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Booby Trapped and Baby Proofed [MultiFormat]
eBook by Imari Jade

eBook Category: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica
eBook Description: After the death of his wife Olivia from breast cancer, Gunnery Sergeant Harrison Calloway had no choice but to leave the child in the care of Olivia's sister Trudy while he returned to military service to complete his tour of duty. One year later, he moves back to Daytona Beach, Florida to regain custody of his now two-year-old son, and he's anything but prepared to handle the precocious child, who doesn't seem to like him and who has more quirks than any child he's ever met. Harrison has spent the last twenty-two years ordering junior marines around and gaining their respect, but when it comes to dealing with Ethan, he doesn't have a clue what goes on in this child's mind. There's nothing that can hold him. He has a strange attachment to a stuffed rabbit, and he won't let anyone touch him except for Angel Robbins, the nice lady next door who runs the neighborhood day care. Harrison can understand his son's affection for the beautiful African American female. She has a kind heart, a rocking afro, and a killer body. He doesn't know a thing about kids, but knows a good woman when he sees one. Angel Robbins took a double-take when she went out to fetch the morning newspaper and spotted a gorgeous muscular white man moving into the vacant house next to hers. Normally, she would have just minded her own business, but there was something about the way her body reacted to the sight of him that made her want to get to know him better. Angel shows up at his door later that evening with a casserole in hand to welcome him to the neighborhood, but gets swept away by a pair of baby blue eyes. She didn't even blink when he told her that he was a widower with a two-year-old child. She liked kids and owned a day care center. She was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but she did believe in fate? Harrison needed someone to help him with Ethan, and she needed someone to fill the void in her heart. Could it be possible that when it comes to a child, there is no obstacle too big to overcome?

eBook Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press, Published: 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2012

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

They were still going at it strong an hour later. Angel's body's ached tenderly from the activity. She'd never met a man like Harrison with the power he wielded below the waist. His demanding thrusts had sent her over the edge into mind-numbing orgasms not once, but four times, and she didn't know if she could withstand another. Not that she was complaining. She loved to be in his arms, took delight in their sweating bodies rubbing together, and loved the fact that he had a long, stout cock that rubbed her pussy in all the right places. Henry had been a good lover, but on his best days he could only incite one orgasm out of her before coming himself. Harrison had blown his load once and recuperated quickly. Right now he was buried deep in her ass, slow rolling so he wouldn't tear the delicate tissue. She'd never been taken that way before, but once the initial pain subsided, she relaxed and enjoyed it.

"You're so tight," Harrison moaned as he ground into her ass cheeks. "I just want to stay buried deep inside of you."

Angel giggled. "You'll have to come up for air sometime."

Harrison exited her chute.

Angel turned over on her back. Everything below the belt ached. She watched him remove the soiled condom, toss it in the trash, and put on a new one.

Her pussy twitched in anticipation, and the rest of her body quivered at the sight of his erection. It still looked prepared to do battle. Harrison moved up to the top of the bed and propped his back with some pillows. "Let's rock," he said.

Angel groaned slightly from the stiffness and mounted his lap. His cock knocked against her entrance. Harrison reached beneath her and guided his dick inside. Angel moaned as his cock slid past her erect clitoris, strumming it gently as it passed by. Why couldn't she get enough of this man?

Harrison gripped her hips and moved her body up and down on his dick.

Angel's body responded to the probing and before long, she felt a second burst of energy and began riding his lap with vigor.

"That's it," Harrison said. "Work that thing." He cupped her ass with both hands and squeezed.

Angel's back arched as one of his big fingers entered her rectum. She couldn't describe the feeling. All she knew was that it felt good. Sweat continued to pour from her body. Harrison trembled. The next thing she knew, he maneuvered her from a sitting position on his lap to flat on her back on the mattress. He lifted her hips and his cock sank down into her again. His strokes intensified as he humped her. The muscles in his neck strained as he tried to stave off his approaching orgasm. The sight made her stomach tighten with desire. The muscles rippled in his shoulders and abs as he rolled his hips. His cock slid out slowly and then he sent it deep with a whipping motion of his hips.

"Oh God," Angel cried out as his last thrust touched her g-spot. Her pussy throbbed. Harrison humped faster, moving her body back and forth in a sliding motion. The sheet rubbed up against her ass, giving her a new sensation.

He slid out again, groaned, and plunged back inside again. This time proved too much for them and they both came. Angel felt the heat of his semen as it shot into the tip of the condom just as her pussy unleashed its flow.

Harrison slid down on top of her, breathing hard as the waves of ecstasy ended. He rolled off her and lay flat on his back. He covered them both with a sheet.

She was about to say something when she heard a sound coming from the foot of the bed. Both she and Harrison sat up.

A wide-eyed Ethan stared at them. "Up," he said, motioning for her to lift him.

"When did you sneak in here?" Harrison asked the child.

Ethan smiled at him.

Harrison lifted Ethan up on the bed while Angel made sure she was properly covered.

"I wonder how much he saw?"

Harrison shrugged. "At least he didn't get his first lesson about sex from the streets."

"He's wet," Angel said, sliding from the bed and taking the sheet with her.

"Where are you going?" Harrison asked, looking at her with sexy bedroom eyes.

"To get him a dry diaper." She left the master bedroom with her underwear and slip in hand and entered Ethan's room. Once she was dressed, she found the diaper and the wipes and walked back to the master bedroom.

Harrison had turned on a late night cartoon channel and he and Ethan watched. Harrison turned in her direction and made a sign for her to get out of her clothes.

Angel blushed and shook her head. "No, he's gotten enough of an education."

"But you have such beautiful breasts."

Angel reached for Ethan. The child squirmed a lot while she changed his soggy diaper. Once he was dried, she put him back next to his father to finish watching cartoons. "Maybe I should go," she said.

"Why?" Harrison asked.

"It's late."

He slid off the bed and began donning most of his clothes.

"What are you doing?" Angel asked him.

"Walking you to the door."

Angel slipped back into her dress and her shoes, but opted to leave the stockings off.

Harrison turned to Ethan. "Don't move. I'll be back in a second." He escorted her to the door. "Of course I didn't want the evening to end like this," he said as he wrapped his arms around her. "I wanted to wake up with you in my bed." He kissed her and the world moved under her feet.

"That would have been nice," she said once the kiss ended. "Maybe some other time." She opened the door. The warm summer air hit her squarely in the face. Angel waved goodbye and walked over to her house.

Harrison still watched her. Ethan stood next to him with one of his arms wrapped around his father's leg and holding a stuffed rabbit in the other hand. Angel smirked. Ethan was priceless.

* * * *

He found Ethan back in his bed watching cartoons when the alarm went off at six in the morning. "What are you doing back in here?" Harrison asked him. "And you're wet again. I better give you a bath before taking you to the nursery, pissy boy." His plan for today was to meet with Everett and the contractors over at the dojo so they could start working on the building. Jeb said he would drop by around nine.

The first fight began when Harrison tried to wash Ethan's hair. The child was big enough to sit in a shallow tub of water, so Harrison had to get down on his knees to wash him. Trudy had warned him, but he didn't believe her. Ethan fought and cried from the moment the water touched his head until he finally managed to get all the baby shampoo out of his curls. "I think it's time for you to have your first hair cut. Military style. A high and tight."

Ethan glared at him like he understood him. "No."

Harrison put his hands on his hips, flabbergasted. "Insubordination from the ranks will not be allowed." And he thought Privates First Class where trouble. They had nothing on his surly two-year-old. "There will be no back talk, young man. If I say you're getting a haircut, you're getting a haircut."

Ethan shook his head. "No." It came out very clearly.

"You think you can manage a respectful no, sir or no, Daddy?"

Ethan splashed water on him.

Harrison wiped the water from his face with a towel, wondering if Ethan was too young for obedience class. Apparently he had hit the terrible twos hard and was embracing it. From what he had read, most kids eventually grew out of it. Harrison went back to washing Ethan. Once he was sufficiently clean, Harrison wrapped his stubborn son in a big bath towel and brought him back into the room to dress him. "Can you say daddy?"

"No," Ethan said again.

Apparently, no was the new word in his baby vocabulary. Ethan had mastered it along with up, Bunny, and Roy, the name of his little friend at school.

"Dad-dy," Harrison said, annunciating the word so Ethan could repeat.

Ethan just laughed and tried to grab Bunny while Harrison wrestled him into his clothes. After finally getting Ethan's shoes on him, Harrison combed Ethan's hair, trying to lay the curls down. It didn't work. The curls just hung down to his neck. "That hair has got to go. You look like a girl. Calloway males look manly."

Ethan stared at him with the same color blue eyes as his. No doubt the little bugger was his.

"We date beautiful woman and we grunt." He grunted, inciting a new round of giggles from Ethan. He carried Ethan into his bedroom and let him watch some television while he showered and dressed. He found Ethan exactly where he left him, seated in the middle of the bed, but with Bunny, whom Harrison had intentionally left in Ethan's room.

He now knew that Ethan could get in and out of the bigger, higher bed without assistance. He smirked. The military needed shrewd minds like his.

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