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Becoming His [MultiFormat]
eBook by Shawn Lane

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: For months, Toby Sherwood, a stripper in a gay club, has been a fan of bisexual actor Lucas Cartwright and his cable detective show, Harrow's Eyes. So when Toby's invited to a taping of the show, he can hardly wait. Too bad the hunky actor has a girlfriend.

Lucas was charmed by Toby when he originally met the man at the hospital during his brother's accident. When he breaks up with his girlfriend shortly after Toby visits the set of his show, Lucas begins to romance him.

With concerns over Lucas's career and Toby's dancing for other men, can the hot actor and the sexy stripper find happiness in each other's arms?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Series

eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, Published: 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2011

9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"4 STARS!...Adorable tale of one flamboyant stripper and a Hollywood actor that is sweet and cute on all levels. Shawn Lane packs in the drama, sex, romance and the awesomeness that is Toby. In this book he is the show. Utterly charming, gorgeous, funny and flamboyant, Toby is a sight to behold. A sweet story about true love and what we are willing to sacrifice to have happiness. I liked the fact Toby was himself, never changing despite other people's ideas about who and what he should be. Toby encompassed the phrase: 'To thy own self be true,' and it was his joie de vivre that truly sold the novella for me. Recommended."--Lasha, Reviews By Jessewave

"Want to come in?" Toby asked, as they approached his apartment door. His heart pounded hard in his chest. It was getting late, he knew, close to midnight, and Lucas probably had to film the show in the morning.

Lucas stopped his hand as he went to turn the key in the door. He reached up to grasp Toby's chin, forcing their eyes to meet. "I do. If you want to go slow, though, I shouldn't."

Why did he want to go slow? Oh, yeah, to prove he wasn't some easy slut. If he let Lucas in tonight he knew they would have sex. And if he had any regrets after, if Lucas was then finished with him, he'd have only himself to blame. But if Lucas only wanted him for sex that wasn't going to change even if they waited through a month of dates, would it?


"Come inside," he whispered. He fumbled with the key, but got the door open. Once they were both in the apartment, Toby closed and locked the door. "My room's this way."

Toby bit his lips nervously as he led Lucas down the short hall to the only bedroom. He'd long since ceased to be a virgin, yet tonight he felt like one. Skittish, with his heart beating a fast tattoo against his chest. He wanted thisEhe did. Ever since he'd met Lucas in the hospital, Toby had dreamed of this. Yet now that the time had come, he was so afraid he'd make the biggest fool of himself.

Lucas's hand rested on his right buttock, sending a powerful jolt of desire straight to his already half-hard cock. Walking through the bedroom doorway, Toby turned to face Lucas.

"How about I give you a personal striptease?" Toby licked his lips suggestively. This he knew. This he could be good at.

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