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Captured Desires [MultiFormat]
eBook by Martin Hughes

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: WOMEN IN PERIL - A COMPENDIUM OF STORIES Five stories in the usual Hughes style depicting the pain, terror and shame of beautiful English women in various degrees of peril from sadistic men and women yet maybe discovering an element of unwanted lust in their predicaments FORCED TO OBEY: a mother must demean herself to obtain the release of her kidnapped daughter. CAPTURED: a married couple are captured by gangsters in London. THE INTERVIEW: a family have to undergo a humiliating interview by England's new 'rulers.' I HOSTAGE: a woman's diary of her incarceration by terrorists. KIDNAPPED ON-LINE:a wife is kidnapped and her images fed to her husband to encourage a ransom.

eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/FetishWorld
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2012


A trickle of sweat ran down the face of the beautiful blonde teenager seated stiffly upright in the high-backed wooden chair, some fine strands of her blonde hair were plastered to her chiselled, white features. A tight black cloth blindfold covered her eyes, but her tense, strained face quested blindly towards a masked man a few feet away. His hands lovingly reached towards the controls of a large black box lying on a stool before him, the creaking sound of his movement made the girl visibly cringe. Several wires led from the box to the girl who was stark naked and bound tightly into the chair, thin black cords tightly circling her neck, upper arms, shoulders belly, wrists, and splayed upper thighs and ankles. Painful-looking clips attached the wires to each of her pink and erect nipples, whilst further wires ran up into the dark velvet apex of her widely spaced thighs and into the lips of her sex. Her lovely body was covered in a sheen of sweat. The man dressed in khaki army drill, toyed with the electrical box, teasing the girl with the sound then folded his arms impassively, his eyes hard and black above the mask.

Whilst the girl was open and totally visible, her largish breasts heaving, the man was mostly obscured by the mask and an Arabic robe around his face. The room too with its white stone walls was quite dim and anonymous except for the spotlight which fixed the girl in its cruel white beam. Besides the occupants, the room was largely empty apart from a camcorder on a tripod behind the man and constantly filming the girl and her surroundings. A tiny fanlight window was set high in the solid wall behind her through which could be heard the faint sounds of traffic and the occasional raised Arabic voices - although the distance was too great to make out any words. A radio-cassette was playing a mixture of Middle Eastern and Western music. It would have been obvious to any observer that even if the girl had managed to make any sound, which could have been heard outside of her prison - it would have been obscured by, or mistaken for, the radio. The captive was helpless.

"We shall now run through your message again, little girl," breathed the man in a clipped foreign accent, "but first another demonstration in case you forget the power of pain."

"No I pleeeeease, I remember what I must saaayyy, arrrgghhh, the girl's plea distorted into a gurgle of pain as the man's hand moved briefly on the controls and, with an electric crackle, her body jerked tautly in the chair. Her features lost only a little of their beauty as they contorted in pain; her mouth gaping wide to reveal perfect white teeth.

"Now repeat please as taught," the man's patient voice continued half a minute later after the girl's groans had subsided and her body sagged limply as far as her bonds would permit. Tears trickled from below her wet blindfold as she wearily and blindly raised her face.

"Mum... as you know, I'm Jill Western, age nineteen, born in Maidstone, Kent. You are aged thirty seven, your birthday is June 12th and I bought you flowers and a weekend at a health spa for your last Birthday. You and Daddy divorced ten years ago, and... he-he was killed in a crash two years ago," the girl whispered. "My favourite colour is green and I have six retro pictures of Steve McQueen in my bedroom at home." The girl seemed to choke back tears at the memory before continuing.

"You will know from this that it is really me and not a look-alike. Soon after I left home for the modelling assignment I was taken hostage in one of the Middle Eastern countries where we were staying. I have been moved around for much of the last week in the boot of a car and don't know where I am now. My captors will release me for one million pounds, I had to tell them you could afford it, but only if it is accompanied by a film or DVD of you, Mum. I don't know why but there are exact instructions my kidnappers will give later as to what must be on the film. My captors are insistent that without it, and the money, you will... will n-never see me again. Likewise, if you show this video to anyone, or tell the police, they will send you another video -- of ... of my-my ex-execution."

For a full minute the girl's head slumped and the silent Arab let the tears trickle down her cheeks until she regained control.

"I-I had to list every person you both know and my captors will pick out one or two of those names. They will be the people to whom you give the ransom money and with whom my kidnappers will contact to arrange collection. Those same people must also take the video of you, Mum. They will not know or be given any details of my kidnappers, so it will be no use the police or anyone questioning or following them. My kidnappers will only have contacted them to say that you want an amateur film made with no questions asked and that you will be paying them to do so and that payment will also include a further sum for the people, the sponsors -- but in reality my k-kidnappers - who set up the filming. That money will be the ransom and you will place it in a briefcase which you will lock and my kidnappers will then arrange to collect it from the people we select to make the film of you. Only then, after the briefcase is safely in the hands of my kidnappers and if all goes to plan, will I be released. You will receive further instructions in a week. The outline script of what you-you must do -- what... what must be in the film will be in a sealed envelope. Detailed instructions about the content of the film will be sent to those are chosen to make it and collect the ransom. You will know that you must do whatever they tell you to. The instructions, as well as the film details will also include arrangements for the money; none of these things from the film content to the amount of the ransom are negotiable. If all instructions are not obeyed to the letter you will never see me again. Please-please use the time to get the money ready."

"Yes, do use the time wisely whilst little Jill is our guest, the film will be of the SM and bondage variety, involving nudity and minor chastisement," the masked man spoke slowly. "If you decide that you cannot do that or nor comply with the other financial terms of the... arrangement then feel free to turn it down. Your daughter's time here with us will not be, er... pleasant and that suffering will continue until we have exactly what we want. However, it will get considerably worse if you refuse any of the terms we demand until... well, as she said you would then never see her again." The man smiled lewdly before snapping off the camera.

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