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Hidden Talent: StarLords, Book 1 [MultiFormat]
eBook by Bianca D'Arc

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Romance
eBook Description: Love--and passion--really do conquer all. StarLords, Book 1 While on an undercover mission to gather intelligence on the neighboring collective, Micah receives the shock of his life. A shy, reclusive horse tamer who possesses a level of raw psi Talent that nearly matches his own. Along with her pure, wild Talent, her beautiful spirit and innocence rouse him to take her on a voyage of discovery to the stars?and the limits of her own, untapped passion. All her life, Jeri has hidden her Talent, enduring the stigma of being "odd". Once aboard the Circe, Micah and his cousin Darak, a rogue of the first order, guide her through a world where those with Talents are revered, not hunted. Where pleasure hones and strengthens psi power to undreamed-of heights. Where love is a real possibility, not a distant dream. When a defenseless planet is besieged by the collective's armada, the Circe races to the rescue--only to discover a missing piece of Jeri's past on the wrong side of the battle. And that combining her formidable new powers with Micah's may win the day, but cost her everything? Warning: This book contains scenes of ménage a trois et quartre, some exhibitionism, a bit of voyeurism, and love in space and on land.

eBook Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2011

15 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Micah looked down at her from his superior height, his gaze surprisingly warm as she stood transfixed, unable to move away. Her skin tingled, and she realized she was in serious danger of allowing him too close. Since she'd sought refuge with the free-loving Hill Tribes, she'd had to reject a few men and even some women who wanted to share her body, but once she made her stance firm, she was left alone for the most part--except for the odd looks and some of the other girls' cutting remarks about her strangeness.

This man tempted her as no male had ever before. He was tall and broad of shoulder, built well and heavily muscled. His eyes shone with intelligence and a snapping sort of wit that made her long to discuss all kinds of things with him.

But it was impossible.

She was in hiding. Anonymity was her way. It was the only way to keep her safe from the Wizards and their ilk. Wizards who wanted to tap into her soul's power and make it their own.

That she would not allow.

She found it hard to move away when this outworld trader's handsome face blocked the midday suns, leaning down and moving closer.

Before she knew it, his lips were on hers, she was in his arms and he was kissing the breath out of her body. How had that happened? One minute she'd been staring up at his attractive eyes, the next, she was in his embrace, his lips hot on hers as his tongue sought entrance into her mouth.

Jeri had never been kissed in such a way and didn't quite know what to do. She felt warmed by the light of a thousand suns from within as his hands swept her close to his hard body and his mouth sipped at hers. She opened to him on a sigh of pleasure and let him do as he willed for the moment. She would drink in the experience, she decided rashly, to hold against the cold, empty, lonely days ahead. Just this once, she would find out what a kiss was all about and why the tribe's girls went on and on about their lovers' kisses.

His hand moved upward to cup her breast and she was jolted by an almost electrical charge that led from her nipple straight to the growing wetness between her legs. It shocked her out of her reverie, and she realized that she had let the kiss get out of hand. He would think she was inviting him to more, when in fact she had known she would stop him at a kiss and not let this go any further. She didn't want him to think she was a tease.

She tried to push him away, but her hands were weak, trembling with excitement and new feelings she'd never experienced. She tried to speak, but his tongue tangled with hers in the most delicious way.

She knew she had to do something. This couldn't go further. She couldn't give her body to this man any more than she already had. It wouldn't be wise.

She did the only thing she could, and sent out a silent call to the horses that were nearby, coming for a drink at the stream. Reaching out to them with her mind, she used her gift to call them to her side faster, unsurprised when a big, wet nose came between her neck and his chest, seeking to drive them apart.

The horses had come, and they were claiming her for their own.

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