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One More Night [MultiFormat]
eBook by Mysty McPartland

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Furious when the wild tempest swept into his conference room, insulted and attack him. Nate was more than ready to make her eat her words and apologize. However, the moment he sets eyes on her again there was only one thing he wanted above everything else. And that was to get her into bed. What he never expected was to keep on experiencing the best sex he'd ever had in his life. He was positive if he could have only one more night with her he could wash her completely out of his system. Much to his horror though he realized it wasn't going to be that simple, like an addict he craved her even more. In the end he knows there is only one solution and that he couldn't live without her. He could only pray she wouldn't refuse his offer. Only wanting to protect her sister and make the fiend pay for seducing Sandie, Cooper felt only slightly regretful that she had accused the wrong man. The second he arrives in town she couldn't deny the fact that she wanted him desperately. She knew there couldn't be anything else between them than one or two night of sex. He was the love-em leave-em kind of man and it would be utterly foolish to wish for anything more. When tragedy struck she could no longer deny what was in her heart and even though it hurt tremendously knew that she would send him away.

eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing, Published: 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2012

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Fuelled by her outrage, Cooper stepped out of the elevator not giving the luxurious reception area a second glance. With purposeful strides, she strode over to the model, blonde bombshell behind the glass desk. "Nate McGregor, where is he?" She snapped out at the surprised woman.

"I am sorry but Mister McGregor is in a meeting and cannot be disturbed."

With a wave of her hand, Cooper dismissed the woman's reply, her gaze swam around the elegant room, and landed on the closed double doors. No doubt the black hearted creep was hiding away behind those very doors, well not for long. Her steps quickly ate up the distance, as the woman called for her to stop, she grasped the handle and shoved the wooden panel open.

Her stormy eyes flicked from one man to the next, until they found the dark haired man seated at the head of the long mahogany table. Moving into the room, she walked towards him with furious determination. "McGregor, you despicable fiend, you destroyer of innocence. I'm going to make sure you pay for what you did to my sister."

Annoyed at the interruption, Nate watched the small raging tempest rush forward in a blur. He rose to his feet, and wondered what the hell the irate woman was gushing on about, however, her insults set his teeth on edge. When she finally reached him, he felt as though his body was being struck by bolts of lightning that shot from her wide silver gray eyes.

For a moment and it was only a moment, Cooper felt a shiver of fear tingle up her spine over the size of the man who stood only inches away from her. However, it swiftly disappeared when she remembered what this man had done to her sister, and all the furious rage once again consumed her.

"Lady I have no idea who the hell you are or what you're damn well talking about." Nate finally found the chance to speak, and glared down at the outraged woman.

His snarling words were the last straw, without a thought to the consequences, Cooper brought back her fist and let it fly. The pain shot up her arm when she struck his chin, however, it was soon forgotten when she watched him, with immense satisfaction, fall into his chair and topple over. "You come anywhere near Sandie again, you sick pervert, and I'll do more than make mince-meat out of you."

When sudden chaos broke out, she spun around and, with her held high, marched quickly out of the room. Hopefully, that despicable beast would think twice about coming near her sister again.

Unprepared for the attack, Nate rubbed his jaw. He was half sprawled on his over turned chair and the floor. Damn, the woman could pack a powerful wallop for someone who stood barely over five foot. He ignored the ruckus going on around him and climbed to his feet. "Damn it, what's the matter with all of you. One of you go and fetch that little hell cat and bring her back here. Now." In seconds, the room cleared, and he turned a speculating glance to his younger brother when he heard him chuckling.

"Do you have any idea who she might be referring to, or what?" Trent could barely keep himself from laughing.

Annoyed at his brother's amusement, Nate shot him a glare of disgust, his thoughts lingered on the woman and her vile accusations. He didn't have any idea what she was accusing him of, but from the insults she tossed at him it didn't sound good.

"Who's Sandie?" Trent asked and saw his brother frown darken even more.

"How the hell do I know? You of all people know I haven't been near a woman in over three months." Not only by choice, but because he'd been busy, but Trent's question made him thoughtful. There was only one other McGregor that worked for his company beside his brother, and that was Jeff their cousin. "Damn that little weasel. Trent, find out the last place Jeff was sent to and do it fast."

He let out a growl of frustration when one of his executives came back into the conference room and said the woman had managed to escape them. After waving him away, he headed back to his own office and closing the door, he moved over the bank of windows and stared out at the high rise buildings of Dallas.

What in the hell had Jeff done now? Well, this was the very last straw and no matter what it might be, he was on his own. He warned him last time he had to drag him out of a fiasco concerning a woman, but not this time. He rubbed at his chin and couldn't help grinning. It was the first time in his life a woman had struck him.

As soon as Trent bought him the information he needed, he would take great satisfaction in putting one little spitfire in her place. He was going to enjoy watching her squirm and apologize. Damned if he wouldn't. When that was done, he would deal with his cousin and if what little information the woman threw at him was true, Jeff was finished.

The married women Jeff involved himself with were far different from a young innocent girl. He brushed his thoughts away when he heard the door swish open, and turned his head to see his brother step inside the room.

"The last place he was sent was Brownfield. He returned home two days ago." Trent relayed the information and waited to hear what Nate planned to do.

His thoughts rushed ahead, it didn't take Nate long to make his plans. "You're in charge until I return. Cancel any meetings I have for the next week. I'll go down and sort this damn mess out, and in the meantime, keep Jeff working in the office and don't say a damn word about what's happened."

Once his brother left, he moved behind his desk, sifted through files and gathered up the important ones to place them in his briefcase. He would go home, pack a few clothes and drive to Brownfield. With luck, it would only take a day or two and this catastrophe would be sorted out.

It was an irritation, but hell, he couldn't help that he was looking forward to another confrontation with the wild storm that broke into his conference room. However, this time he would be the one walking away the winner. Chuckling, he left his office and waved to his P.A. as he strode past.

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