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Warlord's Prize [MultiFormat]
eBook by Zenina Masters

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Science Fiction/Romance
eBook Description: A stranger to her own people, Enari has never felt that she had a place on Fennar. When the lottery destines her to be a bride of the Asku, she makes her displeasure known, even though her battle against a security unit has a predictable ending. Wounded and bleeding, she doesn't consider herself a prime candidate for a mate, but the wife of the Overlord, and mother of Warlord Drion, has other ideas. Enari has all the characteristics of a prime female and as soon as the Warlord Drion returns from battle, he will claim his prize.

eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasy Books, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2012

22 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

The manacles released and the bindings on her feet retracted as the walls faded back into the floor.

Riveh was standing and waiting for her, a draping of chain and silk over her arm. "How was it?"


"I thought it was less scary than lasers. They are set to remove the hair follicles from the base. It is why I told you not to move. They calibrate and then get going. Now, here is your outfit for the first meeting. It is a little tricky, so let me help."

Riveh's help was invaluable. The top was heavily embroidered with gold, held in place with a clasp behind her neck and one around her back. The skirt dipped almost to the exposure point and barely covered her buttocks. It was the same heavily embroidered material as the top.

Riveh moved swiftly, stringing chains between the top and skirt, threading layers of gold to hold the fabric snugly to Enari's body.

"There. Just a few adjustments to your hair and you are ready."

"What about shoes?"

"There are sandals that I will help you into as soon as you are prepped."

The next few minutes were spent with Enari trying not to fidget as Riveh wove her hair into waves and braids that held the strands off her face while adding weight and control to the mass.

Mirrors lined every wall and Enari watched her transformation as her blood red hair was tamed into an elaborate sculpture.

The costume that she was wearing was a tease and invitation all in one. The fabric shimmered and the chains clashed as she shifted. It caught the light and drew the eye. Her movement was fairly free, but she would feel a definite chill when she sat. The skirt was designed to ride up.

"How can you simply get me dressed so calmly, Riveh?"

Her companion made a harsh chuckle. "This is why you are here, Enari. Never forget that. While I have enjoyed our time together and your speedy learning of the Asku ways, they rule here and we are but the helpless who have been brought to serve."

The bald truth sobered her and as Riveh tied on her sandals, she steeled herself to meet the man who would either take her to his bed or reject her and send her to the masses for one of them to select her. Her choice in the matter was nonexistent.

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