving his people hope along with a new queen. To My Readers: I am thrilled to bring you a taste of the dragon world of Sa'Harin! My heroine, Tina, found it to be an eye-opener, and that's quite a compliment from a reputed Peeping Tom. Devin gives her a lot to look at -- between his delicious masculinity and his jaw-dropping beauty as a powerful dragon. Enjoy!

eBook Publisher: Red Sage Publishing/Red Sage Presents, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2011

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

"You are one sick puppy, Tina Moreland," Maryanne teased as she slammed the lid on her lunchbox and stood to leave. "A voyeur with binoculars and a bird's-eye view."

Tina set the binoculars down for a moment to focus on her only friend at the construction site. "It's harmless, Maryanne. I'm not hurting anyone." She glanced across the street, toward the man who had no idea he was being observed.

"You need a real man, not some figment of your imagination."

"Oh, he's no figment. He's right there, all flesh and blood. Besides, it's not like I've done all that well with real men around here. They take one look at me in my hardhat and run, or they hear about my degrees and run faster." She grinned. "Real men don't want flat-chested, freckled redheads with ghost eyes, a master's degree, and an interest in welding."

"Sweetheart, don't put yourself down. There's a real man out there for you, but watching a stranger through your binoculars isn't going to help you find him." Maryanne gave Tina her warmest smile, then laughed at the sour response.

As her friend headed out, Tina ignored the laughter trailing behind her. Tina sat on the newly constructed platform floor that covered the skeleton of ironworks. The platform now extended about half-way down the level, but the side-rails hadn't been installed. So it was a great place to hang her feet over the edge and have lunch, and of course, enjoy the view. They were working on the fifth floor now, high enough up that a fall would likely kill. But Tina and Maryanne had both been in construction long enough that the height, and the short-stepping gait that came with it were natural. Maryanne was the only other woman on the job this summer. Ironworking was hard work for women, it came with a lot of flack from the men in the Irondogs, as they were known in New York construction circles.

She was okay with Maryanne making light of her latest hobby, but she was tired of the taunts from the guys. She thought at some point she deserved respect. Not only was she a woman doing a man's job, but she'd completed her Masters in Architecture, and was now a Ph.D. student studying buildings from the inside out. Add that to her curly red hair, her pale grey eyes, and her freckles and she was a natural target for her less than tolerant tough guy co-workers. They looked for reasons to make fun of her. Now that she had taken to using her binoculars on her lunch hour, they'd dubbed her a Peeping Tom.

The worst of it was, they were right. Initially, the binoculars had come in handy as she studied the architecture of the nearby buildings, and the details that had been built long ago, high into the walls and roofs of the structures surrounding this one. Her hi-rise was going to be taller, but the old buildings had style. And that was what she'd been doing two weeks ago, just studying the elaborate stonework of the offices directly across when she'd spotted him.

From her vantage point on the ironworks, Tina could see right into the fifth floor corner office, but binoculars made it so much clearer. Her heart beat faster as she raised them to her eyes again. Are you in today, you gorgeous man? The tall windows let in so much light. He seemed to enjoy that, and in the afternoons, on a bright day like today, he took a break from his bean-counting job, locked his office door, and stripped.

A shudder of excitement slipped down Tina's back as she looked for him and found his lean body doing exactly what she had hoped for, slowly shedding his clothes. Oh, baby! You are so hot. Yes, take off that shirt. The naughtiness she felt watching a stranger added to the thrill. He didn't know she was out here, didn't know he was being watched. His casual sexiness was real, not practiced. If she could watch him from the privacy of her own home, she'd have been naked by now, too.

"Tina-Tom! Let's go, little lady, quit being a perv and get to work," a laughing male voice called to her.

Without looking away, she shouted back. "I'm on lunch, asshole, and I've got seven minutes left."

Slowly, almost as if he were stripping just for her, the bean-counter let his pants slide down his narrow hips. Tina reached blindly for her water bottle. Watching his long lean body did amazing things to hers. Her mouth felt dry, her skin feverish. An electric current seemed to be zinging its way from her taut nipples to her wet pussy. She fine-tuned her focus, shutting out the construction noise around her.

Crisp dark hair that matched his short hairstyle sprinkled across his chest and lower, forming an arrow through his six-pack abs and straight toward the object of her desire. Come on, man, that's it. Show it all to me. The litany ran through her mind. Yes! His pants hit the floor. As usual, he wore no briefs. Tina swallowed hard. This was the best view she'd had yet, and she was nearly creaming in her panties. She didn't have a great history with men, but that didn't mean she couldn't desire a well-formed one. This view would be fodder for her fantasy love life for weeks to come.

"Yer time is up, Tina-Tom. Get back to work." The smoke-roughened voice of her supervisor cut into her wet daydreams. She lowered the binoculars and closed her eyes for a minute. Why did I take this job? she wondered. Oh, yeah, the dream of building something spectacular, from design to nails to sliding glass doors. She sighed and gathered her lunch before standing up on the platform. Regulations said she should be having her lunch on the ground, but she, like most of the Irondogs, occasionally ignored the rules for expedience and love of heights.

She made her way to the corner of the platform and stepped onto the bare rail. She would have to re-secure her safety straps here, no one avoided that rule for long. For the hell of it, she raised her binoculars to have another look at the studly bean-counter before she had to stash her stuff and get back to welding on the seventh level. By now he'll be stretching out his glorious muscles, or perhaps, just perhaps today he'll give in to a little hedonism and stroke his majestic cock for me.

Instead, she frowned as she focused on something strange. It took her a moment to recognize it. Fire! The man's office was on fire! Then she realized that wasn't quite what she was seeing. It wasn't natural. The fire seemed to be following his gestures, moving with him. No, she realized, it was flowing from his fingertips. He was drawing a rectangle in the air with flames. He finished the last corner. She couldn't help it. She couldn't look away. Inside the rectangle a picture was forming.

"Holy shit!" she said aloud. Her mind reeled. As she watched, he reached into the burning picture and pulled something through. "What is that?" All awareness of where she was and what she was doing fled from her mind. He's a fucking Harry Potter. She leaned forward, tried to focus, and finally took a step closer. Unfortunately, there was nothing to step on.

* * * *

Devin Ken'Draga felt the force of the scream rip through the air and through the walls of his building. He knew, without a doubt, the very female cry was meant for him. Through the tall windows of his office he glimpsed the lean figure of an ironworker doing the unthinkable--her arms flailed as she lost her balance and began to fall. As if in slow motion, he watched the binoculars slip from her grasp, and the hard hat flip away from her bright red hair.

He reached, stretched out with his hoarded magic and opened one giant invisible hand, and caught her. The weight was too much. He staggered. Fuck! He slammed open the portal he'd opened to make it even wider, sliding one shoulder inside the fiery boundaries. He pulled, using the power he would have had in his own land, dragging her body through the air and toward the walls separating them. Still, he needed more power, and he edged deeper into the portal.

For a split second he wondered what he was thinking? He didn't even know her, and he needed the power he was expending. In the next instant, he knew he couldn't just drop the woman. Muscles straining, half in one world, half in another, Devin roared aloud as he yanked her up and through the very fabric of the stone walls of his office. The force of his effort recoiled as she passed through and was pulled directly into his arms. The impact knocked him off balance, and both he and the stranger tumbled through the widened doorway of the portal.

Unfortunately, the portal he'd created was meant to be a window for a view of home. He'd set it to look out high above the ruins of the capital city so he could catch a glimpse of both the mountains and the desert, and still look down on what had been his castle. It was a long, long way down.

As he fell, Devin relaxed, letting go of the rigid control he kept over his form. Here, in his native land of Sa'Harin there was no need to hold it in. No need to expend the magic forcing his huge frame into the tiny form of a mortal man. Here, he could be as the Dragon God Ken'Harin meant him to be. His body lengthened, expanded, and his wings snapped open with a booming crack.

He caught the limp female in one massive clawed talon, snatching her from the air a mere arm's length above the top level of the ruined castle. She remained lax in his grasp, and for a moment he wondered if she was truly unconscious from the effect of being pulled through a wall, or if the experience had killed her. His strong wings bore them higher into the air. Then she shuddered and he caught her scent.

She smelled of crushed mangos. No, he thought. That's just her shampoo. She smells like hot butter, like sex amidst silken pillows and hot sand. He clutched her closer, drew her to him. She smelled delicious. His long tongue snaked out past his wicked teeth to taste the air around her. With a dainty flick he laved the soft skin at her throat. She moaned as he sniffed her hair, his hot breath feathering the few long red curls that had escaped her ponytail now that her hardhat was gone.

"What?" the woman muttered, moaning slightly as she arched under the light caress of his heated tongue.

Devin stared, enthralled, as she opened eyes the same shade of pale grey as precious moonstone. So perfect was the match that he forgot what he must look like to her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" She screamed and kicked out at him, one steel-toed boot catching him neatly in the thin front bone of his jaw. "Get away!"

"Fuck, woman! Thtay thtill!" he growled at her. After her kick, his jaw throbbed from the unnatural attempt to speak aloud. Even at the best of times, dragon mouths were not meant for speech. In a swooping dive, he clutched her carefully, headed for the edge of the ruins that had once been his home. She fought him, struggling within his grasp.

Do you have any idea how high up we are? He sent the thought to her. She didn't respond, nor did he expect her to. Her tantalizing aroma drifted to him again. He felt every brain cell slowly short circuit. A subtle throbbing began low in his belly and began to work its way toward his cock. You smell so good, I want to eat you.

Nearing the ground, he risked her flailing boots and arms for another quick lick. Yes. She tasted as delicious as she smelled. I am going to spread her on the ground and savor every inch of her. His cock bulged at the thought. Her screaming intensified, and he groaned as he dropped to the ground. There could be only one reason he couldn't stop thinking of sex with this stranger, despite the fact that she was obviously frightened.

Dear Ken'Harin, she's a virgin.

* * * *

As the beast's hind legs hit the ground Tina made her best effort to pry herself from its claws. Her heart screamed with the effort, adrenalin racing through her veins as she moved with a speed only terror could bring. The beast had huge teeth in a lean serpentine head, rippling corded muscle covered by leathery skin in an opalescent dark blue laced with shining scales and wings. She lay in the grip of a monster. She redoubled her efforts. She sure as hell wasn't going to be its next dinner, no matter how much he seemed to want it by telling her she was delicious. She slid to the ground, her heavy outer work shirt ripping as it caught against one of the beast's talons. The monster was definitely male, whatever else it was. A massive cock jutted from the beast's belly, a huge duplicate of a man's penis despite its size and color.

Tearing herself away from its grip she fell to the hot sandy ground and ran. Stone walls beckoned, a narrow dark doorway offered a safe haven where the huge monster couldn't follow. She dashed for both, barely avoiding being captured once again as he grabbed for her.

"Jesus!" She swore as she lunged through the doorway, nearly tripping over the remains of a ruined wooden door, its design marred by heavy claw marks. The intense heat instantly gave way to cool darkness. A snarling roar came from behind her and she hurried deeper into the building. Her mind raced as quickly as her heart. What the hell had just happened? Where am I? She tried to remember what had happened as she twisted and turned through the corridor, avoiding fallen mortar and bricks. Finally, she reached a small room untouched by the devastation. A long table sat in its center, the chairs pulled aside or tilted as if they'd suddenly been abandoned.

She pressed herself into a corner, panting. She put her back to a tall cabinet that lay empty but undamaged against the side wall. "That fucking bean-counter did this!" she complained aloud to herself, trying to calm her racing nerves. "He caught me watching his little show and dumped me here to be eaten." She slid down to the ground, pulling her knees up tightly to her body. Finally, she lay her head against her knees as tears fell and shivers racked her body. "If I ever catch that bastard, I'm going to kill him."

* * * *

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