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Unus [The Coven 2] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Stephanie Burke

eBook Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Fantasy
eBook Description: Series: The Coven; Previous Book: The Coven

Emerging from the cocoon, the last thing Cyprus expected was to be female. But there she was, the only female born of the Clan Equlestraa Untitalis, the most important family in their clan. She still remained a warrior, though, through-and-through, and no pair of breasts was going to stop her from her training! But then she met him.

Alknowan, the Prince of the Dragonish Prime, thought he was saving a damsel in distress. But instead, he took one look at Cyprus and lost his heart. He vowed to do anything to keep her, including battling her to the death for the honor of keeping her.

But there were issues. She was of the Equlestraa, the horse type gargoyle warriors, while his secondary form was Dragon. Then there was the matter of her wanting to kill him. But if he could survive her family, the politics trying to keep them apart, and Cyprus herself, then he would give up everything to become Unus, the First of her Coven.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: anal play/intercourse, violence.

eBook Publisher: Loose Id, LLC, Published: 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2011

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

They really do jiggle.

Cyprus sat in her rooms on the great cushioned pillow located in front of her new vanity and stared at her breasts.

It was almost hypnotic the way they bounced and swayed when she poked at them with a finger.

So...the breasts were kind of fun, but that still left the rest of the body to deal with.

Where she once had dangly bits, she now had a wet, leaking slit behind her Cliftsom that was annoying the Goda right out of her.

It got irritated when she attempted to wear her old leather loincloth; it burned when she tried running in the now ill-fitting garment, and now it was destroying the new loin-covers that Raitza had purchased for her.

She refused to leave the domicile now that word had gotten around that the most famous and stalwart of the Equine families had produced a Coven Master.

Cyprus didn't think that she could stand the stares and gossip.

She sighed, pouting a bit as she stopped poking at her right breast and rested her head on her hand, her elbow planted firmly on the vanity.

She stared at her new face and sneered.

Sure, she had been basically androgynous before the conversion, but this new...new softness was something that was hard to deal with.

Her lips had gotten plump and softer, her cheekbones higher and more defined, and her voice...it was still husky, but it was so...feminine now!

Her whole countenance had become soft!

Even the hard-earned wall of muscle that was her chest had given way to the soft and utterly useless breasts that now made it as uncomfortable to run as the leather loincloth!

And her balance had shifted.

She had marched into the practice yard to join her Sibs in combat training and had to basically sit the whole thing out.

Her balance was so far off that it made hefting her sword nearly impossible!

And her trainees kept staring at her breasts.

Who knew that you were supposed to tie the useless things up?

Her Damshire had approached her, trying not to laugh, as he explained that her bare breasts were disturbing the men.

In their practice yard, her family trained warriors, all kinds and species of warriors. It was what her family did.

But to be accused of distracting them at practice... It was unfair!

Redisaton smiled as he explained the breast binding and proceeded to bind them for her.

She saw nothing wrong with this, since it was one warrior assisting another, but the blushes and smirks from the trainees were a bit much.

Snarling and tossing her newly thickened golden hair, she marched over to the worst of the slackers and planted her fist right into his face.

Though her swordplay was off, her hand-to-hand was just fine.

Within seconds, she had the trainee unconscious on the sandy ground and turned to face the others in her group.

Amusement quickly gave way to lust, and a horde of males just reaching Goda suddenly wanted a chance to spar with her.

Under the gaze of her hysterically laughing siblings and the Ravens, Cyprus proceeded to put several of her twenty male trainees into the medical regenerator while causing some minor injuries such as broken noses and jaws.

In the end, she had once again gained the respect of her trainees and those of her elder siblings and the Ravens.

When an obviously upset Coven Master from a lower house converged onto their domicile, demanding that Raitza do something about her unruly female, Raitza snorted and all but scalded the other female with a heated look.

"How in the names of the seven hells do you expect her to behave? We are the Equlestraa Untitalis! We rear warriors. If you do not have a care for her methods, I will return your stabling fee, and you are free to take your child elsewhere."

This was no idle threat. To be rejected from the Equlestraa Untitalis was tantamount to having your future destroyed, so much power did they wield.

The chastened Coven Master collected her child and returned home, apologies on her lips, with assurances that her child would be ready to return to training as soon as the medicals released it.

That solidified Cyprus's rank and standing in the family and ensured that no other Coven Masters would converge upon their domicile, angered at the treatment of their males at the hands of their Coven's female.

"What do they expect you to be?" Raitza embraced Cyprus after the other female had left. "Do they expect you to behave as other females, primping your hair and plotting how to spread your legs without getting caught by their Damshires? You are a warrior, Cyprus. No matter what form the outside takes, you are a warrior to your core."

Those words helped, but it soon became apparent to Cyprus that her old approach to handling problems would not always work in times of strife.

Like for instance, she was once again in the training grounds when one of her trainees told her that she would never find any male to enter her Coven as she was so...not femalelike.

The sudden shock of pain and anguish those words caused to her heart gave Cyprus a pause, just before hot tears began flowing down her face.

Was she an ugly female? Was she too manly? Would she forever be alone, a burden to her family and a disgrace to their names?

Crying, she later learned, was the term for those leaky eyes. One of her trainees explained this as she was breaking his nose and several of his ribs for the nasty comment, crying all the while. She had never seen her Coven Master cry, but the wounded trainee assured her that Coven Masters did, and that maybe her own chose to cry in private.

So while she discovered that she might become an emotional crying mess from time to time, everyone learned that crying had no bearing on her ability to smash in the face of anyone who disrespected her.

Her Damshire was proud. He told her those skills in breaking noses would be good for when the Time of Choosing descended upon their Coven; something about her ability to protect herself easing his worry about the males who would come courting and drawing her away from the safety of her Ullah with their talk of moonlight walks, sweet kisses, and the delights of the flesh.

Cyprus snorted. What delights of the flesh? The only thing this new flesh brought her was trouble.

And that was why she was sitting on the new plump pillows in her room staring at the new mirror Raitza insisted she have to check her appearance, wondering what was becoming of her life.

She felt the burn of those tears behind her eyes and blinked rapidly, a technique she discovered worked well for discouraging the fall of these things.

Maybe it was time she behaved like the warrior she was and actually left her domicile. Maybe she would go to the weapons district and purchase a lighter sword, one that was more appropriate for her new balance and musculature.

And while there, she could try and see if the rumors about the Dragon Warriors being on their planet were true.

She vaguely recalled the Coven Master and her Damshire speaking of it on her day of emergence, and she had quietly followed up on their short conversation.

It was rumored that some the most elite warriors outside their own, the Dragonish, had arrived for a trading conference, and that the Master Dragon had brought his son. It had been rumored that the young prince had gone through three Goda without giving one offer to mate. He had instead spent his time among pleasure houses and with females of little moral fiber.

The Dragonish society was a bit like the Equlestraa, in that they formed family Circles, but each Circle had a male Master, and the rest of the family Circle was female.

It was odd but acceptable as it was a foreign culture of their allies.

And it would be nice to catch a glimpse of the Ice Prince, as people were calling the Master's only son.

Besides, she had a sudden yearning to buy shoes. She didn't really know why, but shoes and weapons suddenly became a constant craving, something that she could not pull her mind from contemplating and then wanting with a passion.

And knowing that a craving was something that the body needed to perform at optimal levels, she knew better than to deny herself.

Shoes, weapons, and the prince, and not necessarily in that order.

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