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Intruder Mine [Erotic Gems] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Cheryl Dragon

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: The only safe way for teacher Carolyn Baxter to be submissive is online. When three men invade her home and use her fantasies against her, she's beyond shocked. Master Seth has bigger plans for her than playing in cyberspace, but first, she has to prove herself a worthy student and smart sub.

eBook Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC, Published: March, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2012

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

After another week of trying to get high school kids to learn French, Carolyn Baxter's brain switched gears as soon as she parked her car in the driveway. She had an online date tonight with her Master. Stopping her giddy thoughts, Carolyn had to slow down and match his pace. In the three months they'd been playing via webcam, she'd never seen his face, but she'd fallen hard. Finally, a man who made her work for her reward. She'd revealed her deepest secrets and longed for more.

Carolyn grabbed her bag and purse before locking up the car and opening the side door to her cute little house in the suburbs of Chicago. The access to a proper BDSM club was nearby, but it was the right man that she needed--not the flair. Even if she wasn't going to be on display for a club, her online Master would be watching her soon. She wanted to touch up her makeup before Master Seth saw her. As she closed the door behind her, a strong arm grabbed her and a hand covered her mouth.

Fear gripped her. It couldn't be real! She kept every door and window locked. Living alone not far from a big city had taught her not to be foolish and trusting. The strong man spun her, and she was faced with two more men.

No masks but they were dressed in black jeans and shirts. One was blond with blue eyes, and the other dark in both areas. Both had enough muscle to make her think twice about running. They grinned at her, and she shuddered. This wasn't a robbery. She struggled and tried to scream, but the hand over her mouth made her feel suffocated. The hard form behind her sent confusing messages to Carolyn's body. She was primed for sex play, but hers was all safe and online.

"Don't fight. You wanted this." The dark eyed man in front of her looked her up and down.

She shook her head. She didn't know them. How could they say that?

The other man chuckled. "Sure you do. Sweetie, nothing on the internet is private. You looked hot doing that dirty stuff for your online Master, but we enjoyed it, too."

Her face burned and tears welled up. Master Seth promised it was a secure line. She'd gone through a service that did background checks and gave a safe forum to match people. Did Seth let others watch? Had she been hacked?

"Don't worry. We're going to give you exactly what you wanted. We like to combine fantasies. Intruders are hot. Three guys--hey we're happy to share, right Jones?" The blond one nodded.

"That's right, Smith." Jones walked up to Carolyn and unbuttoned her blouse.

She struggled, not knowing what else to do. Everything they said was true. In high school and college she'd had the intruder fantasy. It was her most embarrassing one--to be forced and taken by strangers. It was what had led her to find her submissive side. Wanting more than one man was her current fantasy.

She'd hoped Master Seth would fulfill her fantasies, not random strangers who hacked her. As Jones tugged open her blouse, Carolyn saw Smith undressing. The gorgeous muscle and growing cock made her relax for a second. It was her fantasy, and her body still craved it. So far, they hadn't hurt her.

Jones looked her in the eye. "Very nice rack. We'll leave the bra on for now. First you, need to get this. If we let you go, you don't scream, you don't run. You do exactly what we want, or we'll tie you up, punish you and use you until we're bored. And our boss doesn't get bored easily. Then we'll leave you tied up and call the cops, your neighbors and the principal of the school you teach at."

Fear and rage gripped her tighter than the mystery man behind her. Was he the boss? His cock was hard, but he showed no fatigue at holding her. If the school and parents found out what she did on the weekends, they'd never let her teach. She'd be fired and have to move.

"Understand?" Jones asked as he pulled off his shirt.

She nodded. They were going to take what they wanted anyway. Maybe if she cooperated, they'd be less inclined to hurt her. Carolyn loved being submissive and her sexual fantasies fueled her desire to fully engage in the lifestyle, but she never wanted the extreme pain some subs did.

The hand lifted off her mouth, and she took a breath of cool air. The throbbing in her cunt embarrassed her, and when the arm around her body released, Carolyn felt off balance.

"Drop the blouse on the ground and lose the skirt." Jones unbuckled his belt and opened his fly.

Carolyn let the blouse fall and slowly unzipped her skirt. The men were being careful. Only one undressed at a time so two were always watching her. She couldn't out run or fight two of them--certainly not all three. Men liked her petite figure, but now, she wished she'd taken that self-defense class.

"Faster!" The third man smacked her rear.

She turned and looked at him. Tall and muscled, he had on all his clothing and stared at her commandingly. That voice made her tremble. She stared into his blue eyes and felt bold. Brown curly hair and deep brown eyes gave him a boyish look, but that handsome face was no-nonsense.

Then something shiny caught her eye. His belt buckle was an exaggerated 'S' that could be mistaken for a snake at quick glance. That symbol was Master Seth's profile picture. It was the only visual clue she had about him. Her pussy tightened as she inched the skirt down. It'd been a rough day with no panties, but she'd done exactly what her Master wanted.

Carolyn couldn't stop smiling. It had to be him.

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