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The Infinity Incident [MultiFormat]
eBook by Derek Adams

eBook Category: Gay Fiction/Science Fiction
eBook Description: Geeky Stanley longs to escape the dreary, bully-plagued reality that makes his daily life miserable. His only escape is the video arcade where he slides into virtual reality and morphs into Lex Caldar, superhero. When a new game arrives, Stanley accepts the challenge and pushes that reality to a new level--a level he may choose to inhabit forever.

eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasy Books, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2012

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Lex! Lex, are you hurt?"

I opened my eyes and as the fog cleared, I saw that I was in a room, the walls lined with glowing screens. As I scanned the area, searching for the source of the voice, I realized that I was sprawled naked on a padded table. My hand slipped up along my belly to my chest. I gasped and sat bolt upright.

"Lex, are you suffering any pain?"

That voice again, deep, seductive, disembodied. I scanned the area a second time, to no avail. Who--or what--was talking to me? I put that thought aside to puzzle more immediate concerns. The body I touched was mine--but not mine at all. That is to say, I was inside of it, but it was strange, alien. It was the powerfully muscled physique of Lex Caldar that pulsed beneath my fingertips. I shivered. I knew instinctively that this was me at last.

I looked down and a rush of pleasure coursed through me. My chest was broad, the pectorals swollen to monumental proportions. My belly was hard, ridged with muscle. A trail of blond hairs split the flat plane neatly in half, gradually widening as it spanned the distance from navel to groin. Below, between thickly muscled thighs, my cock hung, huge and heavy. It curved down over the edge of the table and pointed at the floor. My balls rested on the cool surface of the examination table, bloated with unspilled seed. I tensed, savoring the sensations as blood pulsed through my veins. I flexed and felt tendon and muscle strain beneath the perfect surface of my bronzed hide.

I was Lex Caldar. My hands were bare of gloves. No goggles covered my eyes. There was no sign of Rudy or of the arcade. I slipped off the table and took a tentative step as I savored the strength and power of my limbs. My reflection in a glass panel across the room shocked me, thrilled me with the sheer beauty and proportion of ... of myself!

"Lex, you must talk to me. Lex!"

"Who are you?" I demanded. I clenched my fists and the muscles in my arms swelled. My deep voice filled the room and echoed off the hard, polished surfaces. "For that matter, where are you? Show yourself!"

"I am Lotar."

I watched as a shimmering light spun before me and gradually coalesced into the solid curves of a human form. The being was translucent at first, gradually manifesting as flesh, human flesh that overshadowed even the beauty of my own new body. When the transformation was complete, a man stood before me, perfect in every detail, a man as naked as I.

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