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Single Father Seeks... [MultiFormat]
eBook by Kate Hofman

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Luis de Cuevas is delighted when his housekeeper hires Suzy, a 4th year English Lit undergraduate, to help with the cleaning. She needs the money, he needs her expertise in pre-editing his manuscript. His small son, Miguelito, loves playing with Suzy, and Luis finds himself attracted to her. Sparks soon fly, and Suzy is swept up in Luis's passion. But does he love her, or does he just love being with her?

eBook Publisher: DCL Publications LLC, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2012

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

The moment he finished his coffee, he decided to go find his son. This was not difficult, as he heard Miguelitos delighted laugh from the direction of the family room. When he got there, he saw Miguelito sitting on a big cushion, which the young woman in scrubs was gently pulling back and forth.

Youre really helping me get this floor polished, Miguelito! she smiled.

When she saw Luis, her hands stopped pullingbut he noticed she steadied Miguelito instantly, waiting for whatever his father was going to say.

When Miguelito realized that the polishing fun was at an end, he quickly kicked off his sandals and stood with both his feet on one of Suzys narrow feet, his arms firmly around her thigh. Walk with me, Soo?

In a moment, honey. Mr. de Cuevas may wish to speak to me.

Thats Daddy. Hi, Daddy. Soo lets me help her polish the floor.

Luis smiled at his son. So I see. And youre doing a wonderful job. But why are you standing on Suzys foot?

When she walks, I walk too and I dont have to do anything.

Luis nodded. Yes, I can see that, but arent you a bit heavy for Suzys foot?

No, Daddy. Is a game we play. Miguelito nudged Suzy. Tell him, Soo, we like this game.

Suzy smiled. Yes, we do. Turning fully to Luis, she said, Is there anything you wish to ask me? I realize Ive been working here for weeks without being introduced to you. And now I owe you my gratitude for giving me a suite of my own in your house. Thank you.

Luis said quietly, My son seems very pleased to be with you. He isnt being a nuisance?

Huge, smoke-grey eyes widened. Miguelitoa nuisance? This delightful boy? Oh, no, Sir. Belatedly, Suzy thought Luis might consider her way of polishing the floor a waste of timethe time he paid her for. Quietly she said, Ive already polished the floor. This is my off time, and I enjoy spending it with Miguelito. It leaves Barry free for his entrance-exam swotting.


Studying hard.

Luis nodded. I see. But if this is your off time, why are you spending it working, with my son?

Suzy shrugged lightly. I enjoy playing with himand if you wish, you could consider it a way for me to pay an unusual kind of rent for the suite you so generously allow me to use, Sir.

Norah shouldve told you, Im not much for SirMr. de Cuevas will do.

As you wish, Mr. de Cuevas. Suzy remained standing quietly, Miguelito on her one foot, her hand protectively on his small back. Evidently she was waiting for questions, or to be dismissed.

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