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Baby Makes Three: Heartwarming Love and Laughter [MultiFormat]
eBook by Sharon DeVita

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: If he's such a man's man, then why did he just win a Mother of the Year award? "Wild Bill" Cody has a problem. The author of a popular series of action-adventure novels, he has also been penning an anonymous column of motherhood articles based on his experience raising his two-year-old nephew. When his handiwork lands him the magazine's coveted Motherhood of the Year award, he knows that if he accepts the award as himself, his book-writing career will be over. He needs a mommy stand-in. Stat! Maggie Magee is perfect for the role. The assistant headmistress of a prestigious girls' academy, Maggie will make a perfect imaginary mom for Bobby. Too bad she is adamantly against the idea. In fear for her own job should she go along with this harebrained scheme, Maggie finds herself reluctantly agreeing to participate. But as the awards draw nearer, both Maggie and Cody start to see fiction become fact as their partnership becomes something more?and baby makes three. This book was previously published by Silhouette Romance in April, 1988.

eBook Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2012

"Darling, put your pants back on."

Darling put your pants back on? Frowning, Maggy drew back and looked at the telephone receiver strangely. "Mother, is there someone there with you?"

"Well, dear...I guess you could say I have company."

"Company?" Maggy said slowly. "What kind of company?"

"Why dear, male company, of course."

"Do you mean to tell me," Maggy croaked, "that you have a male in the house without his pants on?"

"To tell you the truth, dear," her mother admitted with a soft chuckle, "he really doesn't have much of anything on."

Maggy held the phone aside so she could swear. "What on earth is this person doing in your house without his pants on? Never mind, Mother," she went on, shaking her head. "I'm not sure I want to know. May I ask how on earth you met this...person?"

"Actually, I just met Bobby today. And Maggy, he has the most glorious blue eyes," her mother gushed. "Wait until you meet him."

Aware that her boss Miss Barklay was sitting in the next office, Maggy cupped her hand over the receiver. "Do you mean to tell me that you let a perfect stranger in your house because you liked his eyes!"

"Don't be ridiculous, dear," her mother chided. "I liked much more than his eyes. He also has a wonderful smile. Although it would be much nicer if he had all his teeth."

"Had all his what!" Maggy cried, bouncing out of her chair.

"Teeth, dear," her mother repeated sweetly as Maggy began to pace frantically around her office.

"Mother...mmm...what...does this...person do for a living?"

"Do?" Elizabeth hesitated. "Well dear, Bobby really doesn't do anything. He has very simple needs, though," she added cheerfully. "A bottle now and then and he's really quite happy."

"Oh Lord!" Maggy moaned, almost dropping the receiver as visions of a toothless wino danced through her mind. "Mother, now listen very carefully to me. I'm on my way home. I want you to--"

"Got to run now, dear. Bobby's waiting. I'm going to take him to lunch."

"You're taking him? Mother! Mother!"

Elizabeth plunked down the receiver. Chuckling softly, she bent down to scoop up two-year-old Bobby off the floor.

"Shame on you, Elizabeth," the man on her couch scolded, wagging a finger at her.

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