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Subspace [MultiFormat]
eBook by Sierra Cartwright & Desiree Holt & Jan Irving

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Three-Way Tie by Sierra Cartwright Lindsey wins a weekend with renowned Dom Master Rafael, and when she arrives, she is stunned to discover he's invited Master Eric to join them. One sexy Dom is beyond her experience, but two?

Head Games by Desiree Holt Dom Diego Valdez has a reputation for never keeping his subs more than two years. After three years, Kaci is wondering when her time will be up. Because Kaci has done the unforgiveable--fallen in love with him.

His Landlady by Jan Irving Diana can't see a warrior athlete like her tenant Sloan and an earth mother like her having much in common. Any anyway, he's too young to be her master?isn't he?

The Science of Submission by Justine Elyot Ailish's is fascinated with the shadowy figure known as The Scientist. So when Rod suggests she assist him in his research into some of the lesser-travelled roads of human sexuality, she is too intrigued to resist.

Away From It All by Elizabeth Coldwell Alyssa's tired of playing by the rules. But when she meets handsome American Drew Jefferies, he vows to teach her what it means to be dominated. Can Alyssa learn to play by his rules?

The Accidental Sub by Mina Dorian On the run from her abusive husband Catherine has learned not to trust anyone--especially no one in the BDSM lifestyle. But will she be able to resist a powerful Dom like Jon?

eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, Published: 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2012

9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Sizzling!...intense...Utterly entrancing...lush and erotic...a scorcher of a fantasy..."Fallen Angel Reviews

"There are two of you?"

"Is that a problem?" Master Rafael asked, arching an expressive brow.

Lindsey Nolan stood on the porch of the magnificent Rocky Mountain home, looking up at the tall Dom. The hint of a Spanish accent, sexy and compelling, laced his voice, sending a shiver of anticipation through her.

He stood next to another man whom he had introduced as Master Eric. While Master Eric was slightly shorter than Master Rafael, both men were over six feet tall. Both had broad shoulders, narrow hips, powerful and oh-so-sexy thighs.

While Master Rafael was dark, with rakishly long hair and brown eyes she could drown in, Master Eric had sun-kissed blond hair that he wore short, cropped. His expressive blue eyes were warm and welcoming.

Could the two men be more different?

Intuitively Lindsey wanted to be dominated by Master Rafael, but she wanted to be held and comforted--perhaps made love to--by Master Eric.

"A problem?" she repeated. "No. I just have no idea what to do with two Doms."

"You'll be told what to do," Master Rafael explained. "You're just expected to obey."

She sucked in a breath.

"Come in, Lindsey."

For a moment she didn't move. There was something overwhelming about standing here, eight hundred miles from her small- town central Texas home that made her forget everything she knew about decorum. From the moment she'd asked her cousin to take her shifts at the family's diner and packed her bag, nothing had been the same.

Master Rafael silently regarded her. He'd told her on the telephone she wouldn't be pushed into anything. The choices, all along, would be hers.

Even though her heart thundered, a few moments later she entered the foyer, dragging her small piece of luggage.

The house was constructed from warm-toned wooden beams. The entrance floor was slate and a Native American rug stretched across its length. This private place, on acres of land, was so different from her humble reality.

Again she wondered what she'd got herself into by travelling to Master Rafael's home.

He reached above her head and flicked the door closed, sealing out the cool mountain air.

"We'll talk in the great room," Master Rafael said. "I have your signed copy of the rules."

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