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Desperate Enemies [MultiFormat]
eBook by Adam Carpenter

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Description: The battle for Eldon Court reaches its stunning conclusion! When Rich North and Marc Anderson moved to the idyllic coastal town of Wonderland, they never envisioned they would soon be fighting for their futures. But when the twisted Danvers Converse threatened to take Eldon Court away from them-and their fellow "Desperate Husbands"-they realized they could only fight back by uncovering Wonderland's complex past. After the devastating events at Marc's art gallery showing, new loyalties are revealed and new passions are explored, even as one of their own lies buried in his grave. But it is a shocking betrayal that ultimately sets the stage for the final showdown between good and evil, love and revenge. With the arrival of the stunning acting legend Rose Emerson, the men of Eldon Court finally begin to piece together a town's long-buried secrets. Sexy, sensual, shocking, DESPERATE ENEMIES is the final chapter in a trilogy that holds nothing back.

eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2012

This sun-dappled place they named Wonderland, despite its playful, whimsical name, was not without its share of tragedies, and today was no different. On days like this even the shining sky knew to stay solemn, the wind quieted, and the waves beneath it under-stated and calm, as though, like the rest of the bucolic village, they too were in mourning.

Much had happened this summer in this normally peaceful burg situated on the Pacific Ocean, none more so than on the rocky bluff known as Eldon Court, where five Victorian houses stood proud against hues both verdant and azure, and where, inside those homes men who loved other men lived out their lives with passion, zeal, and at times, desperation. Whether threatened by the outside world or by drama of their own creation, these four makeshift families shared one very common bond: they knew the meaning of love. But it took the deep sorrow of losing one of their own to truly awaken their spirits and their hearts, to challenge all they knew, and ultimately, understand the powerful desire to overcome anything--or anyone--who tried to undermine their quest toward happiness.

And what of that fifth house, empty all these years, invaded now by an enemy who used his extreme good looks and his voracious sexual appetite to get all that he wanted? Didn't he too deserve happiness, to enjoy the fruits of his labors? To love as he saw fit, to gain acceptance? It hadn't always been easy.

Despite all this, Wonderland was a special place, with sunshine beaming down on its sandy shores daily, where wind and water met before the horizon's edge, creating an ideal land for sharing life. Yes, Wonderland was warm and it was welcoming, with neighbors sharing cups of sugar and alcohol-infused drinks on porches as much as they shared hopes and dreams. Yes, Wonderland was a village synonymous with the notion of home, of comfort and security and there was no question of its lucky residents contemplating leaving.

Unless life's opposite forced such a decision upon them.

Leaving Wonderland. Indeed, it was possible. One of them had already proven it, giving his life to ensure that others could thrive.

But another of them would leave of his own volition, his heart heavy with loss, and soon, Wonderland and very definitely Eldon Court, would be forever changed.

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