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Cirque Caprice: Tumbling [MultiFormat]
eBook by Julia Talbot

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Science Fiction
eBook Description: Book Summary When a vision of the future sends Lindsey running Alan and Jules have to win her back. Lindsey knows it's a mistake to hook up with Alan and Jules, Cirque Caprice's resident pair of playboys, but all the signs say it's time to live dangerously. She finally takes a chance on the boys, and things heat up fast. In fact, Alan and Jules want to stop playing the field and keep her around. When a vision of the future sends Lindsey running, fearing for their safety, Alan and Jules have to figure out how to get her back. Will this be the toughest act the two acrobats have ever had to put on?

eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2011

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Praise for Tumbling "I love this story, it was so fun and cute to read. I think Alan and Jules are sweet and so much fun. You really get into the story and just experience the love they have for each other and Lindsey. This is a must read for your library." -- Ronda, The Romance Studio

"She's late"

Alan glanced at his watch before whacking Jules on the back of the head. Such a worrier. "No, she's not. She's got four minutes. Stop pacing."

"I'm not!" Jules stopped to stare at him accusingly.

Sure. There was going to be a worn spot in the carpet, which was pretty thin to begin with. He guessed he could understand why Jules was so freaked. He and Jules had been after Lindsey for a very long time. Almost a year, off and on. For the last month they'd given up on anyone else too, and concentrated on her. She was worth the relatively tough exercise of self-control it took them to do it.

Alan thought their long drought might be paying off. She'd noticed, and she was more willing to take a chance now that they weren't out playing so much. At least he assumed that was the reason. Who knew? He grabbed Jules on the next pass. "You are too, pacing. You could do something useful."

Jules raised a brow. "Like what?"

"Like get me warmed up." He pulled Jules in for a kiss, because that would ground them and get the nerves out a little. Messing around with each other didn't count, right? That was part of their appeal.

Jules slid one hand behind Alan's neck, tongue pushing into his mouth. That was the nice thing about Jules. The man was always ready to go. Perpetually horny. "Mmm." Alan moaned a little, picturing Lindsey caught between them, the kiss going three-way and nuclear-hot. So many of the lovely ladies at the circus were on the skinny side. Lindsey had curves. Lots of them. She was a woman they could both hold on to at the same time.

The knock at the door of their trailer had them springing apart. Alan glanced at Jules, who laughed and smoothed his hair. "She's not late."

"Told you." Alan went to open the door, catching his breath when he saw Lindsey. She made him happy just looking at her. "So pretty."

"Thanks." She flushed from the roots of her hair all the way down to the top swell of her breasts, which were framed perfectly by a dark green tank top and an open, short-sleeved sweater with little spangles all over it. Her dark jeans outlined every curve of her lower body, and she wore these little pointy cowboy boots that were cute as all get out.

"Something smells good."

"Thanks." He kissed her cheek and ushered her in, where Jules took her by the arm and kissed her other cheek. "Hope you like Italian."

"I love it." She laughed and patted her belly with the hand Jules wasn't holding. "I like all the good stuff. Italian, Mexican..."

Since Alan was half Mexican, he thought that boded well. He was spicy enough to be enticing.

Jules hooted. "You're beautiful, so it must be good for you, huh? Here, sit on the couch. Would you like a drink?"

"I'd love one." She smoothed her hands down her jeans. "What do you have?"

"We got wine. For you." Jules was so smooth, just blurting out stupid shit.

Alan rolled his eyes. "You aren't required to drink it. We also have beer, tequila and vodka."

"How about a tequila appetizer with a beer chaser? I can have wine with dinner."

Huh. Alan tilted his head, studying her. She had done her beautiful wild hair in a half up-half down sort of style, and she'd done what one of his and Jules' exes called the smoky-eye with her make-up. Very smoldery. Not like her at all. She was really busting out for them.

"You're both staring at me."

"You're too pretty not to stare at," Jules said with a bright smile, heading to the little kitchen to get a glass and a beer.

"You're also daring tonight, sweet." He had to mention it, just in case she thought she needed to drink for courage.

"Bobbie Ann is always telling me to live it up. Amy read my cards and showed me the king of wands and the king of swords."

"Ah." Well, then. She was out for a lark. That was something they could work with. A brain tumor or something that required a good time before time was up was what he'd been worried about. "Well, good on them, huh, J?"

Jules nodded, popping the top on the beer and handing it to Lindsey before pouring her a shot of tequila. Jules presented her with a wedge of lime and some salt, too. Nice. "Cheers, love," Jules said, toasting her with the tequila bottle.

She put on a very brave face and licked the salt and sucked lime before shooting the glass. Her face screwed up in a little twist of distaste. "God, that's horrid. I like it in margaritas, so I thought..."

Jules cracked up and so did Alan, but he went to hug her shoulders to ease any sting. "Give me that beer, sweet. We'll get you some wine. No shame in liking grapes instead of agave."

"No. No, I guess not." She smiled for him, her lower lip trembling a bit, and he couldn't help it. He bent and kissed her pretty mouth, his lips covering hers easy as breathing. She needed that more than she needed liquid courage.

She gasped, the sound a tiny puff of air on his lips, and her hands came up to rest against his chest. He was hoping she wasn't going to push him away when her fingers curled into his shirt to pull him closer. Jules settled beside her on the couch, pressing in, warm and eager. "Dessert first?"

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