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Renting My Wife Candace [MultiFormat]
eBook by Erik D. Astor

eBook Category: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica
eBook Description: Duane started as her favorite phone sex customer, but he was soon in her head and introducing her to the world of submission--and living out-those special unrealized fantasies. Day by day he is taking her deeper into special night of new partners and the satisfying of her longtime curiosity about black men.

eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/Black Stud
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2012

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

We were watching old movies from the selection on our satellite dish network, and ran across "Short Cuts", a Robert Altman movie.

My wife, Candace, was entranced at the scene in which Jennifer Jason Leigh doing phone sex while diapering a kid and as she went about her daily activities.

"That is so hot," she remarked, "I'd love to do that. I wonder if they still do that today with all the online sex things going on?"

"I'm sure there are some that still do. You would?" I asked, wanting to be sure I heard my shy Sunday School teacher wife right, and she nodded, "Hell yes, I think that would be so hot." This statement registered, because only the day before when complaining about our lack of sex she had told me, "I don't know, I just don't feel like doing anything sexual anymore. I wish I did."

Later I was web surfing and came across a phone sex site advertising for independent women to work from their homes, and for the first time clicked on the link. After reading the details it seemed too easy. The site routed the phone calls through their system, which kept our phone number anonymous. She picked her own hours.

So I signed up under the name Cute Candace, and a couple of days later while three drinks into a hot tub evening I mentioned it to Candace. She was instantly intrigued.

My motive was simple, she gets to doing horny things then she will be hornier. Talking to someone on the phone--well it seemed like just a more advanced form of cybersex. Earlier I had tried to interest her in cybersex, but it didn't work with us. I had envisioned her cybering while I played with her body, but after the first time she said it was too distracting.

When she typed by herself she didn't like keeping up with the pms in a chat room. She didn't like dictating to me what to say and letting me type and follow the pms. "It's just too much work," she said, "especially all the crap you have to read, answer, and listen too just to find someone that is remotely interesting."

Candace finally stopped talking to other men online one night after a frustrating conversation that started off with promise and ended abruptly, "This is just boring, I don't like this," she said flatly.

The phone sex option seemed like a better option to get her horny. She didn't have to do anything except wait for the phone to ring. As I described it to her, she wasn't enthusiastic, but she did seem curious. "We could try that," she agreed.

Later that same night she signed on, had a long initial conversation with a guy who only wanted to talk about sex, followed by phone sex with a guy who paid her for the privilege, describing what he would actually do to her if he were there, while I fucked her without his knowing.

Candace loved it, being able to hear the comments, the breathing, the noise of it all. We had found an all new sex toy-- the telephone. Afterward she said she didn't like me playing with her or fucking her while she was phoning. "It is too distracting. Besides," she smiled, "the guys and paying for me and they should get their money's worth."

I didn't object, and throughout the weekend the phone would ring, she would eagerly get it, dash for the bedroom, and emerge 20-30 minutes later, cheerful and horny, motioning me to come into the bedroom and finished what the caller had started. On occasion I would peek into the room and watch her, naked, chatting, playing with herself, sometimes laid back on the bed with a vibrator or big dildo, graphically telling her phone partner how much she was enjoying it-- and she was.

Candace began to develop some regulars and some favorites. One was very attentive and taught her how to find her g-spot-- and soon she was having fantastic intense orgasms on a level she had never known, quicker g-spot orgasms, squirting when she did, and cumming on a level I would have never dreamed possible. There was no faking for this girl.

I loved it, because when she turned off the phone and drug me into bed I was in for the fucking of my life. She turned into a sexual being I had always dreamed of. It opened her up completely to sex, it was like she had just discovered sex, and the more she did the more she wanted. She became more comfortable with herself, with her sexuality, with dressing sexy, and after a trip to Mardi Gras even flashing her boobs for beads. She also reached a point that we could talk about anything sexual, including a very painful affair we had survived a few years earlier.

I thought we were using the phone sex as a sex toy, but she took a more practical approach after a weekend in which she had made several hundred dollars for getting paid to talk about sex with men and masturbate while they listened.

Our retail business was struggling and as much as I hated to admit it the extra money did come in handy by allowing her things she wanted to buy that no longer had to come out of the household budget.

I mentioned that the money was helping and she came back with a different realization.

"I'm a whore," she remarked one day. I gave her a questioning look. "I'm having sex for money. That makes me a whore. Granted it is on the phone, but it is still sex for money."

"You want to stop?" I asked, not wanting her to pursue something that was giving her guilt problems.

"Hell no," she answered, "I'm insatiable now. The more I do the more I want to do."

"So you don't have a problem with doing phone sex after what you just said?" I asked, confused.

"I don't have a problem with phone sex. It is sex for money when I am doing phone sex, so I am a whore by definition." She said.

"Technically speaking maybe, but there is a big difference," I said, wanting her to continue because of the positive effect it was having on our sex life.

* * * *

All her phone sex was done with my full knowledge and consent, and things were going great. Our sex life had never been better.

The more Candace phoned the more she realized that niche categories seemed to do better. So we changed one of her listing to "Tie me up", and another was "I'll be your sub." The latter was totally opposite as she really is. She has always been used to having her way, stubborn at times and certainly strong willed.

Candace is an independent woman who stands up for herself, who knows what she wants, is used to having her way, and doesn't want anyone deciding anything for her.

Once at dinner the husband of the couple with us ordered for his wife, as he knew what she wanted and we were in a hurry. I tried the same thing, and was told quite abruptly and loudly that she was capable of making her own food choices and I had better never dare try anything so presumptuous again. I got the message.

The submissive listing was little more than marketing from my point of view,so I was surprised when a caller actually began to open up her submissive side. I like for her to stay shaved, but it is a rare special event when it happens.

Candace had been phoning, came to the door in a robe and motioned for me to come into the bedroom. As I laid her back on the bed to lick her pussy I discovered she was shaved. "Mmmm, very nice," I said, "what's the special occasion?" "Duane wanted to listen to me shave my pussy with your electric razor." She had mentioned that Duane was getting very dominate with her in his calls, but I had not realized it was going beyond imagination and role playing into actual deeds.

We loaded Skype for online camming, and she opened a category on her listings in which she charged more because she would turn on Skype and her caller could see here at the same time he was paying for the phone sex call.

Duane had her shave her pussy with shaving cream and a razor, and afterward she remained shaved for weeks at a time. During an especially screaming loud orgasm I tiptoed to the bedroom door and peeked in. She was on her knees in front of the web cam, squatting over a large dildo disappearing inside her, wearing a black leather collar and a black stretch top pulled below her breasts, imprinted with large letters spelling "SLUT."

I had not seen those items before. When I asked about it she told me that Duane had sent it to her. I questioned her giving out her P. O. Box and she said, "He's all right, I think I've come to know him pretty well."

Candace got more and more into Duane's regular calls, more eager I guess. Her time being available for sex calls increased from the time we got home from work until bedtime. "This beats the hell out of watching TV," she'd say, and after every call she'd go to her computer and check her balance.

She always asked for positive comments from the previous caller for her online listings. He especially loved a caller who praised her sexual ability and beauty. She got a lot of those.

"They're paying money for me, I want to give them their money's worth," she'd say. Other regular callers were sending soon sending her lingerie. One sent a PVC dress, which she would wear when she cammed with him. She soon had a customer supplied array of dildos and vibrators in addition to our own toy collection. Some of the dildos were so realistic to feel and touch that except for the heat (and size) it would be difficult not to tell the difference between a real cock and the rubber ones.

I noticed that a nine-inch chocolate brown cock supposedly made from a cast of a black porn star soon became her favorite. "I have to be really turned on to use the big 12" ones," she said, but I noticed she was using those more often as well.

As the weeks progressed when Candace got calls now she would get more anxious as the time for the call approached, rushing to be ready with the cam or phone or toys. Once she started I could hear her screaming through the doors when she would cum.

Candace had other customers, some she would mention by name enough that I knew a little about them: the guy who had to call before his wife got home from work, one guy's wife was playing around and it turned him on to be able to tell my wife about it.

Duane was her best customer. He was calling two and three times a week, and talking for up to an hour each time. She stopped getting into details of her calls with me, simply saying, "Sailor called again, same stuff," or "Duane called and was really Dom with me again. I can't believe I'm doing the stuff he asks."

I tried playing dominance games with her as well, butjust like the restaurant ordering episode she would push me away. "You're too close, I know you too well for that," she'd say. "I can't do this with you."

My business required I attend a three-day trade show a day's drive away, and she announced she would like to go with me. This was not normal for her, as she hates trade shows, and I knew it would take time away from her phone job.

"What about your phoning" I asked.

"I don't think it would hurt to take a day or two off." I was easily convinced to let her come along when she said, "I'll give you a blow job between here and there."

Like shaving her pussy this was a rare and anticipated event from her. She lived up to her end of the bargain-- to my delight and to the delight of the truckers we passed while she was doing it. In the past she would only go down on me in long stretches of isolated highway. Now it was in full view of the traffic.

This phone sex job had certainly sexed up my typically shy wife, for the better I felt.

One of our biggest turn-ons had always been anything sexual that was new, exciting and different. The phoning was giving me a revitalized sexy wife.

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