Betty Being Bad [MultiFormat]
by Jean Paradis
Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Mainstream

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Betty Walker and her longtime on and off musician boyfriend are currently 'off,' and the only male excitement in her life comes from her twice a month visits to her old friend Carson, in prison. They share their most intimate fantasies, describing in detail the things they'd like to do to each other. The day Carson is released he heads straight for Betty with every intention of making her fantasies come true. The moment Betty sees Carson walk into her antique store she knows she's in trouble. How is she going to tell him that the game they play is just that, a game? Betty's resistance doesn't last long. In no time at all the sign on the door is turned to closed, and Betty is showing Carson what he's wanted so see for a very long time, right there on the counter. Soon after, she's offering him a job for the Christmas season, and worrying that she's making a mistake even as she says the words. Carson has been in town for only a few days when there's a robbery in the neighborhood, and Betty's ex tells her he saw Carson near the scene of the crime. Carson claims to have conquered his gambling habit, and Betty knows that he's no common criminal, and yet she's afraid that her ex may have been right all along, that trusting a man who has been incarcerated is a really bad idea.