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A Yearly Tryst [MultiFormat]
eBook by Adam Carpenter

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: Winter has come to the Smoky Mountains, and Capstone's Dude Ranch has shut down for the season. For sexy proprietor Johnny Lee Capstone, that means it's time to renew his friends-with-benefits relationship with Cutter: once a year they meet and indulge their wild passions, each of them knowing it is only temporary. But is it? Is Johnny Lee searching for something more, and can Cutter provide the answer? Hot and steamy, A YEARLY TRYST could melt the snow-covered grounds of the desolate ranch, even as it warms the hearts of those looking for love. And for readers of Adam Carpenter's previous novels DUDE RANCH and SECRET FLAMES, a surprise ending awaits them.

eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2012

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

An unlikely feeling for a man of such accomplishment and self-assurance struck him, and nervous anticipation awakened him. He immediately felt an unusual morning chill deepen inside his bedroom, inside his bones. He burrowed further beneath the thick covering of blankets, even as one eye peeked out to catch the time on his alarm clock: 8:17. Late, for him.

Usually he arose with the promise of dawn, time enough to see the sun rise majestically over the mist-shrouded mountains, the heat burning the mist away to reveal the new day while he sipped his coffee on the front porch of his ranch, never more content than at that innocent moment in the day. Today was different, a shift in his schedule, and not just because of the chill and the arrival of such unseasonably cold weather; it was the idea of the company he was expecting, the man who, tight beside him, spooning him, touching him and loving him and warming him, would soon help drive away the harsh cold. When he'd slipped under the covers last night, sleep had evaded him, his mind unable to douse the flickering images he flipped through, and so he had stared out the window while snowflakes lightly fell from the sky. He wondered now on this cold morning: had the snow fallen all night, only to leave a lush white blanket covering the surrounding Smoky Mountains?

The image was picturesque, ideal for envisioning all those heady ways of staying warm.

Johnny Lee Capstone stretched his hard body, his thick, hairy arms reaching out from under the covers and into the air. "Aaahh," he called out with a heavy sigh before a smile crossed his face.

Anticipation, indeed. He thought of his coming guest and all they would do and indulge in, their time of year having arrived once again. Even just the quick flash of his face, that smile, those eyes, represented a nasty tease, showcasing just how impatient he was.

As a result of his languid stretch, the covers slipped down, exposing his strong, sculpted chest and the thick mat of dark hair blanketing it. The cold attempted to attack him, but with his own natural coating of fur, he figured he was well protected. Running his hand through the thick, soft hair, he tweaked his nipples until cool, erotic sensations rippled down his spine, encouraging him down even further. He slid his fingers along the hair that coated his flat belly, swirling and thick around his navel. Finally his hand reached its desired destination, the thickening shaft of his pulsing cock, thrusting out of a thick patch of dark, wiry pubes. Rubbing his cock, he felt it grow, thick, long, and very hard.

Johnny Lee, owner and proprietor of the eponymous Capstone's Dude Ranch, was sexy and hairy, ruggedly handsome, and never lacked for company if he so chose. That was the benefit of the way he led his life, deliberately single, and with the continual influx of new men--all of them guests, all of them potential lovers, many of them leaving after their two-week stint at the ranch more than satisfied--why should he trade that for anything permanent?

For moments such as now, when the ranch closed up shop and he felt a longing in his loins that never surfaced during the season.

Now, anticipation flooding his cock, desire overwhelming him, he knew he needed a release. Johnny Lee wasn't above an occasional bout of self-pleasuring and this morning, well, he knew satisfaction would soon wash over him. Only then could he concentrate on the morning and all he needed to prepare for.

He jerked at his cock, rubbing his hand up and down the long shaft. His breath escaped his lips and into the icy chill of his room, warming it, heating him. Feeling his body grow flush, his free hand grabbed at his chest hair, enjoying how those tufts felt in his fist while he continued to stroke his big cock harder and faster. He gazed down at his cock and watched as the tip grew. The view encouraged him to stroke it harder, harder.

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