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Relentless [MultiFormat]
eBook by Yolanda Sfetsos

eBook Category: Horror/Erotica
eBook Description: Alyce just can't seem to escape the demonic. On their way home from helping Sebastian out of a jam, Alyce and Ross make a quick stop into the clinic, but instead are plunged into further trouble. A woman from Ross's past needs their help. Her son is sick, and of course Alyce agrees to help. But when she takes a look at the child, she finds that what's wrong with him is a lot darker than an illness. Alyce once again finds herself dealing with the demonic... but with a woman filled with secrets trying to worm her way into their lives, will their marriage be strong enough to survive another hurdle? Excerpt: Alyce focused on the clinic's front doors and noticed someone standing with both hands cupped against the plate-glass window, staring in. "Hello, can I help you?" Alyce called, quickly looking to her right, at the lonely hatchback. "We don't open until ten." God, she had to be back here in less than five hours. How the hell was she going to squeeze in the time to read and answer letters as well? Any other day, she probably would've been up for the challenge but not today. Everything felt different since she'd seen Sebastian after so many months. The woman jumped, dropped her hands, and turned to face them. She toyed with the hem of her stretched and faded T-shirt. The woman was shorter than Alyce, with a thick mop of dark hair pulled back into a messy ponytail at the nape of her neck. The sides were peppered with gray and her olive skin looked a little sickly. Her wide brown eyes were shadowed by dark circles and she frowned when she noticed Alyce's hand wrapped in Ross's. "Ah, hello," the woman said in a small voice. Ross stiffened beside Alyce and she couldn't help but wonder why. "Selma Barros, is that you?" Ross dropped Alyce's hand and squinted down at the woman. He took a step closer and the woman almost shrunk back into the glass door. "Yes, Ross, it's me." So this wasn't a coincidence? Alyce turned to look at Ross. He seemed poised between reaching for the woman and keeping his distance. "What are you doing here? Last I heard you'd moved down to Melbourne with--" "I did. We moved there after?" The woman Ross had referred to as Selma looked up, meeting Alyce's gaze. "Oh, sorry." Ross shook his head and grabbed a hold of Alyce's hand to encourage her forward. "Alyce, this is? an old family friend, Selma. Selma, this is my wife, Alyce."

eBook Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2012

Chapter One

* * * *

"So, how are you?" Ross glanced at her quickly, as if he was trying to avoid her gaze, but Alyce managed to catch his eye. He couldn't hide the concern in his brown eyes, but was it because of what they'd just been through or because of whom they'd gone to help?

Technically, Ross had gone to help his friend Sebastian, and she just happened to follow him there.

When Ross turned back to face the road ahead, she did the same. Staring out the windshield, she concentrated on the oncoming headlights until the brightness made her eyes water and lulled her brain. With some luck, she'd fall asleep in the car and wouldn't have to answer him until she woke up. Or maybe not answer him at all. She didn't want to think about anything at the moment. You've got plenty to think about. That's for sure.

If she tried to clear her mind, Alyce might even be able to ignore the discomfort prickling at her body. Deja vu consumed her, forcing her to relive the mostly silent drive she'd shared with the man she loved months ago. The night they'd escaped the crazy demonologist who'd changed the path of their lives forever.

Why does it feel the same now? After overcoming the many obstacles in their way and finally getting married, she still felt as if something was out of whack...and it was. Being connected to Sebastian would make life this way for as long as their souls were entwined.

"Alyce?" Ross prompted.

She yawned, fatigue making her feel weary. It looked like she wasn't going to get away with not providing an answer. "I'm fine." Though, are you really? Finally facing everything she'd successfully ignored during the last six months had shaken her to the core, and healing Abegail Crosse hadn't helped. The woman had something inside her body that still made Alyce cringe. What the hell had the Psychopomp been thinking when she got caught up with insane ghosts, ambitious step-kids, and some sort of organic passenger coexisting within her?

You're one to talk.

If she wasn't so tired, she might have laughed at the irony of the situation.

Alyce wasn't a stranger to carrying extra baggage of the demonic kind. She'd been Buer-free for over six months now, but her self-inflicted, demonic attachment lasted for years. Her life--as well as Ross's and even Sebastian's--was turned upside down in the quest to get rid of the demon sucking away at her soul. In the end, she'd needed a lot of help but had finished it herself.

Alyce yawned again. She felt worn out and was glad they were heading home. After the latest bout of bizarre events and the amount of extensive healings she'd performed, she was exhausted and couldn't wait to crawl into bed. Yet, she couldn't stop thinking about Sebastian. Seeing him had affected her deeper than she liked to admit, especially to herself. The trouble he'd gotten into, what had almost happened to him, as well as what still flowed between them, would be hard to shake this time. His insistence on making her face their mutual connection hadn't helped, but she was now positive they would make it through this rough patch. Distance and time had helped, but after she'd spoken to him on the phone only days ago, she knew even a simple conversation from opposite sides of the city would affect them both.

She still felt shaky and couldn't stop thinking about how hard she found it to keep her hands off Sebastian. To force herself not to touch or kiss him had taken every ounce of willpower she possessed, and coming across as being determined to keep him at a distance had been even harder. She just couldn't fight it. She might be madly in love with Ross and thanked her lucky stars every single morning when she woke up beside him--that even after everything she put him through, he still loved her--but this thing with Sebastian troubled her. It went so much further than skin-deep. What the Sin Eater shared with her would always be there. It seemed cruel to make Ross live with this as well. Yet, he never complained, never mentioned it...and it hadn't kept him from helping a friend in need.

Ross is a great man, and I'm lucky to have him.

Of course, he wasn't without his own sins and flaws, but his indiscretions with the demonologist, Kelly Dawe, happened because Alyce put him in another compromising position. They didn't talk about that, either. It all happened in the past, and they were both determined to move on. Seeing Sebastian again made her realize the challenge was far from over. She would struggle with this preternatural link for the rest of her life. No, for the rest of their lives--Ross, Sebastian, and Alyce were tied together within this impossible triangle.

She looked down at her ring finger and touched the engagement ring, as well as the matching wedding band behind it. She was now legally married to Ross, but she longed to be magically married to him. Sebastian might think it wouldn't be enough to sever their tie, but deep down inside, Alyce knew it would change things. Somehow.

The powerful magic she'd summoned with Sebastian in the dingy motel room all those months ago had felt amazing and powerful, but there'd been one missing ingredient: love.

"Are you tired?" Ross sneaked another glance her way, interrupting her flow of tangled thoughts.

She sighed. "Yeah, I am." If she could let go of all these crazy, troubling issues, maybe she'd be able to relax a bit. She pressed her head back and closed her eyes for just a moment.

"The healing took a lot out of you, didn't it?"

"Yeah, it was harsh." Though, it hadn't taken as much of a toll on her as all the Sebastian-baggage she couldn't shake. She'd been tense and shaky when they were together. Afraid to let her control waver for even a moment, afraid she'd do something she knew would devastate her husband if she didn't.

"How did you get there, anyway?"

He didn't need to specify what he meant. She already knew. "I made Darla drive me," she answered with a dry chuckle. It seemed almost a sin to manipulate her manager and friend so much. "I made her get out of bed so she could drive me over. Well, we actually followed you."

Ross laughed. "Bet she loved that, but what did you have to bargain with? Darla doesn't do anything without having an ulterior motive."

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