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All the Souls on Earth [MultiFormat]
eBook by Barry Brennessel

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: Elijah's previous holiday season was a disaster. This year, he's determined to give a surprise gift that he prays will erase the lingering bad memories. But his idea catches the attention of March-an attractive, mysterious man who is bent on stopping Elijah in his tracks. Both men are determined to fight for what they want, but they soon find they are also fighting their growing feelings for one another. Will Elijah be able to deliver his gift, or will March forever alter the spirit of the holidays?

eBook Publisher: MLR Press, LLC
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2012

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Elijah's heart raced. He wrapped his arms tightly around Lukas and pulled him back as they sat against a tree. The night air was freezing, but they had only an hour. There was no time to go anywhere. And he wanted the two of them to be able to gaze up at the moon and stars, and breathe in the fresh air, not sit in Elijah's beat-up car with the engine sputtering and wheezing.

"Are you cold?" Elijah asked. He stared into Lukas's crystal blue eyes. "Do you want my coat?"

"No, I'm fine," Lukas said. He looked around. "I'm just confused."

Elijah kissed his neck. He ran his hands along Lukas's chest. Only now did it strike him that he was wearing the same plaid shirt and jeans he had on the night of the fire.

"Why are we here?" Lukas asked.

Elijah held him tighter. "Do you remember where you were earlier? Before you saw me?"

"Not really. I mean, sort of. But it's like when you wake up from a dream: everything is so detailed, but you start forgetting everything right away. I just remember light. And a girl. It looked like one of my students."

"It doesn't matter," Elijah whispered. "I just want to sit with you here for a little while."

"It's nice," Lukas said. "I never get tired of staring at the moon."

Most of Lukas's accent had long since vanished. But every now and then, Elijah could hear a trace of it from his first seven years in Latvia. It was one of the many charms that captivated him when they first met.

"Do you remember when we first met?" Elijah asked.

"Are you testing me again?" Lukas said, leaning his head back onto Elijah's shoulder.


"That Christmas hayride on Whidbey Island. We were the only two there, and we both cracked up laughing over the fact that there were two people stupid enough to even consider such a thing."

"And you kept singing carols, substituting 'hayride' for 'sleighride.'"

"Yep. I did."

Elijah touched Lukas's chin. They kissed. Elijah hugged Lukas as tightly as he could. He wanted to make love, then and there. But...but he wasn't sure...

It's Lukas. I can feel him. Yet...how human is he

"We should go back home," Lukas whispered. "I feel like unwrapping you."

Elijah was hard. He slid his hand down Lukas's chest, past his belt, and felt the erection pressing against Lukas's jeans. "I want you so much."

"Then take me."

Elijah glanced at his watch. They had only twenty minutes left.

"Do you have an appointment?" Lukas teased.

"Let's make love here," Elijah said.

"Here? In this park? In the middle of a winter night?"

"Where's your sense of adventure?"

Lukas looked around. "It is kind of...eerily erotic. But, Eli, what if--"

But before Lukas could protest further, Elijah unbuttoned Lukas's shirt.

"Oooo," Lukas purred, "my turn. It feels like I haven't seen that sexy, hairy chest in months."

Elijah loosened Lukas's belt and undid his jeans. He slid down Lukas's boxers to reveal a beautiful, hard cock. He took it into his mouth.

"You are hungry," Lukas whispered. He reached down and undid Elijah's jeans.

Elijah guided Lukas's hands down to his cock.

"Slow down," Lukas whispered. "I want this to last."

Elijah did too, but he knew time was short. He wanted to taste Lukas one last time, for them to cum together one last time.

"Oh, God, Eli, I'm getting so close. I don't think I can hold back much longer."

Elijah sucked faster, deeper, until he could feel Lukas's muscles contract. He tasted the warm cum as it exploded into his mouth. His own cum rose up and he couldn't hold back either. He arched his back, took hold of Lukas's muscular thighs, and shot his load as he felt Lukas's warm breath on his face.

"Oh my God, Eli," Lukas whispered. "That was amazing."

Elijah ran his fingers through Lukas's hair. He stared up at the moon. "I miss you so much, Lukas. So much."

"I'm right here, goofy."

Elijah's throat tightened.

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