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eBook by Powerone

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: The President of the United States is considered the most powerful man in the world. Women sought him out to see if that extended to the bedroom. They didn�t want his love, only his body, willing to give up anything. From inexperience women to wealthy, married women, they were in awe of his power, and they wanted to feel his hands take them, willing to risk anything for a few hours of raw sex. But the President had his own agenda; he would enslave them in his bed, to use them in the darkest ways. Eric found himself surrounded by beautiful women, and he took advantage of his powerful position. The list of women is long, the list of depraved acts even longer. Only you can decide if the most powerful man in the world extends his domination to his bedroom. A masterful novel of BDSM power in a wild political setting: fun, hot, and - best of all - a new book by one of our best selling authors!

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2012

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

The New Senator

The small jet touched down at San Diego Airport just before it closed for the night, sound restrictions preventing takeoffs starting at eleven thirty. It was a clear night, lit up by a full moon and the city lights below. Eric was tired, glad to get home. It had been a tumultuous year, finally culminating with last night's win for the coveted Senate seat from California. He looked over at his wife, just waking up as the wheels hit the tarmac, yet it looked like she had just gotten dressed, not a wrinkle on her clothes or a seam out of place. He smiled at her as the plane came to a stop. The staff had already gotten off, only the two of them left.

"I'm so glad to be home. I can't wait to walk in the door and lock it behind us. We can finally get some privacy." Veronica was glad the public campaign was over. She could at least go back to some semblance of privacy, though Eric wouldn't share in it; he loved the limelight and would be lost without it. Veronica didn't share his love of the public life. She loved her life as wife of Eric and mother of Sophia, their precious ten-year-old daughter. Her world revolved around her two loves.

"Me, too," he lied, but she knew what he meant. He couldn't wait to see Sophia, even if only to see her sleeping. And then there would be Veronica in bed with him tonight, no one around. It spite of the late hour and both of them being tired, he knew that she would be ready for him. She always was.

The limousine took them to the gated community of Rancho Santa Fe. The ride was short, only 20 miles, the traffic light this late. They didn't say a thing to each other until they pulled up in front of their house. They had lived here for almost eleven years, before Sophia was born. The six-thousand-square-foot house was bigger than they needed, but once Eric entered politics, it never seemed big enough when his staff came over. Her hope was that from now on, his politics would be confined to his offices throughout the state and she would regain her home and their privacy.

The nanny, Amber, held the door open for them, but Eric and Veronica were too eager to see Sophia to say anything more than a compulsory hello. Eric stood next to Veronica, his hand around her slim waist as they both looked at Sophia sleeping so soundly. Sophia was a spitting image of Veronica, or at least Eric thought so. From her blonde hair to her pert nose and blue eyes, they could be twins if she were older. They both kissed Sophia softly and walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.

"Thanks, Amber," Eric finally acknowledged her. "You can take the next two days off. We appreciate all you have done during the campaign. Veronica will be here more often now, but don't worry, we'll still need you." Amber lived in the casita, separated from the main house, when they were home. It gave them all their privacy. She also had a bedroom in the main house that she used when she was home alone with Sophia.

Amber was a plain girl, twenty-three, a dual degree in child psychology and education. She was perfect with children, especially Sophia. That is why Veronica hired her, though he suspected that her plainness was also a factor. Veronica had enough competition for his attention outside the home, she didn't want any in her own home. Eric respected that. He turned off the lights as Amber left, following Veronica to their bedroom, his eyes on her ass, her hips making it sway hypnotically, the tight skirt clinging to her luscious cheeks. He was already hard by time he closed the bedroom door. He threw his suit coat on the chair along with the tie, sitting on the overstuffed chair near the bed.

Veronica knew what he wanted, she always did. With him behind her, she could feel his eyes on her body. She worked hard to keep in good shape. At thirty-five, her breasts were still firm, though not like when she was eighteen. Her waist was slim, her hips full and her buttocks tight. She wanted to make sure that Eric always had something to look forward when he came home. She would've loved to hop into bed and curl up and go to sleep, but not tonight. She would please Eric first. She heard him sit in the chair, turning around to face him, a couple of feet away. She took off the suit jacket, placing it on a hanger, turning back to face Eric, her back arched to thrust her breasts out for him. "I get to make love to a senator tonight. I hope my husband doesn't find out."

"I'm sure he'd understand. After all, it is your civic duty." He unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt. His hands went to his cock, already pushing out his pants. He rubbed his cock slowly as Veronica began to undress for him.

Her hands ran over her breasts, her nipples springing to life, the tiredness being replaced by arousal when she saw Eric stroking his cock. She began to unbutton the white silk blouse, slowly, teasing him with each button before she pulled it back to reveal the lacey white bra beneath it. She didn't need the bra, but she had to be respectable on the campaign trail. When she opened all the buttons to her waist, she pulled the blouse from her skirt, turning away from Eric as she slid it down off her arms. She threw it in the hamper, turning back to him, stopping when she was sideways and showing the silhouette of her breasts to him. She saw his hand moving in broad strokes on his cock as she aroused him.

She faced him, smiling, her hands behind her back until she felt the bra loosen, one hand holding it in front of her, the other sliding the straps down off her shoulders and down her arms until her one hand was the only thing holding it over her naked breasts. She teased him for a minute before she finally released the bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her hands rose up until her fingers rubbed lightly over her nipples, sending a shiver of lust through her body, knowing that Eric would be touching them soon. She put her hands beneath her breasts and cupped them, offering them up to Eric. His gaze never left them.

Veronica's skirt was next, letting it fall to the floor and kicking it aside. She would hang it up later, her arousal increasing as she saw her husband watching her so intently. She stood there in her panties and heels, nothing else. She felt so sinful, if only his constituents could see her now. She spread her legs slightly to tease him, but it only made her wetter. "Take out your cock." Her finger went to the front of her panties and found her slit. She rubbed it until she felt the dampness.

Eric needed no further encouragement, taking off his shirt, kicking off his shoes and socks before he stood up and took his pants down slowly, he teased her, the belt first, then the button, the soft hiss of the zipper revealing the bulge beneath his briefs. He slid his pants off, his hand stroking his cock before he finally let the briefs slip to the floor. His hand grasped his naked cock and stroked it.

She licked her lips when she saw his cock. She had never sucked it before, Eric never trying to make her do it, but she thought a lot of what it would be like. She almost wished he would force her to do it. His cock was hard, seven inches of throbbing flesh that would soon fill her. Veronica saw the drops of dew on the tip, glistening in the light, knowing he would soon fill her with his hot cum. Eric never used condoms, not believing in them. He said he wanted to feel her heat when he was inside her and let her feel his heated cum when he came. She slid her panties down over her hips until they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them, standing naked in high heels.

Her bush was neatly trimmed, the blonde tendrils so light that you could barely see them. Her pussy lips were full, but they glistened with her juices. She spread her legs wider so he could see all of her. Eric couldn't wait to get between her legs.

She waited until she heard his words. He would decide how to take her and she would comply with his wishes, though he never tried anything strange or perverted. They never fucked, they made love. He got up and went to the bed, lying down on his back, his hand holding his cock up in the air. "Kneel over me and take my cock inside you."

She had mounted him many times before, almost preferring it because she could control the depth and the speed. It would allow her to fuck him slowly, building her own arousal until she could cum with him. She crawled onto the bed, Eric's eyes between her legs as she did.

"The other way, face away from me."

Veronica didn't like it so much that way. It left her ass revealed, not that Eric had ever tried anything that perverted, but she could feel the way he was looking at her, knowing that her anus was exposed. Was he wishing he could take me there? She swung her legs over his hips, rising up high, her hands going down to take his cock from his hands. Her buttocks parted, knowing she was revealing so much to him. She felt his cock quiver in excitement when her fingers curled around the demanding hardness. She rubbed the head up and down her slit, gathering up her juices to mix with the drops of precum that leaked from his cock. She pushed the head against her tight opening, feeling his cock stretch her as she slowly began to impale herself on his cock. "MMMM," she exhaled noisily as she began to take him in, filling her with his demanding cock. It had been a while since they had made love, almost feeling like the first time again.

Eric's hand ran down her sleek back, but he was after her buttocks. He watched as she took his cock inside her, feeling her hot pussy engulf his cock, seeing it slip between her legs until she had taken all she could. She began to roll her hips, her insides clenching as she began to rise up and down on his cock. It felt so good, but his eyes were glued to her ass and the way her cheeks clenched and unclenched, hiding and revealing the tiny brown hole nestled between them. He would never touch his wife there, but nothing could stop the thoughts that went through his mind as she rode him. "So good, Veronica. It feels so good inside you."

Her hand went down to her clit, the tip of her finger rubbing it until it stood out hard and throbbing. Eric was too busy with her ass and enjoying the clenching of her pussy on his cock, so she caressed her clit as the pleasure began to rise up in her body. Her hips began to move faster, clenching so tight on his cock that she could barely pull up. She sat down on it, feeling the big head push against her cervix, feeling the pressure as he filled her so completely as only he could do.

The tensions of the last week began to fade and the only thing he could feel was the building of his orgasm as Veronica made love to him the way she did. He didn't have to do a thing, her pussy squeezing the cum from his balls. He heard her harried breathing, knowing she would cum with him. He couldn't see her other hand, but he was sure that it was rubbing her clit, her pussy feeling like thousands of fingers were caressing his cock.

"Cum in me, Eric," she begged him, her hips moving faster as she rode him to her climax. It was as though he obeyed her without question. She felt his hands grip her hips tighter, his hips beginning to move to drive his cock up into her pussy. He shoved up with his hips until it felt like his cock was going to drive up into her womb. Then, she felt it, just as her orgasm overtook her, her finger doing just the right thing to wring the pleasure from her body. He bathed her pussy with his hot cum, filling her. She loved when he did that, her pussy clenching each time his cock jerked and spewed inside her as if ringing another jet of cum from his cock. She came explosively, her pussy leaking her juices on his wet cock as he filled her with his hot seed.

She sat on him even as their orgasms passed. She finally got off of him, feeling his cum leaking out of her pussy, but he turned until she was lying next to him, her naked body pressed against his, her nipples so hard. He kissed her, her tongue darting out to dance with his. "I love you, Veronica."

"I love you, too, Senator." She finally pulled away to go into the bathroom. She turned her naked body to him as she walked off. "I have to clean up before my husband comes home."

They fell asleep together, his arm around her waist. It was the best night's sleep they had in a while, both of them satisfied and looking forward to a calmer life. Little did they realize how upside down the world would become in the next four years.

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